Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Repeat The Same Misinformation?

We have another Letter to The Editor, from Chuck On The Right Side below for the Sun Sentinel. The Sun Sentinel Newspaper is full of Obama kool-aide drinking, Birkenstock wearing, Liberal wanna-be writers helping to destroy the USA from within. Look at the Politically Correct hammering Juan Williams, I have no love lost for Juan Williams as he continues to support the Regime and now they throw him under the bus. Marxist, Socialists and Liberals running wild. We must fight back (Politically) now! Vote RIGHT!

In the words of Ronald Reagan, "there you go again". On P. 19A ( S/S 10/21) under the heading of "National Voices" you continued to spread the misinformation that Delaware Senatorial candidate, Christine O'Donnell, "seemed unsure about some Constitutional guarantees" when in fact it was her opponent Chris Coons and the law students who attended the debate who were confused, not Christine O'Donnell .
Why do you persist in continuing to advance this false notion when it has been pointed out to you that describing the situation the way your paper presented it, that it was totally wrong? To prove my point that the phrase "separation of church and state" in not in the 1st Amendment (nor in any other part of the Constitution) let me quote from the Constitution. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; .............". There it is and no amount of spin by you or your Tribune reporter can change the irrefutable facts.
Whether consciously or not, your paper constantly makes reports that tend to put Conservatives or Republicans in a bad light by implying that they are "stupid" or not up to the task at hand (your reporter Anthony Man has been guilty of that on several occasions). This also was true when Sen. Harry Reid , a lawyer and Senate Majority leader, awhile back in a debate with his opponent Sharon Angle, made the same erroneous claim that Chris Coons made about the "separation of church and state". No mention was made of that either, maybe because you were unaware of what was in our Constitution, just like in this situation?
People always make mistakes from time to time, but when a newspaper, who is supposed to disseminate the facts in an impartial way, is found to be wrong and it is shown to them conclusively, they should "man up" and correct the matter forthwith. Why don't you do it?

Written by Chuck On The Right Side
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ron8072 said...

Chuck's got it right. And not only in the Sun Sentinel, but in lots of other papers and for sure on talk radio. It seems to be an all out blitz. From the President to the lowliest person you meet on the street, a lot of people repeat the lies they hear denigrating Conservatives. I have no real love for most republicans since they have failed us in the past but I do have hope for the future. With a strong enough win in 11 days, maybe the Soros [bought and paid for media] will begin to be truthful and those that listen and pay attention to them will begin to repeat truth instead of lie. When I wake up from the dream I am having, I will laugh at myself.