Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Comments on Column in the Sun-Sentinel

Dear Clarence Page:

Shame on you Clarence Page, how much more condescending can you be in describing another person? If what you said about Christine O'Donnell was said by a white person about a black person, you and and the ultra-liberal NAACP, and the other "racial hustlers" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, would be crying "racism" to the rooftops.

You condemn O'Donnell for saying that she doesn't have an Ivy League education, which by the way most people don't have, therefore, she is a reverse "elitist" (like you are a reverse "bigot"). Does having an Ivy League education automatically qualify you to be better than everyone else? There's nothing wrong with an Ivy League education, but there's nothing wrong without one either. One thing I've noticed, and your favorite son Obama fits into this category, is that many with Ivy League educations are lacking in that undefinable trait called "common sense", which cannot be taught in any "elitist" college or university. Look at many of our present and former politicians who have come up short on having "common sense", a couple of examples are former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, of Vietnam War fame, and, of course, the guru of global warming, Al Gore.

Your diatribe against Christine O'Donnell is not only "sexist" it is truly "elitist" and shows your readers that you like to practice discrimination as long as it is not about race.

Shame on you again Clarance, your rant gives journalism a bad name, as if it could go even lower in the minds of the public.


Chuck On The Right Side

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