Monday, July 4, 2011

Remember The Meaning of Independence Day - Reclaim America

This has been bothering me for some time and I must address it. This Pierce MorganS guy comes to our Country and insults our traditions? How much money has this Limousine Liberal made off of America? He attacks the Cowboy Hat of John Rich. John Rich is a true American and let this slide as he was helping other People, not just himself. Did Pierce MorganS attack little John for his Dreads?

Send this Pierce MorganS back to Ireland or England or better yet, boot his arse back to Iran. Let the Country Club LIBERAL Pierce MorganS tell some Guy in Iran that the Towel On His Head is very ANNOYING! The Iran People would stone him and feed him to the Goats.

Forget the debt crisis, the budget, the Job Killer EPA growing by 125%, illegal Obamacare, the failing economy and millions of unemployed Americans. All of the White People must be quiet or you are Racist! Let the Community Organizer destroy the Country, you White People just have to give him a chance? NO!

We like Allen West for his ideas, service to the Country and his love of America. We do not care about the color of his skin. We like Michele Bachmann for her intelligence, her fight for what is RIGHT for America! We do not care about the color of her skin!

We have too many Americans cowering to Political Correctness and the Limousine Liberals. There is no further evidence than having People elect the most Racist, Anti-American President simply for the color of his skin. So today on Independence Day let us be reminded that our Fore Fathers fought the Pierce MorganS types and Big Government to start this Great Country. Please do not cower in the corner and hand it over to Radical islam, Big Government and Marxist Liberals.

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