Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brief History Lesson of Israel and Anti-Semites

Why Liberals Should Support Israel

Steven Crowder gives an entire history of modern Israel in about 3 minutes.

The MSM are again at blame as they support Terrorists and verbally attack Israel.

The MSM is propping up and covering up for the Marxist regime and Terrorists at any chance they get.

Ever since the many attacks of Sept. 11, 2012, the Obama Regime has sought to lay blame for deadly and destructive anti-American attacks in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and more than two dozen other countries on someone else.

The radical Obama Regime, and the perpetrators, have had a lot of help from the "useful idiots" in the (MSM) mainstream media. The disinformation campaign being waged by the Obama administration over the cause of this violence would be comedic but for the fact that more Americans have been killed and dozens have been injured. Read more:
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