Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Demise of One Time Icons

It is quite troubling for me to understand why so many editorial
boards of leading newspapers and other journalist media outlets follow the
liberal line. It's a dangerous road to take because through history, I have
learned their influence sways disgruntled masses into mobs giving rise
to totalitarian governments
that take advantage of the turmoil to make
changes detrimental to our freedoms. Using the first amendment irresponsibly
will lose it for all of us.

It doesn't take long for the press to lose independence and become a tool
of government. Maybe a few proponents of drastic liberalism might retain
their positions because they tow the line of state run media. Patsies for

We know who the very liberal main stream media and publications patsies
are in this country, because their views are one sided biased commentaries
that won't allow fair and balanced disagreement. I tried many times to have
my letters to the editor accepted for publication, including this one, to no avail.

My right to express freedom of speech is unacceptable, because it is contrary to
what they preach; therefore I am denied access to contrast my views against
theirs so that their readers and listeners can have a broader opinion view to
judge for themselves. An occasional conservative commentary is sometimes thrown
in to obviously quell criticism.

Publishers and producers do not realize the implication this one sided,
liberal left position can take for their very existence. They are
shooting themselves in the foot. As it is, dwindling circulations
and audiences are taking their toll on these left of center vehicles.

In a similar state is the mainstream broadcasters, CNN and MSNBC. Combined,
they do not enjoy the audience Fox News commands. What do some of these names
have in common? Leslie Marshall, Steve Murphy, Mo Elliethee, Doug Schoen, Lanny
Davis, Alan Colmes, Kristen Powers. Bob Beckel, Michael Brown, Penny Lee, Charlie
Rangel, Al Sharpton and Tamara Holder. They are just a small list of Liberal
Democrats that have appeared on Fox to defend their position. Also employed
by Fox are Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera and Greta Van Susteren. The full
list would be impossible to fit in these pages. No member of congress is
denied access to Fox and many have taken advantage of it.

Some members of congress are fighting to pass a fairness act;
George Soros and a tax exempt organization Media Matters, funded
by him and the broadcasters mentioned above all want to destroy
Fox News for broadcasting what they choose to ignore because it
is contrary to their agendas and exposes the flaws of the
current administration.

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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