Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vile CNN is Censoring Pro-Gun Views

The liberal media's relentless assault on conservative values and our constitutional rights has reached fever pitch.

CNN, the self-avowed neutral news outlet, is leading the liberal media's anti-Second Amendment crusade and censoring conservative opposition to radical gun control measures.

On the one-month anniversary of the horrific Newtown shooting, CNN invited THIRTEEN anti-gun rights advocates and only TWO pro-gun rights guests on to discuss the issue.  

This hard evidence confirms CNN's undeniable anti-gun bias and they must be held accountable for their partisan agenda.

Please take a moment to contact the office of Janelle Rodriguez, CNN's Vice-President of Programming by phone at (404) 827-5681 or by email at, and tell her to stop censoring the views of pro-gun rights Americans.  

As President Obama was finalizing his liberal anti-gun agenda, his fanatically loyal propagandists in the national "news" media have been working overtime to demand the American public accept anything he proposes - no matter how extreme or impractical - while censoring the truth about the Left's radical anti-gun agenda.  

CNN is leading the charge in this campaign and we must hold them accountable.

Let Janelle Rodriguez know that you won't stand for CNN's blatant anti-gun lobbying. 

Thank you for standing up to the left-wing bullies in the "news" media and please forward this email to your friends and family and ask them to contact Janelle Rodriguez to demand objective reporting. 

P.S.  After you contact Janelle Rodriguez, please chip in a tax-deductible contribution so MRC can continue to battle the so-called "news" media's attempts to censor the news.

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