Saturday, May 21, 2011

What is happening?

In the past few weeks, natures destructive rage of
some southern communities made it difficult to suppress
the tears forming in my eyes.

I cannot hold them back when I see my beloved country
torn apart by the wrath of a new breed of advocates who
have infiltrated the ranks of government, bent on changing
everything that made America great and the envy of the
rest of the world. For them it has become pay back and
revenge time for past deeds that can no longer be attributed
to the current generation.

The Norman Rockwell image is distasteful when trying to
maintain the poor and a minority class under their thumb
in order to hold a base. Their agenda is to revise history by
discrediting some heroes of the past, distorting facts, creating
more disharmony between classes and stoking racism to built a
a more powerful base for their depraved philosophy.

The controversy surrounding Barack Obama has been
created by the very nature of his background, and the lack of
trans-parency perpetuates conflict and speculation about him.
Questions and skepticism are compounded because clarification
is purposely withheld.

He and his rabble-rousers will not rest until most of America is
brought down to their level in a global government with no borders,
of trailer park communities and non assimilated ghettos.

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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