Monday, October 18, 2010

Angela Merkel and Multiculturalism

There are many politicians in our country who got on the European bandwagon of saying we live in a multicultural world and who advocate that we copy their playbook.
Well, it seems that one European leader has seen the light.
Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has never been one to mince words. Rather, she has a well-deserved reputation for saying it like it is. According to Merkel, Multiculturalism in Germany has "absolutely failed.” "The approach of saying, 'Well, let's just go for a multicultural society, let's coexist and enjoy each other,' this very approach has failed, absolutely failed," she said in a speech. “We've all understood now that immigrants are a part of our country, (but) they have to speak our language, they have receive an education here," said Merkel.
Funny, but this is the same approach that Gov. Brewer and some conservatives have advocated in this country.

Conservative Commentary by Jim P., a Real Patriot
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