Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 South Florida Residents, including imam from Margate, Arrested in Taliban Case

Friends who are alert and most aware of what's going on around us:

In all the biased coverage (titling the entire batch of articles in the 5/15 edition of Sunni-Sentinel as, "Terrorism Conspiracy" ), I didn't see any mention of the Town Commissioners who approved the application, building permit, occupancy permit, etc. for this mosque. Doubtless, they had been fully prepared for and I'm guessing, quietly but effectively co-opted into facilitating a smooth passage of the application process, through the town's Board of Commissioners.

I am not familiar with the full chronology of this Pompano mosque however, I've attended at least two protest rallies directly across the road from that mosque and am well aware of the dangerous implications and potential for confrontation, civil disorder and violence that this mosque represents. It is a thorn in the side of this peaceful community. Voiced objections by townspeople, Rev. Dozier and members of his congregation and others including, Danita Kilcullen and the TeaParty FTL who spearheaded these events, were never (as I recall) covered by the local media. Nothing in the newspapers, including the SunSentinel, or the local broadcast media. If there was coverage, I missed it.

Now, the SunSentinel's front page, above-the-fold coverage, while dutifully reporting in graphic detail the charges against the Muslim Imams & Co and crediting the Fed Agency and local police with the arrests - and that was well reported - still insisted on providing 'the other side' with a glowing reportage of what a swell guy the Imam Izhar Khan is. They detailed how he just loves preaching and teaching and oh, by the way - loves to collect money in this country and funnel it to the Pakistani Taliban so they can finance their terrorism and violence. One almost feels empathy for the Muslim members of that mosque, as they 'reel' from the shock of witnessing the arrest of their beloved 'spiritual leader', who just loves two things in this world above all others (Mohammud, excepted of course), his religion and sports. We know positively, because we've been told ad nauseam, that nearly all Muslims are 'moderate'. They all just want to pray in peace - and all, 'just get along'.

It's kinda like Obama's 20 years spent at Rev. Wright's knee; one wonders how he missed so much of the pith in Wright's messages. One wonders too, if the good members of the Pompano mosque might possibly have missed some of the pith in their Imam's messages? Just askin'?

Pardon me while I puke from this news coverage by the impeccably professional and always objective SunSentinel staff writers who, with a little help from their friends, the 'contributors' from the bullpen of the unfailingly reliable Tribune papers, cobbled together this Pablum in Pompano -
'Love me, love my mosque'.

Let me take this opportunity to add my heartfelt feelings to fill in the near-blank left by the impeccable writers of these cherry-picked articles -

CONGRATULATIONS to the FEDERAL AGENCY and to the MARGATE POLICE, for making this bust.

Exemplary work. "Let's move along, Folks - nothing more to see here ---- until next time! "

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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