Saturday, January 19, 2013

Elites Protect Themselves with Guns but not American Citizens

What do American presidents and vice-presidents, their wives and children, foreign heads of state, many governors, big city mayors, large company CEOs, prominent directors, actors, singers, and other entertainers, and the children of many wealthy people in Washington, DC, and other wealthy "elites" have in common? They carry guns or have armed guards to keep them from becoming victims of criminals, even when they are in countries, states and cities with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world.

Almost all these elites who are also Democrats have something else in common; they don't want you to have a gun with which to defend yourself, your family, or other law abiding Americans.

How many of these protected elites are actually murdered annually in the U.S.? Usually none, or nearly none. And, actual attempts to kill them are rare. It is almost exclusively the rest of us, not the elites, who are the victims of violent crime. We are the ones who need guns to protect ourselves and our families. I don't want harm to come to the elite (or anyone else), and I don't begrudge their armed protection. But, the lives of my family members are just as important to me, as are the lives of your family members to you, as are the lives of any of the elites or their family members. We have just as much right to protect ourselves and our families as do the elites.

The political elites write our laws and are supposed to enforce laws to protect American citizens. They are not fulfilling these responsibilities. Did you know that the number of gun prosecutions by President Obama is down 45 percent? Did you know that illegal aliens, people who shouldn't even be here, commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime? Did you know that the elites in charge of America's major cities (almost exclusively Democrats) preside over cities with much higher rates of gun violence than the national average, often despite their very restrictive gun laws?

Why don't the elites enforce current gun laws and put violent criminals in prison permanently? Why does revolving door "justice" prematurely return violent criminals to the streets? Why aren't violent juvenile criminals treated severely? Why don't the police round up the gangs known for much of our violence and confiscate their illegal guns?

Not only are the violent criminals not stopped by the elites, criminals are encouraged by restrictive gun laws that prevent law abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves.

If someone from outer space landed here, he or she or it would think that those in charge want lots of people killed by criminals. Perhaps they would think Americans are playing some sort of a game where armed criminals have the right to hunt disarmed people (hasn't Hollywood made movies like this, e.g., The Most Dangerous Game?). But, after hearing politicians talk about taking guns from law-abiding people while doing little to stop armed criminals, the spacemen might conclude that innocent people are intentionally being sacrificed, to create a crisis which politicians can use to justify political objectives.

The fact is that the elites are not protecting American citizens. Is it because they can't or they won't? If they can't protect us, and it appears they can't prevent criminals from getting guns, then they have no right to take away the ability of law abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families. History shows taking away guns just makes more victims.

If the elites won't protect us, for whatever reason, and they still want to take away our ability to protect ourselves, then the spacemen's suspicions are probably correct, the politicians are allowing gun violence and sacrificing people, like the children in Newtown, to promote the political elite's goal of controlling the American people.

Leaders lead by example, so here is how I see it. Our elites, i.e., the president, vice-president, senators and congressmen, governors, mayors, CEOs, actors, entertainers, and other rich people, should give up armed protection for themselves, their spouses and their children before the rest of us are asked to give up our Constitutional rights. Until the elites give up their armed protection, politicians and the power of government should focus on taking away the freedoms of people who commit crimes, not the people who don't.

Don Ewing

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