Friday, January 11, 2013

Fat Albert and Global Harming

The once handsome but now, grotesquely obese+ugly Al Gore has added yet another iconic ‘charm’’ to his charm bracelet of stupid actions. Actions that have been toxic to humans and harmful to the globe at large. He has sold his soul once again, this time – to Al Jazeera, that paragon publisher of truth, virtue & utter Islamic bullshit.

It seems that Fat Albert Bore (Gore) is currently rollicking in self-gratification at his most recent reincarnation. Who knows what he thinks he is doing this time or who he thinks he is?

He has just sold his share of a failing media mess to Al Jazeera, touting the total compatibility of both their philosophies. Now, isn’t that just too sweet for words?

No need to recount here, all the ways this non-entity has covered himself with a combination of nincompoop and rubber cement. Terribly smelly and quite sticky, I must say. But, for several decades, we’ve all been witness to the many public displays of his prowess as a Kabuki dancer, whose colorful flourishes are painfully symbolic evidence of his wide variety of psychological disorders.

While most of his antics were transparently stupid and likely to merely affect our health and sanity in a bad way, this ‘antic’ is overtly traitorous. It is diabolically calculated to open the door wide to a violently hostile, anti-American purveyor of Islamist-oriented disinformation. And in the process, to provide a national stage for more encroachment and more toxic pollution of our universal information sources. The obvious intent is to do real harm to our national security. Thanks a lot Al, old boy.

This time, ALGORE has crossed the line from being stupidly insipid to being an actual, treasonous tool for use by a sworn enemy of the United States of America. Even though he has sold his interest in this newly enhanced loud-speaker for evil, he says that he will sit on the Board of Al Jazeera. Might we presume that he is remaining available to add to his litany of prostitutions, while still retaining the honor and mantle of a former Vice President of the United States? How cute.

He must be held accountable and made to feel the consequences of his traitorous action. Whatever it takes.


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