Thursday, February 9, 2012

ObamaCare Rationing for Seniors

Barry Hussein Obama and the lowlifes at the AARP have hatched a LIE that most seniors support ObamaCare. The Truth is seeping through and now our healthcare system and our nation’s future is in peril. The Seniors and Catholics are topping the HIT LIST as of late. Will YOU be next on the Regime's Hit List?

It is now clear that the BIGGEST LOSERS in the ObamaCare statist healthcare overhaul ARE AMERICA’S SENIORS and those approaching retirement age. Consider these shocking facts:

• According to Obama’s own chief actuary in the Department of Health and Human Services, ObamaCare will savage Medicare by cutting $575.1 billion in this decade alone.

• The website says that ObamaCare “will affect all aspects of health care for seniors -- coverage, prices, and access.”

• “Medicare Advantage” -- the popular program which gives seniors more choices in healthcare -- is already being decimated by ObamaCare with major insurers dropping the plan altogether and Obama’s actuary projecting a 50% reduction in the program by 2017.

• And then there’s the reality of HEALTHCARE RATIONING that will be implemented by ObamaCare’s “Independent Payment Advisory Board” -- appointed by Obama with the power to make Medicare rationing decisions without Congressional oversight!

Of course, many seniors have been kept in the dark -- even deceived about ObamaCare by the nation’s largest membership association of seniors, AARP. From the onset, the AARP aggressively lobbied for passage of ObamaCare. Even as these troubling details emerged, AARP continued its staunch support of Obama’s plan...

The reason?

Weasels at the AARP stand to reap billions in profits by offering gap coverage as a direct result of deep cuts in Medicare!

This “Grand Deception” created by Obama and aggressively promoted by the AARP that seniors support ObamaCare is a lie now threatening the health care of every senior and the solvency of our nation.

With American seniors now at serious risk due to ObamaCare, and AARP essentially turning their backs on the concerns of seniors, Grassfire Nation is partnering with Conservative 50 Plus to unite conservative citizens in opposition to ObamaCare.

It is vitally important that seniors and those approaching retirement age stand together with one voice against ObamaCare and the AARP’s Grand Deception!

To accomplish this goal, Conservative 50 Plus has just launched a National Petition exclusively for seniors who oppose ObamaCare.

Click HERE to sign The Petition .

Patriotic Americans must rise up and lead the charge to Reclaim America! Do you want the next generations to live in a Third World Country because we allowed Political Correctness and sicko Liberals to destroy America?


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