Monday, October 11, 2010


There are about 192 countries represented at the United Nations. Chances are someone from each of these countries lives here in the United States, partaking in all the goodies our young shed their lives and limbs for.

It is amazing such diversity of people of different ethnics, religions, customs, hygiene, tastes, colors and traditions more or less live in harmony. This is called assimilation. Unfortunately a small few do not want to assimilate and this is puzzling, because I don't understand why they emigrated here if they continue to want to live the life they fled from.
Because of our diversity, this also has a down side. In the mix, undesirables have entered our boarders like a few rotten apples in a barrel. This is what our critics delve on when referring to any short fall we may have on civil rights. Hypothetically speaking, if any of these national leaders were the immigrants, they would be classified undesirably.

We are in danger of losing what gave hope to the millions who came here to helped build America. In our present condition of outdated laws, foreigners are entering our borders not for the same reasons of the past.
Europe is laying down again, allowing radical Islam to walk all over them, as did the Fascists in the 1930's. Our Norman Rockwell image is fading into a lost memory.
Radical progressives in our country are echoing Europe and they must be stopped before the damage becomes unrepairable. We have been voting for people who most represents us, and that isn't necessarily good, because it is for our self serving interests. For the sake of America's survival we must vote our conscience, or we will be doomed to continually to put scoundrels in office.

Written by George, a Real Conservative

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