Sunday, May 15, 2011

Marxist Left Wing Loons Run The Media

Dear Stephen L. Goldstein:

As a "wilted flower child" of the 60's, Stephen L. Goldstein is offended that one of his cohorts, Nicole Sandler, a liberal bombthrower, was arrested for disturbing the peace at a West town hall meeting and wants Rep. Allen West to apologize. Can you imagine Goldstein telling Rep. West to "man up", that's what you call chutzpuh coming from a "wuss" like Goldstein. I don't think Goldstein could shine Allen West's boots - even if West let him do it. Stephen, are you serious or are you just mouthing one of the "Rules for Radicals" by the late Saul Alinsky?

Nicole Sandler didn't come to Rep. West's town hall meeting to be enlightened, she came loaded for "bear" and to disrupt the meeting, thereby bringing attention to her failing talk show career. She accomplished the fact that she got publicity, but she failed in getting support for her goofy left-wing views. Whenever Goldstein comes to the defense of a liberal "loon" like Sandler, you know that the Obamamaniacs are in panic mode.

I've been to West's town hall meetings and he let's anyone ask a question or to make a statement. On this occasion, trying to not have constituents line up behind a microphone, thereby blocking the view of the other attendees, he had them write down the questions. She didn't do it, she just wanted to disrupt, which she did and got arrested for it.

The arrest was done by the police and not Rep. Allen West. Why should he apologize?

Stephen, crawl back under your liberal rock and don't come out until the Sun-Sentinel wants to publish another asinine column by you spouting off the DNC talking points and calling Republicans and conservatives "evil"..


Chuck On The Right Side
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