Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Smart Ass Challenge

Interpreting the first amendment is dependent on who is sitting
on the supreme court at the time.
It is of few words and vague, leaving it open to much lawyering,
with nourishment for the very activist ACLU, eating up alot of
court time with loosely conceived cases.
About religion and the separation of church and state; there is no
direct reference to this. The first amendment refers only to the
prevention of the State forming a national religion such as Henry VIII's
Church of England, what were at one time the Papal states and what
we now have to deal with, Islamic states.
The politically correct are abusing it, using and leading its vagueness to
allow moral decay and civil behavior to run amok.
Christine O'Donnell is correct to say,the words Separation of Church
and State do not appear anywhere in our Constitution or in any
amendment no matter how many elitists or academia may want you to
There, this is my interpretation and it's as good as any ivy leaguer.

Written by George, a Real Conservative

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