Sunday, May 8, 2011

Voter Fraud Crimes and ACORN and SEIU

Yes the American MSM has became the “Propaganda” Machine just like the Nazi Regime in Germany. Below we have another strike back at The MSM Brownshirts! The MSM is just an arm of the BHO Marxist Regime.

Dear Doug Lyons:

You say that the new voting "reforms" passed by the Florida Legislature are no reforms at all.. Doug, will your son follow the new voting laws, just passed, and register to vote legally? If he's that interested in voting, he probably will and so should all the others who take voting as a civic duty.

What did we do all those years when voting was on election day period, and when identification requirements weren't watered down to encourage non-eligible people and politically ignorant people to vote?

Unfortunately for you you and your fellow liberal Democrats, making sure that people are eligible to vote will fall heavily on your group of potential voters. Nobody wants to deprive anyone, who is eligible to vote, the chance to vote, but shouldn't that ability to register be left up to the people? Over the past 20 to 30 years, where have most of the complaints about where voting fraud has taken place? You guessed it, ACORN and S.E.I.U. were groups that have been charged with voter fraud crimes across the country, not the "bad", "evil", Republicans or conservative groups. The recent elections in Washington State and the Minnesota Senate race (Al Franken) are just two examples of voter shenanigans that the Florida law is trying to avoid.

Stop whining and get your potential voters registered to vote and have them abide by the law. It applies to all voters, not just the one's you favor. Voting is right and a privilege, the eligibility requirements should not be watered down to favor one group over another. An informed voting electorate is a guarantee that our republic will survive into the future.


Chuck On The Right Side

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Obama is the most Anti-Business PREZ said...

There a whole lot of crinimals that need to be prosecuted under the RICO LAWS, starting with coward holder, and ending with these ACORN (obama's GROUP) and the SEIU THUGS!