Sunday, January 6, 2013

Obama’s M.O. (Modus Operandi)

Greetings  Democrats, Progressives, Leftist Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Obama Aficionados, Clueless & Careless Voters, Haters of Republicans, those foolish  Founding Fathers and that outdated Constitution:

As a public service to you, this writer offers a brief tutorial to explain how the President you’ve just re-elected views his job and his M.O. – that is, his manner of working.

At the outset, it must be understood that Barack Hussein Obama abhors decision-making.  He much prefers to just ‘wing it’ and make platitude-filled speeches.  To that end, he has over the entire course of his public life, refined his skills at avoiding unpleasant decisions and avoiding the consequences of not making decisions.

Here is a partial list of his avoidance techniques-of-choice:

1   1. Kicking the can down the road so that the clock will run out and no blame can be attached to him.  Some issues might require repeated kicking.
2   2.   Leave town – any excuse will do . . . fund-raising, vacation, fund-raising
3   3.    Tell lies & whoppers and send surrogates out to tell lies & whoppers
4   4.    Blame Republicans in the Congress for being obstructionists
5   5.    Point the finger of blame at the nearest scapegoat, anyone will do
6   6.    Makes speeches railing against the unfair success of the accomplished
7   7.    Threaten new taxes and mandate more Government control over individuals
8   8.    Play the Race Card; always a guaranteed avoidance technique
9   9.    Employ class welfare, pitting poor against rich, illegal against legal, etc.
1   10. If all else fails, pull out ‘old reliable’ – blame George W. Bush

There are of course, many more such avoidance tools in Obama’s bag of tricks however, I did promise to be brief.  Certainly, you must have gotten the picture by now so, if you are awaiting  a decision regarding the multitude of unresolved issues that reach the Oval Office – i.e., breaches to our national security; erratic foreign policies; the wretched economy; the horrendous national debt; the out-of-control spending; the tyrannical taxing; the hidden time-bombs in ObamaCAIR – to name a few. . . I’m afraid you’ll just have to keep on waiting.   The sandy beaches of Hawaii get first priority for this President you decided to re-elect.   

It was a difficult decision for Obama but, he finally made it - - and he’s sticking to it.

Written by MORT KUFF  

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