Monday, October 4, 2010

Grayson and Kline

To Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW):

Dear Sir:

As a veteran I am at a loss to understand how your organization could endorse the likes of Alan Grayson and Ron Klein. Have you not heard what these idiots have said and done? Both have done nothing to support our troops – but rather with their support of the Obama agenda have endangered their lives.

These two individuals have not supported the military in any way, shape, or form. In my opinion your organization is a disgrace to the uniform and the flag and for all that it stands for. To support any candidate like Grayson or Klein is beyond comprehension.

Previously I have supported VFW events and causes but based on your latest actions all of my contributions and support will go to worthy organizations and not organizations who support leftist candidates like Grayson and Klein.

Written by Jim P., a Real Patriot

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Earl said...

What is wrong with these Groups! How dare the VFW & NRA back some left wing nutjobs. We need people like Jim to wake up America! These races with Reid, the bearded Marxist, Grayson, etc should not even be close. Unions & Political Correctness continue to destroy America.

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What a shame these organizations disrecpted Allen West.