Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Allen West said it and I believe it

“. . . the one way we win is to become completely engaged and display a steel-like resolve.”

Lunatic Liberalism is carrying the day now that Obama has been given another four years to complete his ‘transformation’ of America. He announced his intention the first time he ran for the Presidency. He won and it soon became evident that the direction he would take this nation was diametrically opposed to the cause of individual freedom that moved the early American Colonists to rebel against the tyranny of King George III.

Obama’s blueprint for change is contained in the handbook, ‘Rules for Radicals’ by the most radical of radicals, Sol Alinsky. Barack Hussein Obama swallowed that entire revolutionary B.S., hook-line-and-sinker. Alinsky’s step-by-step plan was designed to undermine and destroy the Constitution of the United States, create chaos in the streets, destroy the unity and will of the American people – and have Socialists take over total control of the Government. That was Obama’s dream – to destroy our sovereignty and bring the lunacy of Socialist ideology to America.

His idea of ‘redistribution of wealth’ as idiotic and far-fetched as that is, found great appeal and so, strong support among a certain segment of our population. These are the people who for whatever the reasons, have less in their lives than some others. Obama’s plan of providing them with a whole litany of goodies paid for by ‘someone else’, was a winner. His tactic: Class Warfare, pitting one group – the ‘have nots’ – against the ‘undeserving rich’. It is as simple as that. Greed trumps ‘the hard work ethic’, every time.

There was no groundswell for the great ‘Hope & Change’ envisioned by Obama. He wasn’t responding to a demand for sweeping change. He was a snake-oil salesman appealing to the most base trait in the human character. That is, a greed that is always on the lookout for any kind of benefit that comes out of someone else’s pocket. If that ‘someone else’ is the ‘Government’, that’s okay. The thought of getting something- for-nothing that will be paid for by someone else’s hard-earned tax dollars isn’t of the slightest concern to people of low moral character – many of whom never pay taxes in the first place.

What is so unfortunate, so sad and so disappointing, is the disingenuousness of Obama. He is an inveterate liar and is deliberately deceptive in his dealings with the citizens of this nation. He cannot be taken at his word; that is his most egregious

character fault. As if that weren’t sufficient to strike mortal fear into the hearts of Americans, there is another quirk that is highly troublesome. It is his need to ‘get even’. He is by nature, an extremely vindictive person. These are not traits to be desired in a President and Commander-in-Chief.

But that’s it, Folks. We’re stuck with this multi-flawed deviate and his peculiar amalgam of animosity for the next four years, barring the miracle of divine intervention. The problem is that if such a miracle fails to occur, this maniacal Monarch can destroy our nation beyond salvation – and it won’t take him four years to do it. His coziness with the blood-thirsty Muslim Brotherhood will hasten the destruction of our freedoms, our way of life and all we’ve held dear over the past 137 years since our founding. That is an imminent danger, as is his uncontrolled spending, his political intransigence and his unadulterated hatred of Republicans or anyone else who is not in total, lockstep agreement with his lunatic ideology. Obama is an extremely toxic ideologue.

He is a dyed-in-the-wool tyrant right out of the mold of Genghis Kahn, Stalin, Idi Amin and the entire list of the world’s most vicious, violence-prone dictators. He is as smooth and as facile as any tyrant on that list. And, he has chosen to interpret his victory in the recent election as having received a clear mandate ‘from the people’. He has chosen to believe that he has received a green light to ratchet up his rape, plunder and pillage of the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is his plan to move on to his heart’s desire, the leadership of the United Nations. He looks forward to exerting his influence over the affairs of the entire world. But before that dream comes true, it is his intention to hand over total control of our Government to the peace-loving Imams of the Muslim Brotherhood. Again, if this sounds far-fetched to you, did you ever dream the nightmare that he’d be re-elected – to a second term? Will someone – anyone, please step forward and show me that he plans something other than this?

Let me remind you again, of Allen West’s admonition: “ . . . the one way we win is to become completely engaged and display a steel-like resolve.

If we, each one of us, will heed this sound advice, take it to heart and ‘do something’ – we can stop the madness and get our country back on track. If we do not accept the challenge, we are in for 4 more years of Obamacare on steroids – and that ain’t good.


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