Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Non-Jew Supporting Prime Minister Netanyahu Not Obama

Dear Rabbi Bruce Warshal:

As a non-Jew reading your column in the Jewish Journal (June 22, 2011), I can't believe how blind you are to the realities of the world and to the Middle East in particular.

P.M. Netanyahu, as opposed to your position, is looking out for the citizens of Israel, not playing to the liberal left in his country and ours. Why is negotiation always a one-way street, whereby Israel must give up something, but the Palestinians don't have to give anything in return? They won't even give up the fact that Israel exists and that it should be free from terrorist attacks.

You forgot to mention that in Obama's "road map" for peace, he said Israel should go back to the 1967 borders and negotiate with the Palestinians (with Hamas included at the table) with "mutually agreed upon land swaps". The catch word here is "mutually", which means that if one party does not agree there can be no land swaps. Meanwhile, Israel then must work through the idea that the 1967 borders are a legitimate bargaining chip that cannot be agreed upon, but gives credence to the borders as of 1967. As P.M. Netanyahu said, that's like Israel committing suicide.

How can you be so naive to assume that you can negotiate with an adversary who wants you dead and Israel destroyed? You and your fellow liberal rabbi's are blinded to the facts by your far-left liberal ideology. God help Israel if "wusses" like you ever attain the majority in Israel. You should be ashamed, as you would throw Israel under the bus just like your fellow appeaser, Barack Hussein Obama, but then again it looks like you and Obama have no shame.


Chuck On The Right Side
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