Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is the Sky Really Blue?

When water is continually being pump out of a well, the well will dry up, unless a miracle springs up new water out of the ground to refill it, or if it is stolen from a neighbor, by channeling water out of his well. Barack Obama's nanny state is draining the treasury well, and borrowing money from China to restock it is not the miracle, but a hazardous ploy of grave consequences, adding up to sixteen trillion dollars.

Channeling by redistribution from your neighbors' wells will bring on a national drought, unless measures are taken to curtail the careless consumption of our revenue resources.

What I just stated was summed up in a nut shell by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when she said, " The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money!"

Governor Mitt Romney was not entirely wrong about the non income tax payers. His 47% reference may not have been accurate in its entirety, but whatever the percentage, the portion he speaks of does have a big impact on the economy and anti feelings against him, because he dares to challenge those of their qualifications to sponge off government dole.

Unrelated commentary of pre second presidential debate stated, the President and first lady Michelle were going to dine on steak and potatoes that evening. My question to the twenty-three million unemployed Americans is, "What did you have for supper on that evening?"

The presidential debates have reveal the bias of mainstream media by their moderation and choice of questions in the town hall format. They paint President Obama as a great orator; but without teleprompters, his rhetoric is that of a stammering fool, with an annoying delivery. While Governor Romney has the phrasing, in music parlance, and sounding very presidential. Left wing pundits and yellow journalists want to convince us that what we see is not actually what we actually saw.

George Giftos

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