Friday, July 1, 2011

Progressives War on Food?

We have another repose from Chuck On The Right Side to the Left Wing Marxist so-called Main Stream Media. We have the Food NAZI Michelle Nobama out there attacking Chubby Kids. The Food Nazi even did a semi-Alec Baldwin and attacked her Daughters. The wannabe Alec Baldwin, Food Nazi Michelle told millions of People that her daughters were chubby. Those poor kids! They have a Father who subjects them to people like Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, rashid khalidi and is destroying their Country. Then they have a Mom who calls them overweight for all to hear.

Well the Left Wing Marxist cannot make up their minds, as they say this week the 15 Million kids have no food?

Dear Rachel Patron:

Isn't it amazing that your column entitled, "Can America sacrifice 15 million hungry kids", can come up with the figure that there are 15 million hungry kids in America? Where did you get this "assumed" figure, from one of the "loony liberal" left websites? Could it not have been 5, 10, 20, or 25 million, or for that matter 100? Who determined that figure of "assumed" hungry children, some Saul Alinsky acolyte trying to put America in a bad light? C'mon Rachel, you should know better than that. Most people are not that gullible or stupid enough to believe that crap.

With all the government help that's available to people and poor people in particular, it is almost impossible to have starving (hungry) children in our midst. We all have been hungry at one time or another in our lives, but to imply that we have a vast army of hungry children is preposterous. Have you seen the size and girth of the children in poor neighborhoods lately? They don't have an under nourishment problem, they have an obesity problem. Many of those "hungry" children come from families that have cars, LCD T.V.'s, cell phones, $150 Nike sneakers, and tattoos to go along with their "empty bellies". I know I'll be classified as being heartless and callous by pooh-poohing your claims of sacrificing hungry children by society, and by politicians who are only looking out to balance the damn budget as these millions of children starve. Hogwash! I will not succumb to the "political correctness" norms put forth by the liberals and neither should you.

Your liberal (or is it Progressive?) slant on this matter is typical of the continuous liberal attack on Republicans, Conservatives, and common sense. The canard that only liberals have the sensitivity and compassion to understand the plight of the poor is downright insulting. It has been your policies starting back in FDR's time and the start of LBJ's "War on Poverty" that has added to our social problems by making more and more people dependent on the government for handouts. Your rant in this column is just that - another anti-American bashing with no basis in fact except some pulled out of the air erroneous figures to justify a non-existent problem.

Is this the kind of rhetoric we can expect from the liberals in this upcoming election season? Already the "class warfare" banner has been unfurled by the Democrats as they can't possibly run on their dismal economic record and failed foreign policy. Make as many of the people dependent on the government to gain their votes, and make the successful (the rich) their oppressors, will be the modus operandi of these self-styled hypocrites called Democrats. I predict that this tactic will fail and we will have a change in leadership for the better in 2012.


Chuck On The Right Side
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