Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MORT's Meanderings


The Opinion page of the 7/11/2011 SunSentinel featured a letter from a particularly delusional Dem, who implored President Barack Hussein Obama to, ".. educate the electorate of the importance of voting for their interests and not the interests of the super rich."

Speaking for myself as a committee of one, I want to publicly go on record that I am now further convinced - higher education isn't for everyone. In point of fact, I believe that it can be a major contributor to a syndrome I refer to as, *"Left-headed thinking". The writer of this **'Litter-to-the-Editor' proves my theory.

While Obama-the-Infallable is an acknowledged wiz at reading speeches off Teleprompters; pontificating from the podium with amorphous examples in support of his muddled messages; and pursuing his compulsion for class warfare, pointing the finger of blame and failed-policy rhetoric - an 'educator', he ain't.

Just two of his more ignominious verbal gaffs, '57 states' and 'Navy Corpse-man' are sufficient proof for me, that education - even undocumented higher education - isn't for everyone.

It has been said that - "Those who can - do; those who can't - teach".
While that is obviously untrue in the majority of cases, in the case of our Edumacater-in-Chief, it does seem particularly appropriate.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011 7/11/2011

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