Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Hero

Alas! Nearly three years have passed and finally I can say,
the President did something right.

His poll numbers have gone up, not because of anything he
personally devised. The policies of the previous administration
is propping him up, even though he vehemently denounced them.
The tedious and painstaking work of the intelligence agencies
during Bush's tenure started four years ago, slowly began to take
form and bear fruit. In spite of the criticism and denouncing the
existence of Guantanamo and the methods used to interrogate by
the main stream media and pre-president campaigning Obama, it
works! In fact everything President Bush did they said was wrong
is now being adopted by Obama because the view from the Oval
office induces a different slant in dealing with Islamo-Fascist terror
from election mode.

Someway or another the media and White House spinners will make
it appear it is Barack Obama's genius that created and formed the
whole thing.

The praise I cede to President Obama is for not screwing it up as
Jimmy Carter did during the embassy caper in Iran.

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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