Thursday, April 21, 2016

Letter to the Editor

Good ‘ol, dependable ‘ol, Joe Biden.
You can count on good ‘ol, dependable ‘ol, Joe Biden never to miss an opportunity to keep his big mouth shut.  And, his timing as always, is impeccable.  
Joe, just recently returned from being feted and hosted by PM Netanyahu in our only true ally in all the World, lonely little Israel.  
And while our anti-Semitic, anti-American, devout Muslim Pres. Barack Hussein Obama is in Saudi Arabia prostituting himself and our nation to the Israel+Jew hating Saudi Royal Family - -  and merely hours after we learned the news that some peace-loving, Islamist thugs blew up a bus in Israel, seriously wounding at least 21 innocent Jews - - good ‘ol, dependable ‘ol Joe Biden decided the time was ripe to spew out a litany of things that he believes Israel is doing to make the world a less safe place for themselves and for the United States.  Way to go, Joe, you nitwit.
Good ‘ol, dependable ‘ol Joe chose to deliver his message full of rhetorical gasoline and he chose to throw it onto the raging fire that is the Middle East.  Adding intentional insult to injury, he did it before an audience comprised of 150% Israel-hating, American Jews that call themselves, ‘J-Street’.  Anything to help exacerbate the situation, huh Joe?  You nitwit.
And, this is the Democrat genius waiting in the wings to save the day by jumping into the race for the Presidency, in case both Hillary and Sanders do themselves in with stupidity?     Nitwits, all!

        MORT KUFF  © 4-20-2016

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

If black lives really do matter . . .

. . then why do so many ‘blacks’ keep murdering other ‘blacks’ as if living life was going out of style and black lives don’t really matter?
Why do so many ‘blacks’ deride and intimidate their young ‘brothers’ for trying to get an education, or doing the right thing or even pulling up their pants beyond the crack in the back?
Why do so many ‘black’ men treat black women as if they were trying to emulate Islamo lunatics practicing ‘Shariah’?  Who and what if anything do they really respect?  Who are they trying to impress?
Why do so many ‘blacks’ display such hatred and disrespect for all authority, especially the police who put their lives on the line every day in order to protect those same ‘blacks’ and their families?  
Why do so many ‘blacks’ abuse their bodies and minds with dope and do anything to avoid even the appearance of ‘conforming’ to normal, accepted adult behavior as if it were a sign of weakness?
Why do so many ‘blacks’ choose to place deviants, bullies, thugs and law-breakers on pedestals as their heroes to be admired?
Why do so many ‘blacks’ wrongly blame others for their own lack of accomplishment, while ignoring all the opportunities for success they let pass them by every day?  Are they stuck on stupid or do they simply exist to spend their days hating everyone and everything?  How sad.
If black lives really matter, shouldn’t we see some signs of change?
            MORT KUFF   © 4-10-2016

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