Sunday, November 11, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

How does it feel to be raped? Now we know.

There is something like half the population of this nation who voted on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 that are feeling today, as if they have just been raped.

And, it isn’t as if the attacker wore a mask to cover his identity; quite the contrary –the rapist, meaning the President, the Administration, the Democrat Party and the overwhelming number of those who voted for the re-election of Obama, that rapist is proudly screaming his nefarious achievement at the top of his lungs for all the world to hear. We the victims are, each of us who stood in long lines for hours to cast our vote, suffering the aftermath and experiencing a sickening revulsion about the reality of how our body politic has been so disgustingly, violently raped.

The crime against our Constitution, our Liberty and our way of life is sadly, a case of our worst fears being realized. Those of us who’ve had the will to stay focused on the everyday back & forth skirmishes during the months leading up to the election, have always had the worst-case scenario secreted in the dark recesses of our minds but, we’ve tried not to think that such a disaster might really happen. Well Folks, it did. And, it is way beyond anything we had anticipated as this election approached.

And frighteningly, it isn’t just that so many of our fellow citizens succumbed to the concerted effort by the Obama Democrats to demonize Romney and Republicans – it is much more than that – it is the universality of the criminal voter fraud that was schemed and perpetrated in polls all across the nation. It is their purposeful intent to fraudulently steal this election that is so disturbing.

This was a massive crime that was planned and implemented with malice aforethought. And as I sat and wrote about this, I realized that I didn’t

have a single shred of first-hand proof to offer. A number of documented instances of this criminality have been exposed in blogsites by those who were on the scene or actually involved. And in rare instances, some of these fraudulent activities have been reported by the mainstream media – mostly on the back pages of a local newsrag – or, in 15-second newsclips on local TV. Nobody seems to know or give a damn.

Regardless of whether the margin of victory was a million votes or just a single vote, Obama has taken the result of this election as a signal that his tyrannical mode of governing is okay with Americans. And, he sees that as a green light to continue down the same bumpy road to our destruction he has been driving us over the past four years. He couldn’t care less about the economy, jobs, illegal aliens, national security, natural disasters, the welfare of the average citizen and most certainly, he doesn’t care about the limits the Constitution places on the Office of the President. He is above all that.

Until Tuesday, November 6, 2012, his primary – his only concern was for his re-election. Nothing else mattered. And, now that he has had his wish granted by hook or by crook, his primary – his only concern, is to do everything he can to facilitate and implement the Socialistic ideology of Marxism in which he has been indoctrinated all his life.

His hatred of what he considers to be America’s ‘colonialism’ and his love for all things ‘Islam’ are the engines of his motivation to turn our nation into just another third world country under the blanket of the UN. And, if he were to have his ultimate dream realized, it would be that he (Obama) would be the one to turn the government of the United States over to the control of the Muslim Brotherhood so that Shariah law would replace the Constitution as the law of the land. This is the dream of his Father’s son.

Well here’s some news: There is still that ‘other half’ of us stubbornly Liberty-loving Americans who will have something to say about this nightmare of a dream by this horror of a newly re-elected President.

Although at this juncture in the history of man, the extremist demons of Islam-Shariah are closer to realizing their nefarious goal of world domination than they have been at any time since the seventh century – to quote myself, “It ain’t gonna happen.”

As we are that stubbornly Liberty-loving bunch of staunchly patriotic Americans, the ‘other half’, we now find that we are up against another bitter cold Winter in our history. This one is reminiscent of the bitter cold night of December 25, 1776, when General George Washington led his army of rag-tag Revolutionary patriots across the frozen Delaware River to surprise and defeat King George III’s juggernaut army. Washington took a gamble that paid off.

If one reads contemporary accounts of that miraculous adventure, there is no question that a divine hand had intervened to permit that miracle to occur. And there is no doubt that being the devout believer in a Supreme Being he was, the General engaged in some deep personal prayer prior to leading his men into battle. His prayers were answered.

We are at a similar place in our time, that General Washington faced in his time. To engage and defeat our sworn enemy, the demonic forces of Islam, we need to resurrect and identify that same strength of moral character that was vested in the ‘Father of Our Country, George Washington.

While it might appear more than a bit presumptuous to compare the average American regardless of how patriotic he or she might be, to the noblest American, I mean that literally. I believe sincerely that there is within each Liberty-loving American, a seed planted by this nation’s first leader, George Washington. Trust me, it is there. If you search for it, you will find it.

Together, we will find the way to save our nation from this darkest hour we’ve known in our generation. As a people, Americans survived that first revolutionary war. Our forefathers endured and survived the trevails of our

Civil War. They survived the awful World War I. They survived hurricanes, tornados and the Great Depression. They survived the unspeakable horrors of World War II, the Korean action, the dreadful period of the war in Viet Nam and the recent Middle East wars against the terrorists of Islam.

And now, it is our turn to fight the evil forces of the Muslim Brotherhood here on our own soil, in our own country. We will not bow down to those who demand we succumb to Shariah or be killed. We will not follow the treasonous leadership of Barack Hussein Obama and his enablers, regardless of how the 2012 election turned out.

That is not the way of Americans. We are not sheep nor are we goats. We are not the Greeks, or the French, or anyone else. We are not cowards. We do not bow down to Saudi Kings, potentates, dictators, or Imams who have sworn to destroy our ally Israel and then kill us.

We are Americans and we happily follow in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers who gave us our beloved Constitution of the United States of America.

Let’s all find that seed within ourselves that was planted there by George Washington. Then together, we’ll take up arms and do whatever is necessary to utterly destroy the enemy that threatens our God-given freedoms.

We can do this thing. And, we sure as Hell will !


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