Thursday, December 31, 2009


As the year ends, I am reading these disgusting remarks on Twitter. Liberal Nazis can attack Rush Limbaugh as he is currently in the hospital, for his looks? Not one of these Anti-American Nazis can stand toe-to-toe with Rush on any intellectual forum, regarding what is good for America.
These same Anti-American Nazis are the ones who praise Barry Hussein and Napolitano and that coward, Eric Holder. These are truly dangerous times for America, having these Democrat Cowards looking out to cover for Radical Islamic nuts and meanwhile attacking Conservatives.
One of the great writers of our time, Ann Coulter sums up things below with an article. It points out how the Political Correctness Movement is hammering America.

Written by ANN COULTER
In response to a Nigerian Muslim trying to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, the government will now prohibit international travelers from going to the bathroom in the last hour before the plane lands.

Terrorists who plan to bomb planes during the first seven hours of the eight-hour flight, however, should face no difficulties, provided they wait until after the complimentary beverage service has been concluded.

How do they know Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab didn't wait until the end of the flight to try to detonate explosives because he heard the stewardess announce that the food service was over and seats would have to be placed in their upright position? I can't finish my snack? This plane is going down!

Also prohibited in the last hour of international flights will be: blankets, pillows, computers and in-flight entertainment. Another triumph in Janet Napolitano's "Let's stay one step behind the terrorists" policy!

For the past eight years, approximately 2 million Americans a day have been subjected to humiliating searches at airport security checkpoints, forced to remove their shoes and jackets, to open their computers, and to remove all liquids from their carry-on bags, except minuscule amounts in marked 3-ounce containers placed in Ziploc plastic bags -- folding sandwich bags are verboten -- among other indignities.

This, allegedly, was the price we had to pay for safe airplanes. The one security precaution the government refused to consider was to require extra screening for passengers who looked like the last three-dozen terrorists to attack airplanes.

Since Muslims took down Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988, every attack on a commercial airliner has been committed by foreign-born Muslim men with the same hair color, eye color and skin color. Half of them have been named Mohammed.

An alien from the planet "Not Politically Correct" would have surveyed the situation after 9/11 and said: "You are at war with an enemy without uniforms, without morals, without a country and without a leader -- but the one advantage you have is they all look alike. ... What? ... What did I say?"

The only advantage we have in a war with stateless terrorists was ruled out of order ab initio by political correctness.

And so, despite 5 trillion Americans opening laptops, surrendering lip gloss and drinking breast milk in airports day after day for the past eight years, the government still couldn't stop a Nigerian Muslim from nearly blowing up a plane over Detroit on Christmas Day.

The "warning signs" exhibited by this particular passenger included the following:

His name was Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

He's Nigerian.

He's a Muslim.

His name was Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

He boarded a plane in Lagos, Nigeria.

He paid nearly $3,000 in cash for his ticket.

He had no luggage.

His name was Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

Two months ago, his father warned the U.S. that he was a radical Muslim and possibly dangerous.

If our security procedures can't stop this guy, can't we just dispense with those procedures altogether? What's the point exactly?

(To be fair, the father's warning might have been taken more seriously if he had not simultaneously asked for the U.S. Embassy's Social Security number and bank routing number in order to convey a $28 million inheritance that was trapped in a Nigerian bank account.)

The warning from Abdulmutallab's father put his son on some list, but not the "no fly" list. Apparently, it's tougher to get on the "no fly" list than it was to get into Studio 54 in the '70s. Currently, the only people on the "no fly" list" are the Blind Sheik and Sean Penn.

The government is like the drunk looking for his keys under a lamppost. Someone stops to help, and asks, "Is this where you lost them?" No, the drunk answers, but the light's better here.

The government refuses to perform the only possibly effective security check -- search Muslims -- so instead it harasses infinitely compliant Americans. Will that help avert a terrorist attack? No, but the Americans don't complain.

The only reason Abdulmutallab didn't succeed in bringing down an airplane with 278 passengers was that: (1) A brave Dutchman leapt from his seat and extinguished the smoldering Nigerian; and (2) the Nigerian apparently didn't have enough detonating fluid to cause a powerful explosion.

In addition to the no blanket, no computer, no bathroom rule, perhaps the airlines could add this to their preflight announcement about seat belts and emergency exits: "Should a passenger sitting near you attempt to detonate an explosive device, you may be called upon to render emergency assistance. Would you be willing to do so under those circumstances? If not we will assign you another seat ..."

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Bizarro President

Our TOTUS (TelePrompter of the United States) can bring himself to say "Terrorist" or "Radical Jihadist". Soetero should step down as Islamic Fascist are creating a conflict of interest for Barry.
Soetero is not fit to be "Commander in Chief".
Mr. Arenas pinpoints Obama in this article below.

Written by J.C. Arenas
72 hours after the Christmas Day terrorist attack on Northwest Flight 253, Barack Obama finally checked in with the American people -- while still on vacation in Hawaii. With millions of anxious eyes fixated on television screens, the president emerged onto the tubes with an unpresidential look that suggested he had just finished filming a nightclub scene with Eva Mendes from the sequel to Hitch.

After assuming his familiar position behind a microphone, Obama assured the country that "we (his administration) will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable," but this was just the president paying lip service to national security in an obligatory speech. It was just last month that he said, "I will not rest until all Americans who want work can find work." Unemployment is still over 10% and the small decrease to the overall rate we've seen since then was attributed to the holiday hiring season.

Meanwhile, the president has managed to find plenty of time to hit the links and work on his golf game. So when the president uses the phrase "I or we will not rest" until something is done, does it really mean anything?

I think not. Unfortunately, Obama just doesn't inspire confidence when it comes to conquering the various challenges this nation faces, and that's assuming he wants to. He has done absolutely nothing to help create an environment that would allow the economy to thrive so that businesses have a need to hire based off an increase in demand. But that should hardly come as a surprise given that since his inauguration his aim has been economic reformation, not improvement. And what about keeping this country safe? If it wasn't before, it should now be apparent that his calling for the closing of Guantanamo Bay, traveling around the world and apologizing for this nation's sins prior to his inauguration, and changing the War on Terror to Overseas Contingency Operation, has done nothing to deter the enemy from its principal mission; killing Americans.

Obama often looks presidential and even speaks the language, but his actions haven't been of an individual you'd want leading your country. He has outsourced his decision and policy making duties to his trusted advisors and the legislative branch and he's been a complete failure in the process. Don't tell him that though, because apparently passing deficit breaking spending bills and unpopular health-care legislation, dithering on the war in Afghanistan, and presiding over a rise in domestic terrorism calls for a self-awarded, solid B+.

All that matters to him is that he gets to use health-care to define his presidential legacy and the luxury to enjoy every single perk of the office as much as he can, 9-irons, expensive beef, and multi-million dollar vacation homes included. But much is at stake, and while this nation needs a real leader who is ready to commit to do anything necessary for its well-being, we instead got the Bizarro President, not The One.
By J.C. Arenas

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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Hypocrisy of the Left

California has been responsible for many Racist Crimes over the past 25 years and the Fringe Media ignores it or pushes it aside after making it sound like a rare incident. Sounds like their leader Obama explaining that TRAITOR Hasan was not a Terrorist.
Read below as former Liberal, Robin of Berkley writes a scathing story on Liberals.

Written by Robin of Berkeley
I have been looking for God my whole life. I first recognized Him in the black foster parents I worked with who manifested Christ-consciousness.

I then found him four years ago, when my parents died three weeks apart and I was carried by a force stronger than myself. And more recently, as I've gone from left to right, I have discovered him in the many conservatives guiding me, such as AT readers.

Given my spiritual longing, I decided it was time to explore places of worship. Being a secular Jew, my first step should have been a temple. However, the synagogues around here are practically recruitment stations for Obama (aside from the Orthodox ones, but I don't speak a word of Hebrew). So I decided to experience church on Christmas Eve.

Checking out churches online, I found almost none that offered political neutrality. Most heralded their progressive credentials, welcoming the transgendered, but not conservatives.

I was pleased to find an Episcopal church whose website focused on religion, not ObamaCare. I left a message for the priest that I was looking for a church that didn't press a political agenda because I wasn't a liberal.

I received an icy reply from the priest, the Reverend Lucy, who said with barely-contained disgust, "I don't think you should check us out."

Her response left me shaken and angry. I understand that leftists despise conservatives. I have seen that creepy look of pure hatred when I naïvely told a leftist friend about my political conversion.

But an Episcopal priest rejecting me during the holiest time of year? Isn't anything or anyone sacred?

In shunning me, the Reverend Lucy exposed not only her own hypocrisy, but the duplicity of the left itself. She unveiled the left's dirty little secret -- that their doctrines are as bogus as global warming.

I used to believe it all. But when I removed one piece -- that the left protects women -- the whole house of cards came tumbling down.

Obama and his friends preach tolerance, but there is bigotry at their group's core. As displayed by the Reverend Lucy, this is a spiritually vacuous ideology. While they fashion themselves as human saviors, they clearly don't like people very much, and they despise conservatives.

Why do they hate us, even during the season to be merry? I think it's because we see right through their elaborate disguises.

We know who they are -- the Audacity of Obama. Dreams from his Marxist Father. Before us, the Emperor has no clothes. Even the left's priests are no true servants of God.

The left can easily dupe the masses who are still congratulating themselves for electing a biracial president. Obama sneers, glares, and gestures dismissively. He castigates Sgt. Crowley for supposed racism, pals around with dictators, and chuckles while millions are out of work.

Yet half the country is convinced that he's the nicest guy around.

There's a resonant story about Suzuki Roshi, the beloved 60s-era Zen master. A visiting teacher asked Suzuki Roshi whether his students had mastered a particular Buddhist scripture. Suzuki responded that he didn't know.

Aghast, the visitor demanded, "Then how do you evaluate the students' progress?"

Suzuki answered quietly, "I observe how they treat each other."

To know everything about the "progressives," just observe how people have been treating each other since Obama came on the scene. For one, the misogyny has been despicable.

Then there's the surge of attacks on law enforcement, from the murders of police officers in Seattle and Oakland to the slaughter of soldiers at Ft. Hood. Obama is sending out a "question authority" vibe -- everyone's authority, that is, except his.

In the Berkeley area, there appears to be a skyrocketing of black-on-white crimes. I'm hearing stories from clients of even more brazen street crimes and harassment.

I've written about two horrendous crimes at local schools the last few months: the gang-rape and beating of a teenage girl at Richmond High School and the stoning of a middle-school teacher during her class.

Just two weeks ago, there was another horrific assault at the same middle school: a fourteen-year-old boy raped a twelve-year-old girl during the school day. While the politically correct media refuses to tell, the word on the street is that these recent crimes have been racially motivated.

We are a country in rapid decline -- another red flag that leftist ideology is destructive. Not only is the value of the dollar sinking, but our moral fiber is unraveling before our eyes.

Gandhi taught that a civilization's greatness can be measured by how it treats its weakest citizens. So how are society's most vulnerable doing?

Medical care may be withheld from the elderly, children are being sexualized and "queered" in public schools, and conservative women are subject to degradation and rape threats.

Another measure of a nation: whether political opponents can speak freely. In Obama's America, prepare to be labeled a racist should you question "The Man." Find yourself ostracized by liberal friends, colleagues, and even churches should you not pass the political litmus test.

No wonder the left doesn't want us anywhere near their bully pulpits. We can see right through their media-orchestrated charade.

I decided to confront the Reverend Lucy about her un-Christian behavior and challenge her to do better. I e-mailed her the following:

Dear Reverend:
I inquired about whether I would feel comfortable at your church because I am not politically liberal. You left me a message with barely contained hostility. You stated, "I don't think you should check us out."

The fact that you responded to me in such an uncharitable manner makes me terribly sad. Has politics divided people so much that even a minister will treat someone unkindly for having a different political ideology?

In this holiest of seasons, I wish for you a change of heart, an opening of the heart, to those who come to your door. Because when someone makes a phone call to you -- which isn't easy -- they are in need of God. Don't you, as a minister, have a sacred duty to respond with God's infinite love and mercy?

With the blessings of the season,


No, she didn't write back.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not one nickel for California

It is time to let States with Liberal policies fail, not be bailed out. Schwarzenegger had so much promise but falls hard. I had thrown any support I could muster to help Arnold get elected. He is not a Conservative. He started kissing up to Soetero. Any real Conservative would have done their homework to see Soetero is a total fraud.
Also one of the biggest problems facing California is illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is bankrupting the Country. Read Ralph Alter below as he throws down some knowledge.

Written by Ralph Alter
There isn't a single compelling reason to provide the girly-man of American gubernatorial fiscal responsibility, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with a nickel from our federal coffers. His failing California remains the poster-child for liberal fiscal insanity and it's time for the free-range chickens to come home to roost.
Investor's Business Daily reports that:

"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has an idea: He wants President Obama to give him $8 billion - or else, he says, he'll kill or slash most of the state's welfare programs, cut pay for 200,000 state workers and end two tax breaks for big corporations."

It's clearly time to start killing and slashing. For decades California has enabled its spendthrift legislators, feather-bedding public-sector employee unions and welfare recipients (comprised of both native-born and illegal immigrants) to the tune of a $21 billion annual deficit with no sign of sufficient tax revenue in sight. Meanwhile the confiscatory tax policies and unfriendly business environment of the Granola State continue to hemorrhage both businesses and jobs to more enlightened states.

According to the IBD, California is home to more than 1/3 of the nation's welfare recipients. Their abysmally underperforming schools are home to the 2nd highest paid teachers in America. Despite their utter ineptitude, the state legislators are:

"the country's highest-paid state legislators, pulling down nearly $100,000, with $30,000 in tax-free money for their "expenses" and a state-provided car for their use."

In addition, California is rated 48th out of the 50 states in terms of tax-competitiveness with over $493 billion worth of new tax regulations for businesses since the year 2000. Where is the light at the end of this tunnel?

Why should taxpayers from states like my home state of Indiana chip in to support Californians in the manner to which they have become accustomed? Governor Mitch Daniels has striven to create a climate of encouragement for both new and established businesses here while consistently exercising fiscal restraint. Why should we contribute to ensure expensive gold-plated retirement packages for the "the public employee unions that have systematically looted the public" coffers of California and now come looking for more sensible Americans to fund their fiscal insanity

Let ‘em hit the wall and file bankruptcy. It's time for the insolvent public sector in California to start turning away welfare recipients, closing government offices, and defaulting on public employee union benefits including pensions until they can be renegotiated in the light of fiscal responsibility to all Californians, not just the special pleaders.
By Ralph Alter

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Lord Monckton on Global Warming Scam

Ed Hiserholt, reporter for The New American interviews Lord Christopher Monckton at the March 2009 International Conference on Global Climate Change.
Please watch as Lord Monckton explains how England already tried this scam of Cap & Tax (Trade) and the corrupt Unions gobbled up the money.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Obamacare Hazardous to America's Health

David Limbaugh, Brother of Rush is a great writer and Conservative. Below he points out how this Obamacare, is the Marxist Dream. Reagan warned of this years ago, that Marxist/Commies would try and control our lives with the takeover of Health Care by these thugs.
I also want to point out people like this wacky nutjob, Ken Murphy. He immediately accuses anyone who opposes Marxism as a Racist. History points out over and over that the Left are the Racists. Conservatives hate the Left for their radical policies. The Liberal Left hate Conservatives for the color of their skin or Religion.

By David Limbaugh
At least common thieves don't destroy an entire health care system and socialize the American economy when they commit their felonies. Too bad we can't say the same for our illustrious Democratic senators who sold out the nation.

In exchange for criminally unconstitutional favors for their respective states, they voted to pass the Senate health care bill just 38 hours after it had been made available to the public for review.

Everyone knows about Sen. Mary Landrieu's negotiating $300 million for her state in non-guaranteed Medicaid payouts. She was even cocky about her institutionalized larceny.

Sen. Bernie Sanders finagled $10 billion worth of earmarked greenbacks for the funding of community health centers in his home state, Vermont, to support a bill he vehemently opposed just three days earlier.

Sanders and Sen. Patrick Leahy secured additional Medicaid funding for Vermont, while senators from Pennsylvania, New York and Florida achieved Medicare Advantage protections for their constituents even as benefits from this program are being cut nationwide.

And why not? The end always justifies the means for these liberals. And the end, in this case, is their long-held Utopian Marxist dream of socialized health care. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was not only unapologetic but also defiant about these bribes. "You'll find a number of states that are treated differently than other states. That's what legislating is all about. It's compromise," said Reid.

But this wasn't compromise. It was blackmail. And the payoff was at the expense of our bankrupt heirs.

Liberal politicians rationalize judicial rewriting of the Constitution on the basis that great things are accomplished that might not otherwise be possible through legitimate democratic processes. But what we're seeing now is the logical result of this callous disregard for our government charter.

If the Constitution had been treated with respect, this legislative monstrosity passed in the dead of night with the discriminatory application of federal monies would have been invalid on its face. But these days, adhering to constitutional principles designed to separate government powers among the three branches has become arcane -- and almost a lost cause.

You have to wonder, though, when residents of our individual states who were recipients of these pernicious deals will rise up and reject this blood money flowing from the mortal wounds to the nation their senators have inflicted. After all, the bribe money their states are receiving won't do them much good if the nation further disintegrates into bankruptcy.

What's worse is that the foregoing outrages don't begin to address the disturbing provisions, such as the following, in this shameful Senate bill.

Obama brags that the Congressional Budget Office scores the bill as reducing the federal deficit over the next decade. But even if you accept this static analysis, you should be aware that according to The Heritage Foundation, the CBO bases its calculations only on the data the Senate provides. The Senate bill provides that Medicare fees for doctors would be cut by 20 percent beginning in 2011, but "nobody believes these cuts will be allowed to happen." If they don't, just this one change would result in Obamacare's adding $196 billion to the deficit in the first 10 years and $765 billion in the following one.

Obamacare would fare even worse, accountingwise, if it didn't force states to increase Medicaid obligations -- another unfunded mandate that would bankrupt states further.

Health care costs, say Heritage experts, would rise by $234 billion. They also tell us that though Obama promised that no one would be forced to change his health care plan, the CBO confirmed that 10 million Americans would be forced out of their current plans under Obamacare. And the $493 billion in Medicare cuts would force up to 20 percent of health care providers into insolvency.

Finally, Heritage informs us that "Obamacare is funded with over $400 billion in new taxes at a time of double digit unemployment."

National Center for Policy Analysis health care expert John C. Goodman says: "This bill does not curb health care expenses, but it will increase taxes and cost jobs. The end result of this bill: most Americans will wait longer for poorer quality care."

Adding insult to injury, most pro-life groups believe the bill does not ensure that federal funding would not be available for abortions.

After all the dust settles, millions will remain uninsured, which makes this entire bill a grotesque mockery of the American people.

The clock is ticking toward 2010.

By David Limbaugh

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Marxist Reid To make it almost Impossible to Repeal ObamaCare

Reid continues his assault on America. Pelosi & Obama long to bring the USA crumbling down. The 3 Stooges, Reid, Obama & NAZI Pelosi will be well funded from Soros. Or maybe Soros will dump them in his favorite third world country when he is finished with the knuckleheads.
Meanwhile Obama's Thug buddy, Holder is pushing to keep ACORN funded.
Really America, how much longer can we sit by and let our country be massacred by these Marxists?

This portion below is written by the great Sher Zieve
Every day the news coming out of Washington D.C. just gets worse and worse. Just when I thought I could no longer be shocked by the totalitarian Senate and Executive branch, I was…and am. On Monday, the Marxist-run Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided that he would make it virtually impossible for the American people to overcome Congress’ Machiavellian ObamaCare Death Plan. Betrayal is now the operating agenda of both the US Congress and Executive branch.

On the advice of the Marxist Senate “Parliamentarian”, using an illegal “procedural” measure, Marxist Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) wrote an amendment to ObamaCare Section 3403 that states “it shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.” RedState reports that this “applies to regulations imposed on doctors and patients by the Independent Medicare Advisory Boards a/k/a the Death Panels.”

Although this change in Senate rules requires 67 senatorial votes, Reid decided to pass it as a ‘procedural matter’. Clearly, Reid is illegally and unconstitutionally changing the rules to better ensure that his and Obama’s totalitarian control of the American people is absolute and forever. It will require 67 votes to overturn the portion of ObamaCare that provides for the Medicare Death Panels that will decide who will die. But, the 67 votes required to make this change has been ignored by our Marxist government.

Does anyone out there still think the government is working FOR us? Still think faxes, snail mail, marches, protests and phone calls will work to change things? Do you really believe the next elections won’t be filled with fraud and intimidation to ensure the American Stalin and his Marxist minions remain in power? And—by the way—did you know that Obama and his lackey US Atty. General Holder have decide that the criminal organization ACORN (Obama’s election-fraud organization) will again be funded? Still feeling peaceful? Really?

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'Good King Barry' Soetero

Enjoy the dedicated Rap for Barry Soetero, the King and WORK CAMP Leader.
Will Michelle, the fist bumper, be Queen of the re-education camp?
When Ben Nelson and Howard Dean went to re-education camp, did they bow to Michelle Obama and Bill Ayers?

Written portion below by Tom Riley

Good King Barry O. looked out at the private sector.

"Of your riches have no doubt I am a collector.

Didn't I lay hands on banks and on auto makers?

Your objections from the ranks are not health deal breakers.

"Pay off Landrieu! Nelson too! Harry, do my bidding!

Lieberman and all the crew! Harry, I'm not kidding!

Once our sixty votes are there, then I am successful.

For the losers, I don't care if their lives are stressful.

"Let M.D.'s go beg their bread once I've fixed their wages!

Why should doctors get ahead? Let them now by stages

be reduced to dogs and swine subject to my ruling!

Let their former wealth be mine! Harry, lad, I'm drooling!

"I remember smart-ass guys from my days in college.

They strove to internalize scientific knowledge.

They got into med school then, hoped for futures glowing.

Now they're hopeless nerds again. They don't feel so knowing.

"I have worked the miracle that the Clintons couldn't.

I shall load my coffers full. Never say I shouldn't.

Since I'm stealing fair and square, spare me condemnation.

Fortune favors those who dare push their legislation!

"Next let's go for cap and trade! We shall make a killing.

Harry, do not be afraid: larceny is thrilling.

Let's get busy! Look alive! Don't attempt defection.

We both know you won't survive next year’s dire election."

By Tom Riley

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost 60% Say Obama’s Decisions ‘BAD for America’

This survey mentioned in below article should stun America. Only 8% have a favorable view of ACORN! Barrack Hussein Obama is ACORN! That 8% favorable view should be owned by Obama. Obama help build ACORN and forced Banks to give Mortgages to people with poor credit. The 8% who view ACORN/Obama as favorable are sick or mentally challenged or paid off by the Marxists.

Below portion by Fred Lucas
( – A majority of Americans believe an increased government role in health care would lead to more government corruption, while a plurality of Americans think that scientific data supporting man-made global warming is “mostly falsified.” That is what a new poll by Survey USA reveals.

The poll also shows that 58 percent of Americans believe that decisions by the Obama administration have been “bad for America,” as opposed to 37 percent who think Obama’s decisions have been “good for America.”

These poll numbers come at a time when President Barack Obama is pushing for international agreement to address apparent global warming and is also advocating for a major overhaul of health care in America.

The poll of 1,450 adults by Survey USA was conducted Dec. 11-14, and was commissioned by the conservative government watchdog group Judicial Watch. The poll asked questions on several topics, including government corruption, transparency, illegal immigration and the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN).

Specifically, the poll asked, “Do you think data suggesting global warming is the result of human activity is mostly genuine? Or mostly falsified?” A plurality of 49 percent answered “mostly falsified,” while 41 percent answered “mostly genuine” and 10 percent were unsure.

Evidence about global warming has come under fire in recent weeks after hacked e-mails from the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit apparently revealed that contrary evidence was suppressed while organized efforts apparently were made to discredit critics.

The health care overhaul proposal supported by Obama and congressional Democrats has been unpopular in most polls. This poll, however, asked, “Would an increased government role in the health care system lead to more corruption? Less corruption? Or will it make no difference?”

An overwhelming 62 percent said “more corruption,” just 14 percent said “less corruption” and 21 percent said it would “make no difference.” Four percent were unsure.

While other polls have showed Obama’s approval rating slipping below 50 percent, this poll asked, “As a whole, are the decisions being made by the Obama administration good for America? Or bad for America?” To that, 58 percent answered “bad for America,” 37 percent said good and 6 percent were not sure.

“On virtually every single issue polled, the Obama administration appears to be completely out of step with the prevailing views of the American people,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It ought to be an especially troubling sign for President Obama that the majority of likely voters believe his decisions have been bad for the country. Frankly, these poll results suggest that President Obama and many other politicians ought to rethink their approach to government.”

The poll further showed that 64 percent of voters think the government is too big and that 62 percent think that bigger government leads to more corruption. Also, 72 percent think political corruption play a “major role” in the financial crisis last year.

The poll also found that 56 percent think the federal government is operating “out of line” with the U.S. Constitution.

Steve Kest, executive director of ACORN, right, and ACORN member Hugh Alleyne. In regards to the scandal-plagued ACORN, just 8 percent have a favorable view of the liberal activist group currently under investigation in several states for alleged voter registration fraud. A clear majority of 56 percent have a negative view of ACORN.
Obama also supports a comprehensive immigration reform package, which opponents believe is “amnesty” for illegal aliens. The poll showed an unfavorable rating here too, as 59 percent disapprove of the way the administration is handling illegal immigration.

Among those polled, 1,020 said they were likely to vote in the 2010 elections for U.S. Congress. The margin of error for the poll ranged from 2.6 percent to 3.1 percent.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crooked Nelson is not the only Senator to accept health care reform bribe

Racist Democrats support their Leader with Nazi tactics. The Marxist/Nazicrats will destroy America, making us a 3rd World Country. So many people have their heads in the sand. It will be too late when these drones wake up and are in Michelle "Fist Bumper" Obama's WORK CAMP!

Portion below by Rick Moran
Politico's Chris Frates has a list of bribes from Harry Reid to senators in order to get their vote for health care reform and it shows one thing very clearly; it's easy to bribe someone when you're using other people's money:

But another Democratic holdout, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), took credit for $10 billion in new funding for community health centers, while denying it was a "sweetheart deal." He was clearly more enthusiastic about a bill he said he couldn't support just three days ago.
Nelson and Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) carved out an exemption for non-profit insurers in their states from a hefty excise tax. Similar insurers in the other 48 states will pay the tax.

Vermont and Massachusetts were given additional Medicaid funding, another plus for Sanders and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Three states - Pennsylvania, New York and Florida - all won protections for their Medicare Advantage beneficiaries at a time when the program is facing cuts nationwide.

All of this came on top of a $300 million increase for Medicaid in Louisiana, designed to win the vote of Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu.

Under pressure from the White House to get a deal done by Christmas, Reid was unapologetic. He argued that, by definition, legislating means deal making and defended the special treatment for Nelson's home state of Nebraska.

"You'll find a number of states that are treated differently than other states. That's what legislating is all about. It's compromise," he said.

No doubt Harry and Nancy aren't done dealing yet, as the bill moves on to a House-Senate conference. And given the ease with which Reid was able to bribe his fellow senators just by giving them more of our tax dollars, one would imagine House members lining up to get their goodies too.

To quote long ago budget director David Stockman who watched something similar happen during the great tax cut debate in 1981, "The hogs were really feeding." The Democrats seem to have perfected the fattening process in the intervening years.

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky

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New Poster Child

Click on the Picture for better viewing

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Coward Eric Holder's continuing war on the Bush Administration

It appears Eric Holder will do anything to make Bush & Cheney look like war mongers for protecting America. Holder is a Coward for not standing up for America. Instead Holder feels he should lay down with Farrakhan and the Radical Racists friends of Obama. How stupid are the White People who voted for Obama? Farrakhan was looked at because he is a known Racist & Community Agitator, not for the color of his skin. In Obama's & Holder's eyes, they see any action against a Black person as Racist. What if that particular Black person is a Criminal or Community Organizer Thug? What, they should be allowed to get a pass because they are Black?

Below portion written by Rick Moran
The attorney general seems determined to remove, brick by brick, the domestic security regimes that the Bush Administration carefully put in place.

The latest attack is the release of documents that showed the Department of Homeland Security initiating surveillance against Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam in 2007 when it appeared the racist leader was about to hand over power due to illness.

What were the Bush Administration's crimes? They spied on the NoI for a few days longer than the law allows and disseminated a report to a few more people than was called for.

Spencer Hsu and Carrie Johnson writing in WaPo:

The intelligence gathering violated domestic spying rules because analysts took longer than 180 days to determine whether the U.S-based group or its American members posed a terrorist threat. Analysts also disseminated their report too broadly, according to documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group.
The disclosure was included in hundreds of heavily redacted pages released by the Justice Department as part of long-standing FOIA lawsuits about the government's policies on terrorist surveillance, detention and treatment since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. It marks the latest case of inappropriate domestic spying under rules that were expanded after the terror attacks to give intelligence agencies more latitude.

In a written statement, Homeland Security (DHS) spokesman Matthew Chandler said the agency has since implemented "a strong and rigorous system of safeguards and oversight to ensure similar products are neither created nor distributed."

The agency, he said, "is fully committed to securing the nation from terrorist attacks and other threats, and we take very seriously our responsibility to protect the civil rights and liberties of the American people." The 2007 study, titled "Nation of Islam: Uncertain Leadership Succession Poses Risks," was recalled by agency lawyers within hours. The lawyers said it was not reviewed by the department's intelligence chief before release.

Charles E. Allen, who was DHS undersecretary for intelligence and analysis at the time, said that although violations were unintentional and inadvertent -- only publicly available information was collected -- the report should never have been issued.

Ed Lasky adds:

Tell me, how many government employees will display any sense of dedication to protecting our nation when the next administration feels free to release documents and become critical in matters relating to their past performance? All for political and partisan purposes.

Gee, the Attorney General -- who sees the world in racial and ideological ways -- works to burnish the image of Louis Farrakhan, the pal of Barack Obama's pastor and a man who led the march that Barack Obama himself was a participant in, as a martyr who Republicans targeted.

Ironically, it was determined that the Nation of Islam was not a threat despite their bombastic and apocalyptic rhetoric, although the NoI's threat to rational thought and logic was not discussed in the report.
By Rick Moran

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

B. Hussein Obama, the America Denier!

Why do we, Patriotic Americans, continue to get hammered as Racists when Obama was the one in church with Rev. Wright!
Hussein Obama must answer for his statements of arming a group of Radicals, to be just as powerful as our Military. What is Obama planning? He did side with the Honduras Clown who wanted to start a dictatorship. Also, Hitler, had a Civilian Force, called the SS.
What is in store for America?

By Bruce Walker

Most people involved in public affairs fall into two grand schools: Some believe that America is a unique nation, a nation built upon extraordinary and good moral values, and a country which is a microcosm of what the world should be. These people need not be Americans. Churchill, for example, was an unabashed admirer of America.

Other people believe that America is simply a very arrogant country, a nation inhabited with bumpkins who believe too much in God, and because of its religious faith and confidence, the antithesis of what the world should be. This animus flourishes outside America, but it also has a strong camp following in America.

Barack Obama is decidedly in the second camp. He is an "America Denier."

We have learned this early during the campaign in 2008. His wife, Michelle, revealed in February that for the first time in her adult life she was really proud of America -- because America was beginning to embrace the message of her radical husband. The next month, in March, we learned that his pastor damned America from the pulpit. Then in April Obama spoke about people in rural America clinging to their religion.

The roots of this antipathy toward America runs through the thinkers that influenced Obama like Saul Alinsky. As American Thinker's own James Lewis explains so well, Alinsky had before him two responses to America. As the child of persecuted Russian Jews, he could view America as Emma Lazarus, another Jewish immigrant, did. Her dedication to the Statute of Liberty is still both clear and strong. Emma leaned toward socialism; she was proud of her Jewish heritage; and she was emphatically American. She understood that America was the beacon, the hope, and the promise of the world.

Alinsky viewed America as the center of mankind's problems. It did not matter to Alinsky that he would have suffered torments in the Gulag under the Bolsheviks for his agitation but that he lived in liberty in America. It does not seem to matter to Obama or his wife that living in America has blessed them both far beyond their power to ever repay. They have actually benefited, rather than suffered, because they were black. What about these ancestors?

Twelve years ago, Keith Richburg, a black reporter for the Washington Post, wrote Out of America. The book describes his journey from an angry young black man, who reflexively accepted all the theories of exploitation, to a man who visited Africa and studied it closely. After seeing firsthand the horror of his native continent, and grasping that America had nothing to do with the nightmare before his eyes, Richburg writes: "Thank God that I am an American." This is not a pardon for slavery or Jim Crow. It is rather a mature and moral appreciation that in an imperfect world, America comes much closer to perfection than many of its sullen critics will acknowledge.

Once nearly all Americans understood, whatever their politics, that America was the hope of the world. America, like Israel, is a "homeland of choice." Even before slavery ended, the American government had gone to great lengths to provide a homeland for freed slaves (Liberia, for example, was founded just for that purpose.) Instead, people who wind up in America, however they came here, have always wanted to stay.

Using the First Amendment, we could wrangle about many different things, but not about the fact that the First Amendment was a creature of America. We could campaign fiercely for our parties, but doubt that the right of the people to choose their leaders grew out of the heritage of America. The idea of fundamentally changing America so that it resembled the rest of the world would have horrified any political leader even fifty years ago.

The elites of the Old World, largely, have wished that America would just vanish or else be absorbed into the oligarchy so familiar to Europe and Asia. Serfs of the world pined to come to America. Elites of the world hissed at the Land of the Free. They wanted differences between those in power and those in thrall. This emphatically included elitists who were socialists.

Those who feign concern about the poor, the socialists and collectivists, are actually the most elitist of the elites. Orwell saw that well in his masterpiece, 1984. A whole section of that book is devoted to "The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism." The political philosophy of Oceania, the totalitarian nightmare of the novel, is Ingsoc, truncated from English Socialism. These elitists cared only about the power of their group, and America has always offered wealth, acclaim, and influence to the naked individual who rises above the crowd by work and by individual merit.

Anyone who has taken the trouble to study the books of Soviet dissidents knows that the empire of the Tsars was much less stratified, much less hierarchical, and had a much narrower gap between the rich and the poor than the empire of Communism.

This is just what modern America deniers crave most. Creeping official elitism, politically correct science, regimented learning, banishment of the truly religious, ending all the vestiges of what has made America the true Mecca of the world's unfree - these are the unspoken hopes of America deniers like Obama.

So he scolds "bankers" one day; he apologizes to the world for his country the next day; he tries to drown the economy in money which will soon be as worthless as a ruble in old Soviet-land the following day. His mission is clear. In the old Soviet Union, the place so many of his mentors secretly admired, the United States was almost always called within the oligarchic Communist Party by a highly descriptive term: The Main Enemy. That is how our president views his nation now. We, our liberties, our faith, our spirit of individual enterprise -- the very soul of America -- this is the foe of our America-denier, the President.

Bruce Walker is the author of two books: Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie and The Swastika against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Even the Criminals of Climategate Avoid Gore

Gore and the Hollywood Elitist who have hammered us with Global Warming Lies should be wearing Orange Jumpsuits. The same goes for The King Hussein Obama who used Global Warming as a platform to get him elected. We can also thank ACORN, Union Thugs, Black Panthers, Zombies with White Guilt and other miscreants.

“It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.”—Mark Twain.
Written by the great Dr. Tim Ball
Twain’s observation is precisely the issue with the Nobel Peace Prizes given to Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC are now completely discredited because the ‘scientists’ at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia controlled the data, the computer models and the press releases officially known as the Summary for Policymakers (SPM).

Their prizes were obtained for work deliberately falsified then used for policies that creates unnecessary hardship rather than peace. Equally disgraceful is how one prizewinner, Al Gore, distorted and falsified the distortions and falsifications of the other prizewinner, the IPCC.

Gore was already discredited, especially when his carbon footprint was found too big for his mouth. Other discredits include; the millions he made from his misdirection on carbon; failure to answer questions or participate in debate; character assassination of scientists who raised legitimate questions; the false claim that “the science is settled”, and failure to correct the major errors in his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. Gore must have created a major dilemma for the IPCC and CRU.

A minor dilemma was the contradiction over projected sea level rise. The IPCC 2001 Report said, “Global mean sea level is projected to rise by 0.09 to 0.88 m between the years 1990 and 2100,”. The 2007 Report raised the lower projection to 0.18 m but significantly lowered the upper limit to 0.59 m. In his ridiculous movie, Gore predicted a 20 ft (6m) rise but gave no time frame. Recently he made the false statement that the Arctic ice cap is the size of the continental US. Wrong! That is the amount that melts and refreezes every year. Then he said it would be all gone in 5 to 10 years, but ice this year has already recovered what it lost in the last few years.

Now, in a more bizarre twist, we learn Gore’s claim about the Arctic ice came from another scientist, Dr. Wieslav Maslowski. The professor then claimed Gore misquoted him, but his prediction was published in a Danish journal.

The problem is they’re both wrong, but that is the pattern of the climate issue. Lies on lies on lies create the tangled web Sir Walter Scott predicted when you practice deception.

But Gore doesn’t stop. There are academics and scientists lining up to provide him with more false information. He incorrectly claims Antarctica and Greenland are melting. Maybe he got the Antarctic idea from the false research produced by some at CRU that Antarctica is warming.

And he is still at it with incredibly stupid comments. On the Conan O’Brien show of 11/12/09, he said the temperature in the mantle, the deep layer immediately below the crust, is several million degrees just two kilometers down. This is many times hotter than the Sun. It is truly frightening to think this man was one step away from the Presidency, no wonder Clinton didn’t support his presidential run.

The CRU gang had to know what Gore was presenting in his movie and speeches, yet I am unable to find any direct reference to him in their emails. When they occur it is in outsider emails. I am unaware of any public comments by CRU people about Gore’s work; it appears they studiously avoided him. You must be bad when the criminals avoid you.

Gore says the emails “don’t change established conclusions.” “These private exchanges between these scientists do not in any way cause any question about the scientific consensus.”
Well he got that completely wrong too but it’s not surprising because he misinterpreted their original work. Maybe he is relying on another academic source. Trevor Davis, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Research at the University of East Anglia says, “There is nothing in the stolen material which indicates that peer-reviewed publications by CRU, and others, on the nature of global warming and related climate change are not of the highest-quality of scientific investigation and interpretation. CRU’s peer-reviewed publications are consistent with, and have contributed to, the overwhelming scientific consensus that the climate is being strongly influenced by human activity.”

What planet is this Davis on? Besides the clear evidence of criminality there is also the deliberate falsification of the science and perversion of the scientific publication and peer review process. His statement shows a complete lack of understanding of the email content and climate science. Like Watergate the problems of Climategate are compounded by the cover-up and nobody does it better than universities. Davis began with his condemnation of the leaks when first disclosed, but he had no problem with leaked emails he obtained about funding and provided to the CRU gang.

Of course, they were bringing in massive amounts of funding and that apparently bought Davis’s support. I watched funding create disturbing behavior and biases throughout academia.

No wonder the CRU gang ignored Gore. He took their false work and falsified it some more. Of course, they couldn’t denounce him because they might expose their own corruption. Together they achieved only one success by disproving the adage that there is honor among thieves.
By Dr. Tim Ball

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chairman MAObama's B+???

I knew grade inflation at Ivy League schools was rampant, but Chairman B. Hussein Obama awarding himself a B+ on his first year in office (and, naturally, blaming Bush for not being able to give himself an A+++ with a gold star and a smiley face) is absurd.

Let's review the Administration's "successes" in its first year of office:

•10% unemployment, 15% real unemployment, 3.5 million jobs destroyed.
•Deficit exploded from $400 Billion to $1,400 Billion
•3 million more people on food stamps
•Assembled a cabinet of tax cheats , and an inner circle of radical communists (Van Jones), totalitarian eugenicists (John Holdren), and creepy perverts (Kevin Jennings)
•Went out for ice cream while the Iranian mullahs brutally murdered pro-Democracy demonstrators
•Sided with communist thug tyrants like Chavez and Castro against the free people of Honduras
•Went to China, scraped and bowed, and came back with nothing.
•Went to Copenhagen to pitch for the Olympics and was shot down on the first ballot
•Passed a $787 Billion stimulus that failed to do anything but line the pockets of public employees

If that's what a B+ looks like, what would a C- look like?
Unemployment at 40%? Major cities nuked?
Mel Gibson fighting with bikers in S&M gear?
By a great unknown Writer

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey America, We are in Big Trouble!

Yes, we are in big trouble. Mr. Anderson states below some damning evidence.
Look how many people knew the last Idol Winner or Dancing with The Stars Winner. Yet these same people would not realize the past of B. Hussein Obama is Anti-American. The information was out there, the relationships with Rev. Wright, Ayers, Odinga and other Racists and Marxists.
Today these same American Voters are more curious about Tiger Woods cheating on his wife, then the fact that this current Administration is pushing to bankrupt America. Their goal is to make us a Third World Country. No ands, ifs or buts about it.

By Larrey Anderson
Our country is in big trouble ... huge trouble. It is time that Americans took a hard look at our values, our conception of justice, and our standards for truth. This piece is intended as a first step in that direction.

1) Values
The story of Tiger Woods and his (now admitted) "infidelity" is everywhere. The Woods' story has piqued the prurient interests of America and the world. The story has dominated the mainstream media for days while the injustice being committed against our Navy Seals and the revelation of the computer code from the CRU (exposing the biggest hoax in the history of the world) have gotten scant attention.

Tiger Woods was on the cover of every magazine and tabloid that I saw while standing in line at the grocery store yesterday. Those publications and those stories are on the grocery stores' racks for a reason: Americans are buying them.

We are more interested in the private life of a guy whose claim to fame is that he can hit a little ball with a stick better than anyone else in the world (whoopee!) than we are about the destruction of our culture.

It is not Tiger Woods' moral values that concern me. (Celebrities of his stature face enormous temptations from all kinds of hustlers and harlots everyday of their lives.) It is the facts that while our freedoms and Constitution crumble before our eyes ... we are focused on Tiger and his bimbos.

This is our iniquity -- not Tiger's.

2) Justice
Meanwhile our politically correct military has arraigned two Navy Seals for allegedly punching Ahmed Hashim Abed in the lip. Abed was the terrorist who, several years ago, led the murder and the brutalization of the corpses of four Blackwater security people in Iraq.

Al Qaeda instructs its members how to claim and/or fake being tortured if a member of the terrorist organization is captured.

But Al Qaeda is not the real issue here. We are. America has become so politically correct that a terrorist/murderer/sadist, who bitches about his bloodied lip, might get some of the best and bravest men on this planet thrown into jail. Americans had better pay attention, and soon, to this nonsense.

Very special and highly trained military men, including these Navy Seals, are all who stand between a worldwide Islamic war of Jihad and you and me. If we do not rise up to defend these brave soldiers, and demand a full pardon and their immediate release, here is what will happen: Dedicated young men and women will refuse to put their lives on the line if a poke in the face, of someone who would kill them in a heartbeat, gets the soldiers time in the brig.

Would you take that job? Make those sacrifices? Put your life on the line? Would you complete your mission, catch the bad guy, and then be thrown into jail for your efforts? I wouldn't. No rational human being would.

Justice in the real world is not politically correct. "Pretty please" or "We respect your unmitigated desire (and efforts) to kill us" are not phrases that matter to a mass murderer. And the next time some whiny PC liberal tells me "We are better than they are," my reply is going to be, "Of course we are. That's why Ahmed Hashim Abed only got (allegedly) punched in the face. He wasn't shot in the head, beaten with sticks, burned, and hung on a bridge. How much better than they are do we have to be to make you happy?"

3) Truth
Since the release of the CRU documents that prove the fraud of the science behind man made global warming, Al Gore has said at least three times (Andrew Bolt of the Herald Sun puts it at four) that the emails and information were all ten years old. This is a lie. It has been repeated again and again by Al Gore. Some of the emails are less than two months old. And dozens upon dozens are less than ten years old. And everyone -- but Al Gore -- knows it.

Watch the video of the CNN interview with Gore here. One reporter does say to Gore, as a kind of aside, "Some of them [the emails] were from ten years ago, but many of them were far more recent than that."

Gore ignores the statement. Neither of the two reporters further disputes Gore's "ten year old" fabrication. No follow-up challenge from the CNN reporters to Gore's out right lie. None.

The mainstream media has downplayed the significance of the CRU documents. The headline of a recent AP story proclaims that the science from the CRU was not faked. Really? As (among others) Marc Sheppard, Lord Monckton, and I have proven the CRU findings most certainly were doctored. The raw date was manipulated to "prove" that the world is exponentially warming. There is no doubt about this.

And still, the mainstream media has not challenged Al Gore on the blatant absurdity of his claim that the documents were at least ten years old and have no real impact on the AGW debate. CNN did ask him to recite his new poem on the impending doom of mother earth. See that video here. (But not if you have recently eaten a meal. You could lose it.)

John 8:32 states the following:

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

The corollary of this brilliant piece of scripture should also be written. It would go something like this:

If you ignore the lies, the lies will imprison you.

Wake up America. The time for the truth to set us free is growing very, very short.

Larrey Anderson is a writer, a philosopher, and submissions editor for American Thinker. He is the author of The Order of the Beloved, and the memoir, Underground: Life and Survival in the Russian Black Market.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pastor Manning Reveals Barack & Michelle Obama

Recently Banned from Posting YouTube Videos, Pastor James David Manning Reports on The Savage Nation.
You have to give credit to the Hon. James David Manning, PhD, for his continued Patriotism. Here is a Gentleman helping, not just Black People but all Americans.
If Soetero's Grandma pleads that Barry was born in Kenya, then why does the Fringe Media call her a damn Liar?

A "Voluntary Surrender" is something you do when you've been accused of something, and you 'voluntarily surrender' your license five seconds before the state suspends you. James David Manning slams Michelle Obama who also 'voluntarily surrendered' her law license in 1993.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

$6 Billion payoff: Barney Frank gives in to Congressional Black Caucus shakedown crew

Michelle Malkin explains below how Race Hustlin' is rampant with the New King Soetero. Soetero makes Carter look like a Conservative.
We must thank Michelle Malkin, as she is a force! What a great American!
Meanwhile the Barney Frank folds like the Wimp that he is. Mrs Malkin shows these crooks how to be a great Politician however they remain corrupt.

By Michelle Malkin
Cue up “Do the Hustle.” Looks like the extortionists of the Congressional Black Caucus got their way.

Last week, I noted the CBC’s efforts to squeeze bailout money from the Democrats’ financial “reform” package for minority-owned businesses — specifically, the failing radio/media empire of former Malcolm X lawyer and Air America/Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton/Charlie Rangel crony Percy Sutton of Inner City Broadcasting Corp.

Well, tonight the Associated Press reports that House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank coughed up the dough. Your dough, that is. The bribe will be siphoned from the endlessly morphing TARP fund. Not that Frank really fought that hard. What’s it to him? It’s not his money:

Call it the $6 billion boycott.

By boycotting a key House committee vote last week and threatening to abandon support for banking regulations, members of the Congressional Black Caucus got $4 billion added to a Wall Street regulation bill and $2 billion to a proposed House jobs bill in spending they sought for African American communities.

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, D-Mass., this week inserted $3 billion to the legislation to provide low-interest loans to unemployed homeowners in danger of foreclosure. He added $1 billion for neighborhood revitalization programs.

The money would come out of the $700 billion financial rescue fund.

“For those of us who walked out, it was absolutely essential that we have parts of that legislation directed toward helping people who have been left out of all of these bailouts,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., one of 10 black caucus members in the Financial Services Committee, said…Among the caucus’ demands were greater assistance for minority-owned auto dealerships and banks that lend in African-American communities and more government advertising in minority-owned media.
No word on how much of a cut the wealthy minority businessman Percy Sutton will get.

Or whether corruptocrat Maxine Waters’ favorite bank, OneUnited, will snag an even bigger share of TARP funds from this new deal. Rremember: she has already finagled $12 million in TARP money for OneUnited, one of her key campaign donors and a company in which both Waters and her husband own massive amounts of stock.

Mark Penn got his. The CBC’s got to get theirs.

Power to the people!

By Michelle Malkin

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What Has Obama Accomplished? Anything good?

As the Fringe Media continues to hide Obama's failures, the intelligent Bloggers, Writers & Talk Radio Hosts expose Barry. Barry can hide and tell the world it is Bush's fault. However, those of us without White Guilt, see what a fraud that Barry is.

By Nancy Morgan
Making the rounds of conservative talk shows lately is the question, “What has Obama accomplished so far?” The question is asked of of Obama supporters and the answers range from ‘abolishing lobbyists’ to ’securing world peace’ to ‘lowering taxes.’

One thing all answers have in common: They are all grounded in perception as opposed to reality.

Obama has accomplished the amazing feat of convincing millions of Americans that black is white, that cold is hot, that the bad economy is the fault of George W Bush, and the only things standing between America and peace on earth are those darn Republicans and greedy capitalists.

As author Thomas Sowell points out in ‘Is Reality Optional ?’ social history in the last 30 years has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good. And no-where is this more evident than in the ‘change’ Obama is foisting on the American people.

The empty rhetoric of ’social justice’ and ‘compassion’ is convincingly and successfully being used to justify ever more ludicrous social policies, which just happen to come with a huge price tag and more government control.

Ignored by the left and the media, however, is the inconvenient fact that every single policy promoted by Obama and passed by congress has been a dismal failure. From the jobs ’stimulus’ package that has cost taxpayers a whopping $236,436 per job created – to the the ‘cash for clunkers’ – to the $61 billion bucks taxpayers just lost through the AIG and auto industry bailout.

Add in the $75 billion mortgage relief program to stem the largely government caused ‘foreclosure crisis.’ This program has helped a grand total of 31,000 borrowers to date, a paltry 4% of the 760,000 who have applied.

Despite the dismal failures of these policies, Obama and his cohorts continue advocating more of the same. As Dr. Sowell points out, “The anointed are often wrong but never in doubt.”

Though 80% of Americans are happy with their health insurance, Obama has declared a health care crisis. Obama and congress have devoted most of the year to imposing government run health care on all citizens, despite the fact that 61% of Americans oppose it.

Though evidence has recently surfaced undermining the dire claims of global warming, our elected elites continue to ignore relevant science, insisting that a massive redistribution of our wealth is needed in order to pay an imagined ‘climate debt’ to third world countries. Meanwhile, record unemployment and rising fees and taxes continue to devastate businesses and families across the nation. The exception are federal workers, who just got a 2% pay raise.

As Democrat leaders and their allies take to the airwaves denouncing corporate greed, our public servants are scrambling to enact policies that enable them to extort an ever increasing portion of the wealth created by American workers. In the process, severely undermining the rule of law and ignoring the limitations imposed by our Constitution.

The Obama administration has plunged America into debt to the tune of a record $12 trillion dollars. That’s $39,000 owed by every man woman and child in America. And there is no end in sight.

House Democrats just passed a $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill to fund the federal government. This bill includes $2 billion for ‘climate’ research, major spending boosts for domestic agencies and foreign aid. It also includes more than 5,200 pork barrel projects costing $3.9 billion. On top of that, Democrats are preparing to raise the federal debt ceiling by as much as $1.8 trillion before New Year’s.

Obama’s policies are destroying the dollar and bankrupting America. Moody’s just issued a warning that our triple A rating is in danger. Our president is also in the process of ceding American sovereignty to world bodies like the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

What Obama has accomplished is astounding. He has managed in the short space of one year to dramatically alter the historical focus on individual rights and liberties to an ephemeral concept that focuses on government primacy.

Due to Obama’s charisma and his skill in manipulating the system and redefining words to fit transient meanings, many Americans continue to believe Obama’s rhetoric, willfully ignoring the underlying reality. Their belief has taken on a religious fervor based on faith and emotion and any facts to the contrary are summarily dismissed. After all, “Obama won.”

Once again, Thomas Sowell says it best: “We may be entering an era where the greatest dangers to the survival of Western civilization will come from internal social deterioration. Other great civilizations have declined and collapsed. We may be the first, however, to sink slowly into the quagmire, still beaming from ear to ear in self-congratulation at how ‘innovative’ we are in our social policies.”

Obama is a dangerous man. He has convinced millions of Americans that they are entitled to the fruits of another man’s labor. Virtually all of his policies to date have been designed to foster a dependence on government. But what the government gives, the government can take. As millions of enslaved peoples across the globe could attest – if they were allowed.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Wake up! Isn't time for a Moratorium on immigration?

Below is a well written piece on illegal immigrants.
A Moratorium is smart not just for the economy but also for our safety. Why let more illegal immigrants into the lifeboat than the lifeboat can sustain? Letting Muslims into our country when their religion's political ideology is contradictory and hostile to our country and our way of life is just insane! We continue to allow illegal immigrants to take jobs that Americans need and want. These are future voters for the Thugs like Obama. ACORN will get the illegals to vote for sick Liberals, all the while destroying their own Family's future.

Written by Ralph Alter

While the Obama administration's approach to boosting employment for Americans in the face of the highest unemployment in decades remains tethered to magical thinking and slippery accounting tactics designed to inflate the number of actual jobs created or saved by B.O., a group of 10 Republican congressman has come up with a sensible approach sure to increase the employment of American citizens.

Virgil Goode at provides the group's statement, quoting from a letter being circulated by Lamar Smith (R-TX) and signed by 21 conservative congressmen:

"With a 10 percent unemployment rate, now is the time for the Obama administration to stand up for citizens and legal immigrant workers. Now is the time for the President to enforce immigration laws. When the jobs stolen by illegal immigrants are recovered for citizens and legal workers, American workers will benefit. President Obama could create eight million jobs for citizens and legal workers simply by enforcing immigration laws."

The influx of one million illegal immigrants annually, in addition to the 125,000 combined permanent and temporary work visas issued monthly by the federal government are displacing needy American citizens from the workplace. Mr. Goode echoes the Congressional testimony of Roy Beck from Numbers USA and his call for an immigration moratorium. They suggest that we:

"cut the 75,000 (permanent work visas issued) each month as close to zero as possible as long as the overall U-3 unemployment rate remains above, say, 5%?...The numbers demand the introduction of legislation to suspend the issuance of as many permanent work visas as possible during this Jobs Depression."

Last week the Census Bureau released statistics indicating that currently more than 16% of the American workforce is foreign-born. Compare that figure to the 5% of foreign-born workers tallied when Ted Kennedy's 1965 Immigration Act was passed.

Clearly the results of Kennedy's earlier "cause of his life" have been an unmitigated disaster for the American work force, and for our crime rate and health care system. It's clearly time for a moratorium on immigration until Americans can right our leaking financial ship.

By Ralph Alter

A few days after this Post above, there was a massive bust of illegals.
Hundreds of people are under arrest following a massive sweep aimed at suspected illegal immigrants with criminal records.

More than 400 agents with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE) along with local law enforcement officers fanned out across California in a three day search for immigrants with criminal histories who are not supposed to be in the United States.

280 suspects with criminal records were arrested in the sweep, another six people who are under deportation orders were also arrested, according to ICE officials. 167 foreign nationals with criminal records were taken into custody in the Southern California area.

More than 80 percent of the people arrested had prior convictions for serious or violent crimes, such as rape by force, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. Also among those arrested were 30 convicted sex offenders, many of whose crimes involved sexual assaults on children.

Will these Officers be put to task by Holder & Obama? Will these Officers lose their jobs and be slandered as Racists?
These PC Liberals are destroying America!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Don't Need a Weathervane...

Why do the American TAX PAYERS (the People most hated by Obama & Chicago Thugs) have to pay one red cent for the Global Warming Religion? This is just another way for BIG BROTHER, the Government to grow and take over our lives completely. What if a Republican President pushed his Religion on the World and made us pay for it? Barry Soetero brought up his other Religion (As the son of the Muslim father, Barry Obama was born a Muslim under Muslim law as it is universally understood), Global Warming while picking up his Cracker Jack Trophy.

This portion below is by Laura Ingraham
The reports out of Copenhagen get more absurd by the day. Basically the climate change summit is one big fat green excuse for a party. The U.S. taxpayers are shelling out millions for scores of Obama Administration officials to hob-knob with the eco-nuts. Case in point: our Interior Secretary Ken Salazaar who was last seen on a boat clinking wine glasses with Big Wind (companies that have bet huge money on the coming wind revolution). The Obama folks are scrambling to establish eco-cred with European elites, and Salazaar is part of this pr effort.

Yet in the real world, we see that these press-fleshing campaigns only go so far. The fact is, America's influence around the world has diminished (and especially vis a vis our banker China) because of our dire debt level and overall economic weakness. The Los Angeles Times is reporting: "The United States' special climate envoy, Todd Stern, urged China to honor its pledge to reduce its carbon emissions and to include that commitment in an international climate change agreement. China's chief climate negotiator, Yu Qingtai, not only rejected the idea, he also criticized the U.S. for failing to provide financial aid to developing countries and reduce its own emissions of harmful gases."

The Obama Administration is either supremely arrogant or shockingly out of touch to think its charm offensive in Copenhagen will do anything beyond blow more taxpayer money.
By Laura Ingraham

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There is No Peaceful Solution to Terrorism

Mr. Greenfield is spot on with his story on Terrorism. You have to ask, does Obama really think he can talk to these nuts? Or by dithering and "reading them their rights" then is he helping to destroy America? Ayers, Rev. Wright and Obama's Marxist friends want him to help them destroy the USA.

Written by Daniel Greenfield
It has become fashionable in modern circles to believe that terrorism is the cry of the oppressed, that bombs on buses are the voice of the disempowered and that beheaded schoolteachers are the response of a people deprived of their human rights. They are of course wrong.

Terrorism is nothing more than strategic atrocity, a horror show meant to shock and repulse, to weaken morale and bring about negotiations. Which is precisely what diplomats and peace activists willingly provide them. Their notion of a “peaceful solution” invariably ends with the butchers in charge and everyone else on the run. The result may indeed be a peaceful solution, insofar as anyone who disagrees has been executed or fled into exile, and a reign of terror insures that no one disturbs the peace.

The liberal premise is that terrorists are themselves victims who act violently only because they lack any alternative recourse. And yet when given a chance to rule, terrorists invariably demonstrate that they are not monsters because they are oppressed, but that they are oppressed because they are monsters. Communist terror on behalf of the oppressed peasants and workers before the Revolution, was nothing compared to the horrors that were unleashed under the USSR. Nazi violence on behalf of a dispossessed Germany proved to be forgettable compared to the genocide they unleashed as the ruling party. Palestinian Arab terror before the Oslo Accords seems almost simple in comparison to their reinvention of Suicide Bombings after the agreements granting them autonomous territory inside Israel.

Empowered terrorists are not peaceful terrorists
From Shiite terror in Iran to the Taliban in Afghanistan. From Latin American Marxists to the Brown Shirts of Berlin to Mugabe and the Viet Cong—empowered terrorists are not peaceful terrorists. A brutal thug before a treaty is no different than the same brutal thug after the treaty. The only difference is how much power he has.

There is no peaceful solution to terrorism, because terrorism is not a peaceful act. The only way to defend against force is with greater and smarter force. To try and make peace with terrorists is to reward their tactics and insure that they will be repeated over and over again. You cannot defeat terrorism by making peace with it. You can only bare your own throat to the knife.

That is a lesson that Israel has been demonstrating for 17 years during which every treaty, each agreement and concession has been met with greater and deadlier outbursts of violence and terrorism. Israeli concessions on Ramallah, led to suicide bombings in Tel Aviv. The forced evacuation of Jews from Gaza led to rockets raining down on Israeli villages. The willingness to negotiate after all this has turned Jerusalem into a war zone. If Israel agrees to the latest US-EU plan to divide Jerusalem—the war will move on to the Galilee and the Negev. The apartments in Jerusalem that were once used for target practice by Jordanian snipers occupying half the city, will in turn be used for the same purpose again by Fatah and Hamas terrorists. But one thing is certain, the violence will grow and continue.

To reward a terrorist for his terrorism is to legitimize terrorism as a tactic, not only morally, but politically. The occasional liberal who suggests that terrorists would gain more sympathy if they used civil disobedience, rather than bombing pizzerias, is clearly not paying attention to the consequences of his own politics. The Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Buddhists who have stuck to non-violent protest and moral agitation have no state and no hope of ever having one. By contrast Arafat and the greasy thugs who inherited his place, rule over a major chunk of Israel. The difference lies in the willingness of diplomats to search for “peaceful solutions” for mass murderers, but not for their victims.

Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Hitler’s Germany and Arafat’s Palestinian Authority all provide eloquent testimony to the consequences of cutting deals with terrorists. Whenever terrorists have been given charge of a country, whether it is the Bolsheviks or the ANC, the Sandanistas or the Nazis, the 26th of July Movement or the Taliban—the result has been an ugly and dysfunctional country. The ugliness may be covered up with propaganda on the surface, particularly if the terrorist movement has foreign sympathizers on the right or the left in the international press—but it is easy enough to see.

The wages of terror are more terror. The wages of conspiring together with evil is death. No amount of treaties or concessions can paper over the hard truth that evil will not be pacified with a few provinces or hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid. Take a murderer serving a life sentence out of an American prison, give him his own state and an armed gang to oversee a city. The results will be painfully predictable. And to see them in action you only need to go to the Palestinian Authority or Zimbabwe, which unless you’re a fellow traveler of those in charge is a risky proposition.

And while free nations fuss and worry over the morality of torture and targeted killings of terrorists—there is rather a shortage of concern over the morality of negotiating with mass murderers with the aim of putting them in charge over the lives and fates of millions. But of course terror isn’t terror, when it’s practiced by the “right” people. It isn’t terror when the butchery is progressive. When the dungeons and rape rooms are stocked with the enemies of a socialist regime. And vice versa.

Liberals shed more tears and vented more fury over the captured Baathists with women’s underwear on their heads at Abu Ghraib than they ever did over the hundreds of thousands gassed, raped, hacked to pieces and tortured to death under Saddam. The reporters who wept sickeningly when an HIV positive terrorist was airlifted out of Israel, for once bereft of his familiar pistol, and airlifted to France, to finally croak in Paris, had no tears to spare for any of Arafat’s legion of victims, both Jewish and Arab.

The phony outrage directed over the aging Mugabe’s reign of terror in Zimbabwe is pure hypocrisy by the very same people and countries who forced the United African National Council out of power, to make way for Mugabe, who had by that point already become notorious for brutally murdering his political opponents. But then the wages of terror are always terror. And that includes politically correct terror, progressive terror and whitewashed terror as well.

There is and has always been only one solution to terrorism. You kill him
There is and has always been only one solution to terrorism. It is the very same thing that is done when a murderer is found to be roaming the streets. You stop the murderer. You do not sit down and negotiate the murderer. You do not discuss his point of view. You do not shake hands with him or hold photo op conferences. You kill him. And if you begin negotiating with murderers in the name of pacifying them, then soon you will have a great many murderers and a great many murders as well. And then there will be peace, the peace of the grave and the peace of the slave.

There is only one moral response to terror, to make no peace with it. To determine that terrorism and its practioners must be destroyed. That they are to be treated as the inhuman monsters that they are. That those who shelter, arm and finance them are to share their fate. That their sympathizers and well wishers, their lawyers and media adorers should be seen no differently than the men and women who unleash rabid dogs in a schoolyard. Only when terrorists are shown no mercy, when they and their works are uprooted and destroyed, and when there is no safe place or shelter for them—will there at last be a peaceful solution to terrorism.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Watermelon Marxists with Obama

Some more news on Obama’s ‘climate experts’, Marxists, alarmists, conspiracy theorists, supporters of spreading America’s wealth.
Also Obama's Thug buddy, Holdren’s name was among the e-mails hacked from the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University in the U.K., which show that some climate researchers declined to share their data with fellow scientists, conspired to rig data and sought to keep researchers with dissenting views from publishing in leading scientific journals.

Written by John Griffing

Global warming as a science is defunct. Evidence of scientific dishonesty abounds, and the recent e-mail revelations may be the nail in the coffin. When all is said and done, temperatures are falling.

But as a tool for watermelon Marxists -- green on the outside and red on the inside -- climate change orthodoxy represents an opportunity to achieve age-old dreams of Communist wealth redistribution. Don't take my word for it. Listen to Cass Sunstein, Obama's new regulatory czar and perhaps the most powerful bureaucrat in America:

It is even possible that desirable redistribution is more likely to occur through climate change policy than otherwise, or to be accomplished more effectively through climate policy than through direct foreign aid.

He added:

We agree that if the United States does spend a great deal on emissions reductions as part of an international agreement, and if the agreement does give particular help to disadvantaged people, considerations of distributive justice support its action, even if better redistributive mechanisms are imaginable.

Furthermore, Sunstein thinks that, "If we care about social welfare, we should approve of a situation in which a wealthy nation is willing to engage in a degree of self-sacrifice when the world benefits more than that nation loses."

Sunstein is not alone. Sacked environmental czar Van Jones talks of "eco-apartheid." To a like-minded audience Van Jones exclaimed, "Give them the wealth! Give them the wealth! No justice on stolen land...we owe them a debt."

President Obama is presumably on board, having pledged to "bankrupt" the coal industry, among other telling remarks:

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted.

President Obama is also on record as favoring Supreme Court intervention to "spread the wealth":

But, the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society. To that extent, as radical as I think people try to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn't that radical. It didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution, at least as it's been interpreted....

There are several things wrong with this statement, but the most chilling expression of President Obama's anti-American philosophy lies in his willingness to "break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution...." Somehow, President Obama thinks he is exempt from the Oath of Office he took to "protect and defend the Constitution." Within such a paradigm, anything is permissible, including the complete destruction of American economic strength as part of an abstract notion of redistributive justice.

President Obama's proposed cap and trade bill would reduce US GDP by $9 trillion...and at a time of severe unemployment. Where is the indignation? Where are the calls for his impeachment?

The UN Climate Change Conference wants to go as far as orchestrating a "planned recession," in order to begin the process. Cass Sunstein agrees.

But who needs these people when the President of the United States is willing to destroy the American Dream by his own hand? President Obama has pledged to sign the Copenhagen Treaty, the biggest transfer of American wealth and sovereignty in US history.

Few have bothered to read the agreement, which like so many other damaging agreements is excessively verbose. In the agreement are calls for climate reparations to Third World countries, what the treaty calls "adaptation debt." This isn't optional. Clause 33 on page 39 of the agreement says that "by 2020 the scale of financial flows to support adaptation in developing countries must be [at least $67 billion] or [in the range of $70 billion to $140 billion per year]." And unlike previous climate agreements, Copenhagen empowers a new UN council to compel rich nations to comply with this theft of resources. The treaty states:

The scheme for the new institutional arrangement under the Convention will be based on three basic pillars: government; facilitative mechanism; and financial mechanism, and the basic organization of which will include the following:

(a) The government will be ruled by the COP with the support of a new subsidiary body on adaptation, and of an Executive Board responsible for the management of the new funds and the related facilitative processes and bodies. The current Convention secretariat will operate as such, as appropriate. [Emphasis added.]

World government will be a reality if this agreement is ratified. Notice also the use of the words "financial mechanism." The Copenhagen agreement, for the first time in the history of international legal precedent, proposes giving the UN authority to levy a global tax on rich nations to pay for "adaptation debt." Page 135 of the agreement provides for "A [global] levy of 2 per cent on international financial market [monetary] transactions to Annex I Parties." Annex I countries are the rich nations.

What is astonishing about this "climate" treaty is that so little of it actually addresses climate. Emissions pledges remain merely pledges. The real focus of the treaty is the transfer of wealth. The words "climate debt" are used throughout the agreement, giving pseudo-credibility to the premise of wealth redistribution. But just what is "climate debt"? The essence of the concept is that rich countries raped the earth by emitting carbon, and deprived poor countries of economic opportunity. It would be funny, if it weren't actually the position of the Copenhagen Conference.

When all is said and done, what happens if we succeed in destroying American wealth and creating a world government to coerce the shift? Wouldn't world peace be a good thing? But the peace of submission is not a peace worth having, and the perceived economic benefits will be brief, owing to global economic dependence on American consumers.

Once America is gone, it will be gone forever. Nations will benefit most from the continuing existence of a strong America. Killing the golden goose will not bring balance to the universe. Plundering American wealth will provide only a temporary shot in the arm for poor nations, and then the drug will wear off, ushering in a new dark age on a global scale.

Right now, President Obama is the most powerful person in the most powerful country on earth. Obama may not have noticed, but we have world government, and America is king.

Just like the man who sells his soul for power, the Devil never delivers as promised. He's the Devil. And, paradoxically, for the world to destroy America it needs America's wealth and resources.

Whatever President Obama has been promised will evaporate the moment America loses the privilege of the last word. President Obama will be committing treason by signing this treaty, and he must be held accountable. The American Revolution was fought over this very issue: taxation without representation.

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