Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More Guns Equal Less Homicides

Gun Myths are that More Guns = More Homicides

Gun Myth: You can buy automatic weapons at any gun shop

This is completely and utterly false. Automatic weapons are highly regulated, extremely expensive ($15,000+) and VERY difficult to acquire. They're also extremely rare and have NEVER been used in any school shooting in America.

Just to acquire an "automatic weapon," you must go through extensive background checks and fingerprinting. You must apply to the federal government (ATF) for permission, then wait six months or longer to be "approved" by the ATF.

Gun Myth: The Second Amendment is about hunting

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting or personal defense. It has to do with the People of America maintaining a military force for the sole purpose of overthrowing a government that becomes too tyrannical. That is the 100% documented, non-debatable intent of the Second Amendment.

Tench Coxe was one of our nation's founding fathers. He was a consultant to Thomas Jefferson and his newspapers were instrumental in publishing the truth during a time with British troops had DISARMED the colonial populations and banned all guns. Why did they ban guns? So that the people could not fight back against tyranny, of course.

It is too bad the despicable Journal News Publisher and Editors did not take into account this Video.

You can see Where are the Journal News employees in your neighborhood?

A great pro-Second Amendment blogger retaliated to the Marxists of the Journal News. He published the personal information of Journal News staffers.

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