Saturday, May 28, 2011


Barack Obama traveled to El Paso on May 11th, not for immigration reform
to fix a neglected third rail problem, but to recruit Latino Immicrats for
his 2012 reelection bid; taking advantage of the boost in polls, thanks
to the efforts of the intelligence community of 4 years ago.

Foreigners who are waiting in quota lines for their turn to emigrate here,
are doing so because they want to be Americans. Those like the ones
the President addressed today, who thumb their noses at our laws and enter
our borders illegally do not!

What ever the President does is usually not good for the country, but what
is good for him. He has surrounded himself with radical ideologues that
could never have been accepted to their present capacity and positions if
under the scrutiny of intelligent, responsible people. Many of this rabble are
products of the 60's who are responsible for the deterioration of our moral
and Judeo-Christian values.

The dignity of the Presidential office has been compromised by Obama when
you see who he invites to the White House...... profane rappers erroneously
dignified by labeling them serious poets, biased radicals, known
communists, anti American advocates, reversed racists followed by a long list
of others with a chip on their shoulder.

God! Save us from another four years of this erosive savior.

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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