Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MORT's Meandering​s - 7/13/2011

Michelle Obama: A glutton for gluten

For some strange reason, I'm reminded of that hoary nursery rhyme:

"Jack sprat could eat no fat, his wife cold eat no lean."

Anyway you look at it, Michelle Obama is a monument to bad taste.

Whether it is in her pretentious public pronouncements; her unflattering funky fashions; her less-than-genteel societal behavior; her overbearing boorishness; her mindless pre-occupation with other people's eating habits; her non-stop slopping at the Government trough as she indulges her every whim and fantasy, at tax-payer's expense; or from my point of view, her choice of husband. While I guess it could be said that for her that latter choice worked out pretty well - for the rest of us - not so much.

After this Awful Precedent and his Foisted Lady are finally evicted from the White House, that venerable 'People's House' will have to be fumigated. Our nation's suffering has been intense and sadly, our proud national symbol will have to tented to remove the taint.

Elections have consequences. The painful lessons we're learning with each passing hour are all the proof conscious folks should need in order to recognize that this is true.

Would it be imprudent of me to remind all our dear readers of the upcoming Presidential election in November 2012?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Progressives War on Food said...


Jesse Jackson is a Thug said...

The so-called Obama first lady is a disgrace to the proud legacy of first ladies of our nation. She lacks class, and she wastes government funds for all her extravagant vacations during one of the worst times of economic hardship in our history. Hopefully she won't steal heirlooms from the White House when her deadbeat husband is voted out.