Monday, January 28, 2013

Realistic Expectations

Slowly and painfully, we are learning that realistic expectations of winning the battle against cluelessness, stupidity and greed in the short term, is unrealistic.

The Islamo-Lunatics have been waging their war against sanity, peace & tranquility since the seventh century. And they’ve yet to succeed although, given the recent progress of the Muslim Brotherhood among today’s descendants of their original clueless, stupid and greedy targets, they do seem to be on the right track.

We few, we band of Infidel Conservatives – we will continue to fight the battle against Obama and his nest of vipers, until they are totally crushed - - or we are.

As we noted at the outset of this ‘meandering’, this isn’t going to be a short war. Frankly, I don’t expect to see anything like total victory in my lifetime. There are simply too many bad guys and , ‘They’re everywhere; they’re everywhere!.” And while it is unfortunate, it is true - there appears to be a shortage of intelligence, courage and will to survive, among those who still remain free to control their own destiny.

And so, while acknowledging the sobering thought that victory though inevitable, is not as near as we might hope - we shall continue to plod forward in our battle against the seemingly overwhelming evil forces we face worldwide - and now, right here at home.

I have no intention of submitting to these bastards, regardless of how they present themselves or however they attempt to threaten or intimidate the clueless, the stupid and the greedy (the something-for-nothing crowd).

I am an American. I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That means something. Barack Obama, his nest of vipers, the Muslim Brotherhood and the aforementioned bastards – they don’t stand for anything I believe in. They are liars and they are evil to the core. They are doomed to failure. And I, along with many other true, patriotic Americans – are their ‘Doom-ees’. Got that?


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