Sunday, October 3, 2010

Don't See Christians & Jews as Suicide Bombers

Letter writer, Stephen Wertheimer (Sun Sentinel Newspaper 10/3), is correct when he says that the texts of most all religions have passages that call for using violence, but he fails to distinguish between verbiage and practice.

The Quran, as well as the Bible (both Old and New Testaments), illustrate practices that could be classified as brutal or anti-social, but how many are carried out by the various religions today?

I don't see any Christians or Jews cutting off the hand of a thief, Muslims do. I don't see Christians and Jews stoning adulterers to death, Muslims do. I don't see Christians and Jews using suicide bombers to create terror against innocent people, Muslims do. I don't see Christians and Jews killing their children and justifying it by calling it an "honor killing", Muslims do. And I don't see any Christians and Jews justifying killing homosexuals, Muslims do. The list of the acts of brutality and anti-social behavior on the part of Muslims could go on and on, but these will suffice as being the most blatant examples.

So yes, there is a difference between the Judeo-Christian religions and Islam. Only a person(s) who is in denial or is imbued with an advanced case of "political correctness", could justify the outrages perpetrated by a religion which purports to be a religion of "peace" - that religion being Islam. Actions speak louder than words.

Submitted by Chuck On The Right Side

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