Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Liberal Elitism on Display

Today we found a blatant case of "liberal elitism" on display for all to see and hear. The #1 foil in this years election cycle, by the liberals, has been Christine O'Donnell, Republican Senatorial candidate in Delaware who is running for Joe Biden's former senate seat. The "liberal elitists" have been having a field day calling her all kinds of derogatory names, but stupid and idiot seem to be the most widely used.

Well, a funny thing happened at the debate she and her opponent Chris Coons had today in Delaware. The question of "separation of church and state" came up and Christine O'Donnell, a non-lawyer, asked Chris Coons where in the Constitution does the phrase "separation of church and state" appear? The audience, made up of mostly law students, erupted in laughter and her opponent Chris Coons, a lawyer, condescendingly answered Christine by stating that the 1st Amendment was where that phrase was located. The only problem with the audience and Chris Coons was that both were wrong and "stupid" Christine O'Donnell was correct. It doesn't appear in the 1st Amendment or for that matter it doesn't appear anywhere in the Constitution. Talk about getting egg on your face.

The point is, with all their bluster, and mocking and derision directed at Christine O'Donnell, she showed the "liberal elitists" that she is not stupid after all and that the real stupid people are the people who have tried to minimize her in the eyes of the voting public.

This might just be the defining turning point in this election. Christine O'Donnell might just astound the experts and win. God bless you, Christine!

Chuck On The Right Side

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