Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Debbie 'Whatevah' Schmutz:

Trashbag in Heels

Obama the Wise, knew precisely what he was doing when he pulled MizzSchmutz from the primordial ooze of the Florida Everglades and anointed her as the Dominate-tricks of the Democrat National Committee. Screaming-Mimi Schmutz is Howard Dean, in bitchy drag. Ain't she cool?

'Debbie Does Malicious' might be effective against run-of-the-mill Republicans however, when she pokes a finger in the eye of Retired U.S. Army LTC. Allen B. West, now Congressman West from Florida's District 22, she has to be ready for the heavy artillery he brings with him. MizzSchmutz will soon realize that the biggest gun Cong. West brings to a fight, is his superior intellect.

She and her sycophant supporters might be under the misapprehension that the target of her verbal venom Congressman West, has stolen the mainstay of Democrat rhetoric, name-calling. If that's what they think, they couldn't be more wrong. His use of descriptive terms such as, 'vicious' and 'despicable', in his now famous e-mail sent to her following her attack on him from the floor of the House of Representatives, is simply a spot-on accurate description of her behavior. Take another look at the videotape of her venomous diatribe. It is pure hate-speech on steroids. It's ugly.

Quite obviously, DWS is the designated leader of the orchestrated Democrat attack on Allen West by Obama and his band of freedom thieves. They are in mortal fear of this freshman Congressman. They know that this man has absolutely no fear of America's sworn enemies, whether they come garbed in Islamic cover-ups dating from the seventh century or, in finely-tailored suits accessorized by Gucci. The very mention of the name Allen West, strikes terror in their souls. Delicious!

They also know they cannot win on the merits of their leftist Liberalism. They've practiced their cruel tax & spend policies every time they've been able to dupe a majority of voters into handing over the control of our Federal Government. And every time, these policies have sunk us deeper in debt and indentured a large segment of our population to the government in the form of unconscionable entitlements. Plus, the implementation of these misguided, bankrupting policies inevitably leads to ever more wide-spread corruption. This particular brand of corruption seems to permeate even the very cornerstones of every Government edifice in our Nation's Capital.

And so, Debbie Whatevah and Obama Howevah and their legions of something-for-nothing complicit thieves of our freedoms and Liberty, are obliged to resort to their favorite tactics-of-choice: bald-faced lies; class warfare; racism; deceitful rhetoric; character assassination; name-calling and of course their all-time favorite - vicious verbage.

Rave on, Lunatics. You've poked your finger in the eye of the wrong retired-warrior-turned-Congressman, this time. Get ready to be out-maneuvered, out-smarted, over-whelmed, out-fought and mortally-wounded. You've initiated this battle and it might very well turn out to be the Waterloo of the Democrat Party. The only battle ribbons you can hope to be awarded for your efforts will be Band-Aids. And sadly for you and yours, they'll be awarded post-humously - - - so to speak.

Can you hear me now?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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