Saturday, November 24, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

Kindly, shove it!

There is now a group of lunatics calling themselves the Muslim Public Affairs Council. What a high-sounding name for a herd of anti-everything-decent, hate-mongers.

There is a growing segment of our population that wants desperately to destroy our free-enterprise system and replace it with their vicious form of dominance they call, Shariah Islam. They are radical Muslims and violent Islamists. They are dangerous bad guys and, they use many innocent-sounding titles for their organizations to confuse and obfuscate their true intent.

According to newly re-elected, professed Christian President Barack Hussein Obama, the call to Muslim prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world. What’s that all about? Well, if this beautiful sound intended to intimidate believers in other dieties was not blasted over loud speakers from tall minarets five times a day, his assessment of what constitutes a beautiful sound might be more acceptable.

MPAC and the Muslim Brotherhood can shove it all up their ass. Insofar as their trying to ‘educate’ us to their ways, they can go off into a corner and educate themselves. They have nothing to teach us. We’ve been doing pretty well in the education business for about 237 years. Okay, so we’ve got a bunch of stupid, Liberal-leftist professors to weed out of our institutions of higher learning but, we’ll deal with that on our own, thank you.

And, insofar as ‘protecting’ themselves and their religion from the infidel hordes here in the United States – no need for that. All they have to do is read, understand and comply with the protections afforded under the Constitution of the United States and they will have all the protection they deserve.

If the clients of the MPAC truly want to enjoy the benefits of legitimate citizenship in this country, they’d be better off making an effort to assimilate by becoming true, patriotic Americans. However, since we know that is not what they want and that it ain’t gonna happen, they can just shag their way out of my country, the same way they came in.

There are a lot of weak-minded jerks born in the USA who for whatever their reasons, have no allegiance to the red, white & blue. I don’t understand it but neither do I care to waste my time trying to analyze their problem. Nor, do I have any patience with their vulnerability to the influence of whatever attracts them to the viciousness of Islam. They’ve decided. They own the consequences.

When natural-born Americans submit to the dubious charms of the blood-thirsty lunatic followers of Islam, they deserve to be viewed, judged and crushed in precisely the same way as those unearthly heathens – and for the same reasons.

Do I hear a rebuttal from the devout cowards among us on this day of Thanksgiving?


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