Monday, February 13, 2012

Allen West Will Not Support Marxism

We see the majority of the MSM in Florida is still supporting Barry and the Radical Democrats. Liberals will give up their rights just to say they support the Political Correctness that will kill us all. That is why we need more People like Allen West, Marco Rubio and Adam Hasner down here in Florida.

Below is a Letter from our Friends at Chuck On The Right Side.

Dear Sun Sentinel Editor:

Senior editorial writer of the Sun-Sentinel, Doug Lyons, says that black Rep. Allen West doesn't represent black Americans because he doesn't support the Marxist -Socialist line as promulgated by the self-appointed black leadership.

Doug says that the West message doesn't resonate in the black community because it doesn't address their needs. What are their needs, more welfare, more government, more affirmative action programs, more handouts? Well, have their needs been met by the present day liberal Democrat policies that they have been embracing for the past 70 years? With a black community that has a 16% unemployment rate, an unwed birth rate of 70%, and a close to 40% school dropout rate, is that the model that should be embraced by the black community?

Maybe the views and policies of Rep. West is what the black community should be clamoring for instead of the "plantation" type policies of the Democrats.

I think Doug Lyons should re-think his failed philosophy and latch onto the Rep. Allen West bandwagon.


Chuck On The Right Side

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