Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Eric Holder Lie Exposed


Regarding: The House Oversight Committee with Attorney General Eric Holder and Fast and Furious Killings.

Attorney General Eric Holder's FOUR HOURS of testimony revealed not too much new information or admittance to guilt on Fast and Furious!

It was four hours of wasted time! Almost.....

Eric Holder (covering for his boss, Barack Obama) continued to continue the conspiracy for Fast and Furious.

Eric Holder did admit: "I did not become aware of any 'gun-walking' until the beginning of 2011!" LIES!

Holder did acknowledge that he was aware of Agent Brian Terry's death within 24 hours that it happened on December 15, 2010. HOWEVER, in his sworn testimony before Congress earlier, he did not know of Fast and Furious until weeks before the Spring of 2010!

But even today, he did not equate the murder/killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry to Fast and Furious---"that I only had knowledge of much later in 2010!"

If someone that we were over, and they were murdered, I would want to get to the very bottom of that killing right away! But, Eric Holder, obviously, did not!

Instead, Holder today boasted of his minion Todd Jones who has supposedly instituted a number of reforms!

Quite frankly, if THE MURDER OF THE ATF AGENT were not brought to the attention of Eric Holder, quite possibly this injustice would still be going on!

Yet Eric Holder still bucked the obvious: "There is NO attempt at a cover-up!"

Tell that to the family of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry!' Holder is guilty and must RESIGN!

Holder MUST be removed from the nation's highest law enforcement office IMMEDIATELY! Will you Contact your Congressman?

Holder's testimony today revealed that Holder did NOT equate the murder of Agent Terry to Fast and Furious---that he supposedly did not even know about. He considered it just another murder of a border patrol agent.

This is beyond belief. Yes, within 24 hours of Agent Terry's death, the Attorney General was notified! Will we ever find out when Barack Obama was notified? News media need to be asking those questions!

If someone under me ON MY WATCH was murdered---by golly I would move heaven and hell to find out what happened to this true patriot under my watch!!

However, while Eric Holder LIED to congressional investigators under oath; he said words to the contrary, indicating he "found out" sometime in the spring of 2011. Yet these brand new documents released say that on December 15th, 2010, he was alerted to the murder of Agent Brian Terry!

That means he even lied to the grieving family of Agent Brian Terry!

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