Sunday, November 25, 2012

Barry Obama Knew the Truth About Benghazi

Barry Obama Knew the Truth About Benghazi. Are you shocked? Does it make you angry that Barry Hussein Obama slept in his cozy bed while Americans were raped and murdered by Radical Islamic Terrorists?

We were surprised to see a smashing report from John Solomon, the former Associated Press and Post reporter on Barry Obama and Benghazi. John Solomon has searched out the Marxist president’s daily brief that informed him within 72 hours of the Sept. 11 attack that the Benghazi attack was a jihadist operation.

Citing officials directly familiar with the information, Solomon writes in the Washington Guardian that Obama and other administration officials were told that “that the attack was likely carried out by local militia and other armed extremists sympathetic to al-Qaida in the region.”

He also states:

The details from the CIA and Pentagon assessments of the killing of Ambassador Chris [Stevens] were far more specific, more detailed and more current than the unclassified talking points that UN Ambassador Susan Rice and other officials used five days after the attack to suggest to Americans that an unruly mob angry over an anti-Islamic video was to blame, officials said.

Most of the details affirming al-Qaida links were edited or excluded from the unclassified talking points used by Rice in appearances on news programs the weekend after the attack, officials confirmed Friday. Multiple agencies were involved in excising information, doing so because it revealed sources and methods, dealt with classified intercepts or involved information that was not yet fully confirmed, the officials said.

There was more to that story at the Washington Compost. Hat tip to Mark Levin.

Barry Hussein Obama stands up for Marxist Susan Rice and Racist Professor Gates and Trayvon Martin and the traitor who murdered our troops at Fort Hood. Do you notice a pattern here? America must wake up!

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