Saturday, February 4, 2012

Obama Does Not Dig Typical White People



Thursday, 21 August 2008:

"Typical White" people question Obama's biography

I've been pissed off ever since Obama called his grandmother a "typical white" person as he threw her under the bus. What does that mean, "typical white"? Can you imagine ANYone saying "typical black person"? I've never heard anything like it in my life.

So I was pissed off to begin with, and then I read the New York Times this morning: Rural Swath of Big State Tests Obama .... Many voters talk of reading a stream of false and shadowy rumors purveyed by e-mail: Mr. Obama does not put his hand on his heart during the national anthem, he is a Muslim, he did not say hello to enlisted men in Afghanistan. Some disregard these rumors; some do not.

"False and shadowy RUMORS" ???

See also a "false and shadowy" rumor in the form of an ASSOCIATED PRESS photo, documentating Barry Soetoro's / Barack Obama's Indonesian citizenship and Muslim religion (as of 1968) at Texas Darlin. [English translation here.]

What's "shadowy" is that the AP never published the photo. And what's "false" is the New York Times. The Enemedia is delegitimizing and demonizing The Truth right in front of our eyes. It's unbelievable.

Typical White People Want Answers to their questions, simple questions like, What is Barack Obama's legal name? And... Is he a citizen of Indonesia?

Dear Reader, You'd better raise some hell with someone, somewhere, before he is crowned inaugurated.

Time is running out.

Hat tip Mr. I

" If conservatives can learn anything from Barack Obama, it’s this:
Anyone is electable."


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