Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Down Side of the Canadian Healthcare System & Obamacare

Wake up America! The Democrats who are elected to office have supported the vile Obamacare. Let's keep the Bad Guys On the Run! Yes, ANYONE who supports Barry Obama and the Marxist Regime are bad People! Don't mince words or kid yourself. Obama does not like America.

This proves what many have been saying for years. Canadian healthcare isn't as great as what these healthcare reformers want you to believe. Granted that our healthcare system is too dependent on insurance companies and that is too expensive, but that doesn't mean other systems work! Research before you condemn America.

The Canadian healthcare is free, woohoo....BUT it costs tax payers a lot. Canadian pay through their noses in taxes. Plus, because it's free, there's no incentives to improve on service for the patients. People are dying on the waiting list and doctors don't care to give good service because they're paid just the same, no matter what. When will people learn socialism doesn't work?

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