Monday, November 5, 2012

Last Ditch Resort

If President Obama had to rely only on intelligent, hard working, responsible individuals for his re-election, he would lose. Why you often see him on David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart and The View, is to solicit the votes of the many idiots and morons who watch these shows.
They are easily manipulated and those types are often seen being inter- viewed by the shows mentioned above, clueless about current issues and unable to identify their elected officials when shown a photograph of them, but able to identify anyone on MTV, Dancing with the Stars and music award shows. Many can't even point out our country on a map.

This is Obama's future America of imbeciles, caring more about contraception devices, aborting their mistakes, getting something for nothing and screwing up tradition, especially same sex marriage, when they don't believe in marriage for themselves. The young misguided, feminist liberated woman wants the right to choose, but most of their choices are bad and they want the tax payer saddled with paying for their mistakes in the fictitious war against women. A real woman is too busy eking out a living or raising a family to participate in their nonsense.

President Obama's four years in office were padded with lies and he's run out of them. He needs his zombies and gimmicks to hood- wink the uninformed to give him another four years of the same. The mainstream media is his, abetting this endeavor.

George Giftos

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