Monday, May 16, 2011

Marxist Fareed Zakaria Must Recuse Himself From Covering Foreign Policy

Zakaria is a typical Left Wing Marxist. He is no different than the Brownshirts controlling the Media in Germany. He has some nerve to attack Sarah Palin. There is no way this Community Organizer from ACORN can come close to Gov. Palin. This Zakeria is a Fraud and now it appears he and the Community Organizer are helping the Muslim Brotherhood. What a disgrace! I guess CNN really is the Communist News Network.

Zakaria reveals how hopeless, helpless, incompetent, clueless, and dangerous that Barry Soetoro really is. Maybe The ACORN Community Organizer will meet with septic tank maintenance guys on environmental issues? The Community Organizer has SOILED the White House! Left Wing Marxists hate America and they still support this Marxist Regime.

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