Thursday, February 23, 2012

Befuddled Florida Democrats

Dear Editor of The Sun Sentinel:

The whining has already begun and to listen to Prof. Robert Watson, (Op-Ed, Sun. Feb. 12 in the S/S), you'd think the Republicans did something dastardly by shuffling their Congressional candidates for this coming election in November. What Watson, and his fellow Democrats, realize is that this shift will give the Republicans an extra Congressional seat by inserting Adam Hasner as a candidate in the restructured 22nd C.D. Most of the new 22nd C.D. was once the area that was Hasner's district when he represented it in the state legislature, and where he was very popular.

Given the chance, wouldn't the Democrats have done the same thing if it benefited them? The odds now favor that Republicans, Tom Rooney, Allen West, and Adam Hausner, will win in their C.D. races, and the Republicans will increase their Florida representation in Congress.

So Professor Watson, as a spokesman for the befuddled Democrats, will huff and puff and try to blow the Republicans "House" districts down, because they are going to lose a Congressional seat. Amen!


Chuck On The Right Side


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