Friday, June 29, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

“Day of Infamy, 2.0”

A dear friend and true patriot sent an e-mail in which he referred to the Supreme Court’s unfortunate decision released yesterday (6/28/2012), that upheld the Constitutionality of ObamaCare as, another ‘Day of Infamy’. He nailed it with his reference to the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

It has been more than 24 hours since that decision was announced and I am still in a state of shock and disbelief at how the ObamaCare case was deliberately manipulated to achieve such a contorted conclusion, by those in the majority at the Supreme Court.

This is a blatant case of the end justifying the means. Obama wanted this ‘end result’ and the pressure was put on by whatever means it took, to achieve that end.

Will we ever know for certain whether it was bribery, intimidation, mental illness or by what manner of political chicanery, that influenced Chief Justice Roberts to abandon his principles? I doubt it.

Meanwhile, we are left to ponder a path forward that will inevitably lead to a more just ‘end’ arrived at by legitimate means, as we work within the parameters so clearly defined by The Constitution of the United States of America.

We can do this thing. And, God willing, we will.


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Allen West VS Obama

Allen West is a proud American who served his Country well. Barry Obama is a first-generation American (allegedly), a descendant of West African Muslim slave traders. A big difference in the two. Allen West is a warrior, Barry a sort of limp wristed guy trying to put up a fa├žade of being tough. Those of us who don’t live in the dark ages (that means watching Cowards in the MSM talk about their Messiah) can see through him. Barry Soetoro had Larry Sinclair and now he has The Obama Boy. That says it all!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

MSNBC Host Melissa Perry Flaunts Her Bigoted Belief System and Hate of America

The Democrats are full of Bigots and too many have the power to push their agenda on America. The MSM Cowards are a majority of lowlifes who deep-down are cowards. They realize that they are racist so they think the rest of America is also. Not true, as many Republicans want to have everyone off the plantation.

For example this Bigot Melissa Harris-Perry believes that all Black people are anti-police and she thinks all black people are anti-American. Melissa Harris-Perry will try to put all Black People in a box on the plantation. Melissa Harris-Perry thinks all black People are Bad Drivers without car insurance. She pushes her agenda as to make herself feel better about her own lowly existence of hate towards Whitey. Deep down she is the typical Democrat with a Bigot belief system towards blacks in America.

Luckily America still has some Patriots such as Glenn Beck and the Blaze. The Blaze compiled some information below to expose the Bigots like Melissa Harris-Perry and the Cowards in the MSM.

According to MSNBC Host & Former Obama Colleague Melissa Harris-Perry

•9/11 vaulted America into a “nationalist fervor” that was similar to “having post-traumatic stress disorder”
•Makes racial joke about African-American men wearing NYPD hats
•9/11 provided an opportunity for a new “racial enemy” in America
•America “identifies who we are…through our notions of whiteness and of the racial enemies that are the non-whites”
• 9/11 gave America a chance to shift its racial hate from “Reagan‘s ’welfare Queen’“ to ”imagine” our enemy as ”somehow Muslim, or Arab, or Sikh, or something else.”
•Americans an ability to “stomach a kind of horrific racial violence in the name of national security”
•Those that are “activating terrorism against us” are “imagined racial enemies”

During a speaking engagement Monday, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry made some startling accusation concerning 9/11 and Americas War on Terror. Perry, who anchors The Melissa Harris-Perry show on the weekends, remarked that 9/11 vaulted America into a “nationalist fervor” that was similar to “having post-traumatic stress disorder.”

The former neighbor to President Obama even used a racial joke to make her point, saying she knew the city was suffering from PTSD because “for about a year, there were African-American men walking around the city of New York with NYPD hats on. That can only be explained as a PTSD response.”

The Tulane Professor of Political Science continued, noting that 9/11 provided an opportunity for a new “racial enemy” in America, explaining:

“Americans in part identify who we are, and who deserves what, through our notions of whiteness and of the racial enemies that are the non-whites.”

Another example of how the Left Wing Democrats push their agenda on the American People. Really, the majority of the MSM in America is the largest cesspool. The MSM is full of these Cowards and they continue to push the Leader and his Marxist agenda.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Sen. Harry Reid:

He’s what’s wrong with the Congress

Whenever I see this sad sack of sardines shuffling toward the microphones, my skin begins to crawl.

It would be a stretch to imagine a more boorish embodiment of negativity than is foisted upon America each time Harry Reid delivers one of his misguided messages as only he can, in that dreadful Johnny-one-note-mumbling-monotone. His posture is depressing, as is his always-dour countenance. His facial expressions make it appear for all the world that he is being tortured – when in actuality, it is we poor peasants who are being tortured.

Given this exquisitely accurate depiction of Harry Reid, who was elected by the Senate’s doofus Democrats to serve as their majority leader – would someone please explain to me the ‘what, where and how’ of this man’s extremely annoying arrogance? He has developed being annoyingly arrogant into a trademark. Actually, an art form.

He is the poster boy of obstreperousness. Translation: He is stubbornly resistant to the traditional relationship as set forth in the Constitution, whereby the Senate recognizes and takes up legislation that originates in and is passed by the other equal chamber of the Congress, The House of Representatives. He huffs & puffs in his archly abrasive smarminess as the Senate’s ‘cock-o-the-walk’, that any such bill reaching his desk is DOA (Dead On Arrival). So much for non-partisanship and collegial cooperation between the two chambers of the Congress. Take that, you stupid voters of America!

What makes anyone think that simply because it is a tenet of the Constitution of the United States of America, that His Holiness Pope Reid feels the slightest obligation to address the matter of preparing a budget that sets forth the fiscal parameters necessary for the responsible operation of the U.S. Government? Three years of ignoring that solemn duty of the Senate have it seems – kinda, sorta set the pattern for ‘winging it’ in Washington. Hell, we can always pass a temporary ‘Hall Pass’ to get us through the next fiscal period. Really, who needs a budget?

Is there a more compelling reason for overturning the Democrat majority in the Senate than booting this corrupt little creep out on his sorry ass? November will be here soon. If Obama wins; if Harry Reid is still there on November 7th, WE LOSE!

He’s what’s wrong with the Congress.

MORT KUFF © 6-12-2012

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

My Stars & Stripes

Nothing provides me with more of a kick-start to my day, than placing the flagpole with my Stars & Stripes into the bracket on the front of my house. My heart never fails to beat a little faster with the honor I feel, at just holding the flag that represents what my country is all about.

Sometimes, I’ll face the flag and recite The Pledge of Allegiance, silently. Some days, I just look at those stars and stripes and quietly whisper, “Thank you, God”. Sometimes, I’ll put up the flag and give it a short, snappy salute. Placing the flag in front of my home is a very private thing, with me. I am happy to share to flag with all who pass by but, my sentiments . . my innermost feelings about our nation’s flag – these are deep inside and just between the Founding Fathers and me.

Whenever I return home and am greeted by the sight of ‘my’ Stars & Stripes, I feel my old heart beat just a bit faster. And for a brief moment, I find myself awash in the warmth of my love for the United States of America. That isn’t a bad thing to feel. It is always right; it is always up-beat.

Whenever the clouds turn dark grey and all the signs point to a sudden downpour, I take in ‘my’ Stars & Stripes. Every once in a while, when I haven’t checked the skies overhead, a sudden storm will roll by and give everything a good soaking, including my flag. I usually have a silent chat with the red, white and blue symbol of our freedoms and promise not to let that happen, again. The flag remains mute as if understanding that after all, this is Florida – sudden storms are to be expected, as are aging patriots who react somewhat slower than they might have in times past.

When I retire the colors at dusk, I feel that old heart pounding again. I look up and thank the provider of our freedoms for another day of miracles, protected by ‘my’ Stars & Stripes. Got that? ‘MY’ Stars & Stripes. My personal Stars & Stripes.

I love that flag.

MORT KUFF 6-18-2012

Read more of MORT’s Meanderings HERE

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Friday, June 15, 2012

MORT’s Meandering

Congressman Allen West;

Take him on at your own risk

What so many political ‘experts’ in the Democrat Party fail to comprehend about Congressman Allen West, (R) FL-22, is his unique ability to focus like a laser when addressing a problem in any situation, to the exclusion of any and all distractions.

His 22 years on active duty as a career officer in command of U.S. Army troops in the field, have provided him with real-life experiences that are way beyond comparison with the relatively benign activities his political opponents might have experienced in civilian life. To compare the records is to come to the conclusion that, there is no comparison.

This man knows what it is to have full responsibility for the lives of those under his command. When it comes to matters of life and death, his knowledge is first-hand. His, is directly-related experience gleaned from his time in service on the battlefield, while under fire from a real enemy, firing real bullets.

Disorderly Democrat protesters who attend the Congressman’s Town Halls and rudely interrupt his presentations, soon find themselves barking up the wrong tree.

Can any rational observer who appraises the character of Congressman West (LTC. U. S. Army, Retired) really believe that this man could be intimidated by a few loudly-yapping Demo-Dogs snipping at his heels? I don’t think so.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Members of Congress call for "SWAT" investigation


Hello Patriots,

In recent weeks a very dangerous pattern of personal attacks against conservative bloggers has occurred with increasing frequency.

Combined with a related decision last week by a judge to place a gag order on a conservative blogger, we now face a real threat to conservative speech at the grassroots level just as the election season is beginning to heat up.

The situation is so serious that Sen. Saxby Chambliss has written a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling for a full investigation into what appears to be orchestrated attacks against conservative bloggers.

Conservative Bloggers Getting "SWAT" Attacks

This pattern of attacks has increased in recent months, with Leftist blogs posting the personal information, addresses and pictures of the homes of conservative bloggers.

Thing have become altogether dangerous thanks to a new strategy from the Left called “SWAT-ing.” Here's how "SWAT-ing" works....

A bogus 911 call is made claiming that there has been a shooting (or some other act of domestic violence) at the home of a conservative blogger. Usually these "SWAT-ing" calls are made in the middle of the night. Per emergency protocol, such a 911 call triggers a guns-drawn police action at the blogger's home which puts the blogger and his or her family at immediate risk.

The goal, of course, is to silence the blogger through intimidation.... "We know where you live... We can reach you in your home."

Blogger Gagged By Judge

Leftist individuals and groups funded by the likes of George Soros are also taking to filing frivolous lawsuits against conservative bloggers who simply do not have the "deep pockets' resources to fight back.

Those who do fight can find themselves in court facing a liberal judge who has no problem putting a "gag order" on the conservative blogger. This happened just last week.

Of course, the liberal media have not been quick to pick up the story -- although Fox News and even the ABC News online have reported on this in recent days. (See links below for stories and background information.)

Action: Demand A Full Investigation

As noted above, Sen. Chambliss has just issued a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling for the Justice Department to conduct a full investigation into the alleged "SWAT-ing" attacks against conservative bloggers.

This is an issue of vital concern to conservatives in our nation, especially in this election year. Our conservative bloggers are doing more to keep the statist machine in check than the entire establishment mainstream media -- with none of the deep-pocket resources.

That's why we are asking you to stand with your fellow conservatives who are working in the ideological trenches against what appears to be orchestrated efforts to silence conservative speech.

Go HERE to sign Grassfire's National Petition to stop the attacks on conservative speech:

Below is a post from Michelle Malkin who has taken the lead in helping to break through the liberal media's silence on this issue.

Thanks for taking a stand.

Please support Grassfire Nation

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

MORT’s Meandering


One would have thought there was no possibility of adding to the already exhaustive list of variations on the presidential title, ‘Commander-in-Chief’.

WRONG! After the most disgraceful and utterly ignorant, insulting remarks made by Obama at the recent White House ceremony held to dedicate the official portraits of former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, ‘Insulter-in-Chief’ can now be added to the list.

The litany of egregious insults hurled at former allies, representatives of friendly governments and even heads of State by this rude & crude Chicago Street-thug-in- Chief (add another one to the list), began with his first diplomatic disaster on the occasion of the initial visit by the PM of Great Britain. Since then, he has never stopped urinating a steady stream of insults at the intelligence of the American people or to whomever else he finds in his presence – with the notable exception of fellow thugs in Muslim and Islamist states. To date he has never at least to our knowledge, insulted anyone in the Muslim Brotherhood. I’m guessing he feels most comfortably at home when in the company of members of that esteemed group of blood-thirsty thugs.

Chalk up another example of the ‘acorn’ falling not far from the tree. His tribute to his Father, so smarmily memorialized in one of his two highly-fabricated auto-biographies, purports to explain why Obama set himself on a path calculated to perpetuate and enhance his Father’s obsessive hatred of Colonialists. A most pretentious goal yet so absolutely, so typically, narcissistic. The problem is that unfortunately, this weirdness manifests itself in the man this nation misguidedly elected in 2008, to the Presidency of the United States.

Well, there you have it my friends, another example of Obama adding insult to injury. Apparently, this man enjoys basking in his own unique brand of obnoxious behavior.

Who knew? Four more years? I don’t think so.

But now, we know – don’t we?


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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Obama is a "Card-Carrying" Marxist

It’s been four years and the mainstream media still refuses to address the fact that Barack Obama is a Marxist. In fact using that word gets you branded as a crazy (guilty but not on this issue) and someone who uses divisive tone.

Some who brand Obama Marxist use as their evidence his policies such as the takeover of the domestic auto business, Obamacare, "redistribution of income" etc. Others examine his associations, from Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers to people he hired such as Van Jones and Rev. Jim Wallis. While valid, the examples above are purely circumstantial.

I use a simpler and more direct method of proving my case. When the President was running for the Illinois State Senate, not only did he run with the endorsement of a local socialist organization, but also he signed a contract with one of them, The New Party. The party was a Marxist Political coalition. This was not guilt by association thing. Senator Obama sought out their nomination. He was successful in obtaining that endorsement which required that he sign a contract with the group.

Most New Party members hailed from the Democratic Socialists of America and the "Community Organizing" group ACORN. The party's Chicago chapter also included a large contingent from the Committees of Correspondence, a Marxist coalition of former Maoists, Trotskyists, and Communist Party USA members.

The New Party's modus operandi included the political strategy of "electoral fusion," where it would nominate, for various political offices, candidates from other parties (usually Democrats), thereby enabling each of those candidates to occupy more than one ballot line in the voting booth. By so doing, the New Party often was able to influence candidates' platforms. (Fusion of this type is permitted in seven states -- Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Mississippi, New York, South Carolina, and Vermont -- but is common only in New York.)

Though Illinois was not one of the states that permitted electoral fusion, in 1995 Barack Obama nonetheless sought the New Party's endorsement for his 1996 state senate run. He was successful in obtaining that endorsement, and he used a number of New Party volunteers as campaign workers. By 1996, Obama had become a member of the New Party. Who says so? Well the Chicago Democratic Socialist Party and the New Party Said so, at least back then they did:

New Ground 42 (New Ground is the Official Newsletter of the Chicago Democratic Socialist Party) September October 1995. Obama signed a contract promising an visible and open relationship with the Marxist New Party:

About 50 activists attended the Chicago New Party membership meeting in July. The purpose of the meeting was to update members on local activities and to hear appeals for NP support from four potential political candidates. The NP is being very active in organization building and politics. There are 300 members in Chicago. In order to build an organizational and financial base the NP is sponsoring house parties. Locally it has been successful both fiscally and in building a grassroots base. Nationwide it has resulted in 1000 people committed to monthly contributions.

The NP's political strategy is to support progressive candidates in elections only if they have a concrete chance to "win". This has resulted in a winning ratio of 77 of 110 elections. Candidates must be approved via a NP political committee. Once approved, candidates must sign a contract with the NP. The contract mandates that they must have a visible and active relationship with the NP. The political entourage included Alderman Michael Chandler, William Delgado, chief of staff for State Rep Miguel del Valle, and spokespersons for State Sen. Alice Palmer, Sonya Sanchez, chief of staff for State Sen. Jesse Garcia, who is running for State Rep in Garcia's District; and Barack Obama. What is the Proof that Obama actually signed the contract? He got the endorsement.

New Ground 46 May-June 1996 DSA Endorsement:
Three out of four candidates endorsed by Chicago DSA in the March primary election won. Only Willie Delgado lost in his effort to win nomination for 3rd General Assembly District; he received only 43% of the vote. Danny Davis walked away with the nomination for the 7th Congressional District; he also had no trouble defeating two candidates for 29th Ward Democratic Committeeman. Patricia Martin's race for Judge of the Circuit Court (7th Subcircuit) was more of a cliffhanger as she won by only 3%. She will have no opposition in November's General Election. Barack Obama won nomination to the Illinois Senate with no opposition. He will have no opposition in November. The 49th Ward non-binding referendum in support of the Jobs and Living Wage Ordinance won with 3,164 votes against 576 "no" votes and 1,140 "abstentions".

New Ground 47 July August 1: New Party Endorsement:
Secondly, the NP's '96 Political Program has been enormously successful with 3 of 4 endorsed candidates winning electoral primaries. All four candidates attended the NP membership meeting on April 11th to express their gratitude. Danny Davis, winner in the 7th Congressional District, invited NPers to join his Campaign Steering Committee. Patricia Martin, who won the race for Judge in 7th Subcircuit Court, explained that due to the NP she was able to network and get experienced advice from progressives like Davis. Barack Obama, victor in the 13th State Senate District, encouraged NPers to join in his task forces on Voter Education and Voter Registration. The lone loser was Willie Delgado, in the 3rd Illinois House District. Although Delgado received 45% of the vote, he lost by only 800 votes. Delgado commented that it was due to the NP volunteers that he carried the 32nd Ward. Delgado emphasized that he will remain a visible community activist in Humbolt Park. He will conduct four Immigration workshops and encouraged NP activists to get involved.

New Ground 45 March - April, 1996 Obama is a panelist at Town Hall meeting of Chicago Democratic Socialist Party, the University of Chicago Democratic Socialist of America, and The University Democrats. Obama calls for redistribution of Income:

A Town Meeting on Economic Insecurity: Employment and Survival in Urban America By Bob Roman Over three hundred people attended the first of two Town Meetings on Economic Insecurity on February 25 in Ida Noyes Hall at the University of Chicago. Entitled "Employment and Survival in Urban America", the meeting was sponsored by the U of C DSA Youth Section, Chicago DSA and University Democrats. The panelists were Toni Preckwinkle, Alderman of Chicago's 4th Ward; Barack Obama, candidate for the 13th Illinois Senate District; Professor William Julius Wilson, Center for the Study of Urban Inequality at the University of Chicago; Professor Michael Dawson, University of Chicago; and Professor Joseph Schwartz, Temple University and a member of DSA's National Political Committee.... .... Now the issue is again coming to the front, but he wished the issue was on the Democratic agenda not just on Buchanan's.

One of the themes that has emerged in Barack Obama's campaign is "what does it take to create productive communities", not just consumptive communities. It is an issue that joins some of the best instincts of the conservatives with the better instincts of the left. He felt the state government has three constructive roles to play.

The first is "human capital development". By this he meant public education, welfare reform, and a "workforce preparation strategy". Public education requires equality in funding. It's not that money is the only solution to public education's problems but it's a start toward a solution. The current proposals for welfare reform are intended to eliminate welfare but it's also true that the status quo is not tenable. A true welfare system would provide for medical care, childcare and job training. While Barack Obama did not use this term, it sounded very much like the "social wage" approach used by many social democratic labor parties. By "workforce preparation strategy", Barack Obama simply meant a coordinated, purposeful program of job training instead of the ad hoc, fragmented approach used by the State of Illinois today.

The state government can also play a role in redistribution, the allocation of wages and jobs. As Barack Obama noted, when someone gets paid $10 million to eliminate 4,000 jobs, the voters in his district know this is an issue of power not economics. The government can use as tools labor law reform, public works and contracts..... New Ground 69 March-April 2000 Endorsement For Congress:

For Congressman of the 1st Congressional District, the Executive Committee was faced with two very good candidates. As we are not making endorsements but merely recommendations, we felt no conflict in recommending both Bobby Rush and Barak Obama.... Barak Obama is serving only his second term in the Illinois State Senate so he might be fairly charged with ambition, but the same might have be said of Bobby Rush when he ran against Congressman Charles Hayes. Obama also has put in time at the grass roots, working for five years as a community organizer in Harlem and in Chicago. When Obama participated in a 1996 UofC YDS Townhall Meeting on Economic Insecurity, much of what he had to say was well within the mainstream of European social democracy. Need a different source? How about Progressive Populist November 1996?

New Party members and supported candidates won 16 of 23 races, including an at-large race for the Little Rock, Ark., City Council, a seat on the county board for Little Rock and the school board for Prince George's County, Md. Chicago is sending the first New Party member to Congress, as Danny Davis, who ran as a Democrat, won an overwhelming 85% victory. New Party member Barack Obama was uncontested for a State Senate seat from Chicago.

Or Columbus Free Press? (The New Party's Newsletter): The first NP member heads to Congress, as Danny Davis wins an overwhelming 85% victory yesterday (he got a higher percentage of the vote in that district than the President). NP member and State Senate candidate Barack Obama won uncontested. Here's another little bit of history, not only was ACORN involved with the New Party but so was the SEIU (SEIU 880 was itself an ACORN offshoot). The fact that Obama received the New Party’s endorsement in his first run for office cannot be dismissed as insignificant. On the contrary, Obama’s ties to the New Party and the New Party’s backers at ACORN and the SEIU are long-standing, substantial, and reveal a great deal about his personal political allegiances.

Hat Tip to Mr. I

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MORT’s Meanderings

Forged Birth Certificate - Who Cares?

All the folderol about Obama’s birth certificate is just that, a diversion of ‘nonsense’.

It is a pure waste of time to attempt to verify, validate, document, prove or disprove anything regarding Barack Hussein Obama’s past. The information has effectively been blocked, obliterated or destroyed by his ‘string-pullers’, never more to be resurrected or reconstructed in his or our lifetime.

The forgery, the fake, the monumental hoax - is Obama himself. Get that straight.

I for one, am perfectly satisfied to drop all attempts to ascertain the truth about anything in the history of this ‘man without a past’. Let’s face the facts - he was elected by a majority of people in this country who, like the three monkeys in a famous sculpture, professed to – “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. Hence, their acceptance that a feckless promise of an amorphous ‘hope & change’ by a man totally bereft of any credibility or credentials, would lead to – get this - a ‘fundamentally-changed’ United States of America. What a crock! Changed for better or worse? Oh golly, we hadn’t thought about that. Hmmm . . . . DON’T ASK; HE WON’T TELL.

The Presidential election is coming up in November 2012. Before you indicate your choice in the voting booth, look behind the curtain. Tell me what you see.

Is it something you want to see for four more years? I don’t think so.

IF OBAMA WINS, WE LOSE . . .our freedom, our liberty and our country.


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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Who is Suppressing Voters?

Sunday letters to the editor of the Sun Sentinel MSM Drones

What's the problem? Don't we all want fair and honest elections? So why imply in your May 30 article that the "big, bad, evil Republicans" are trying to suppress the vote here in Florida by requiring a voter ID?

Tell me, with a straight face, why is it voter suppression if a potential voter has to prove, by a photo ID, that he/she is the person who wants to vote under that name on the voter rolls? The people who are raising a ruckus over this are mainly Democrats — why?

Do they think they are going to lose votes this coming November if voters who are purged are not eligible to vote? They claim that this is unfair to the poor and minorities. Really? If the poor and some minorities can go down to the local welfare or Social Security offices to collect benefits, is it a stretch to ask them to go get their "free" voter registration ID's at another government office?

Stop pandering and get real, U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch and U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings. Don't create a problem when there isn't one.

Chuck Lehmann has more commentary at Chuck On The Right Side HERE

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Glenn Beck: Obama - Black Liberation Theology Part 2

The lame Barack Obama loves the racist pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright like an Uncle. Remember El lardo, Michelle sat in that racist church for 20 years also. The both of them Mooch Elle and Barry had their children indoctrinated by this nutjob Racist Wright.

Rev. Wright is not only racist he is all about anti-Americanism. Racist Rev. Wright supports the foundational philosophy of, the “black liberation theology” of scholars such as James Cone. Lowlife Cone has said Jesus Christ is a “black messiah” and blacks are “the chosen people”. He also states that their Cult will only accept a god who assists their aim of destroying the “white enemy.”

“If God is not for us and against white people,” writes Cone, “then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill gods who do not belong to the black community.” This is what the Democrats have shoved down our throats? The most racist President in over 100 years!

Real Verse

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Glenn Beck: Obama - Black Liberation Theology 1

Black Liberation Theology - a Main Ingredient of the Marxist Regime

What does Jeremiah Wright really believe? Violence is a main component of the Rev. Wright, a guy who looks like Obama's Uncle. The racist reverend wright is a vile Marxist and he has a large hold on Barry Soetoro. Yet, America is NOT supposed to talk about Rev. Wright.

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