Friday, October 22, 2010

The Taliban Must Be Defeated

As I wake up in the morning, grateful to be in my comfortable bed, I think of our Troops. Our Troops giving their lives for our Freedom. We can not let their great deeds go to waste and let the Left destroy us from within. Our Military, the Best in the World, is still fighting Terrorism. No matter what Barry Soetoro or Coward Eric Holder call it, it still is Terrorism. Now over the years since the 9/11 attack on us by MUSLIM TERRORISTS, I see the Left Wing Radicals re-writing history. These were only a few mis-guided People who needed more hugs growing up and they happen to be Muslim. We Must Never Forget! We must support our Troops as Politcial Correctness is attacking our Military. Remember Fort Hood?

The Taliban Song - Toby Keith

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This is a great song! Everyone should support our American Troops.

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