Sunday, February 5, 2012

Marxist Socialist Mindset of BHO

We have a Letter to the Editor of the "Tico Times" in Costa Rica. Yes the MSM (Media Supporting Marxists) is all across the Globe.

Dear Editor:

I see from your editorial that you think the platitudes that Obama expressed in his State of the Union speech was something that Costa Rica should emulate, but I guess you didn't read his previous State of the Union speeches? Much of what he said wasn't new , it was recycled, tired old policies he didn't follow through on before. He is a president who will not follow through on his high sounding proposals.

Remember, this is the same guy that voted 130 times "present" as a State Senator in Illinois. He will say anything and do anything that might get a vote from a special interest group, just to get re-elected. Many politicians do that, but Obama is particularly adept at saying something, but doing nothing.

Being of a Marxist / Socialist mindset, he thinks that the driving force to prosperity is the government not the free enterprise system. That's why our economy is still stagnant instead of roaring back from a deep recession. It looks like it will have to take a change in leadership for us to finally rebound, and then Costa Rica and the other democratic countries of Latin America, will come along for the ride to prosperity.

Remember, Obama is a narcissist in an empty Armani suit. Don't be fooled by his "silver tongue", because he is actually sticking it out to all of us. You can't polish horse manure.


Chuck On The Right Side


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