Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Scumbags of the MSM Won't Report the Black Violence against Cops

This article below is written by Colin Flaherty and is loaded with facts. These facts will not be presented by the Traitors of the MSM (Mainstream Media). Some of the language is from the Thugs in the #blackLIESmatter gang so it is offensive. Yet that is how the Left Wingers roll, violent and offensive.

Media Ignore the Tsunami of Black Violence against Cops
By Colin Flaherty

The shootings in Dallas did not make much of a difference. Not to the reporters explaining the protest and the reason behind the assassination of five police officers.

The reason for the demonstration was simple and beyond pushback:

White cops shoot black people all over the country, all the time, for no reason whatsoever.

Everybody knows that. So sad.

Some took it to the next level: The head of a black group called Dallas Action said the killings were a wake up call to let people know how cops are picking on black people.

All the time.

For no reason whatsoever. The local Fox reporter in Dallas took the comments in stride, quickly changing the topic to all the pretty lights on nearby police cars.

Not one reporter at any point even hinted at how black violence is wildly out of proportion.

Not one reporter talked to any cop willing to tell the truth about how police are relentless victims of black hostility and violence and murder — all over the country.

And how black on cop violence and defiance are now the default response.

Not the other way around. A brief magical mystery tour of black on cop violence over the last few weeks.

In Baltimore, one week ago, hundreds of black people took to the streets to celebrate the life of the recently killed rapper Lor Scoota. He was best known for celebrating guns, drugs, money and bitches in his videos and in his life.

Eventually cops showed up: They were greeted with bottles and rocks and threats and taunts when they suggested to the hundreds of black people that destroying property and disobeying the law was not a good idea.

The police chief dutifully defended the rioters, reminding the Baltimore audience that event was largely peaceful.

As was Dallas.

Top political figures in Baltimore made their way to the scene of the crimes to blame police for antagonizing the black people. As usual, the Baltimore Sun and other local media wagged their tails and went along with the story: the greatest hoax of our lifetimes — the lie of black victimization. All documented in that scintillating best seller Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

In Syracuse on Father’s Day in the ghetto, 500 black people were blowing some weed and shooting some guns when a female cop showed up.

The videos show the crowds fleeing the gunfire as the officer runs towards it. When her backup arrived, they found the cop on the ground, surrounded by a large group of black people beating and kicking her and trying to steal her gun.

One black man was running around, pleading for a gun to shoot the police.

The next night, the cops returned and received similar scorn, hostility and violence.

The local papers pretended they had never heard of anything like that before, when, truth is: That is a regular part of life in Syracuse.

On July 4, on North Beach in South Haven, Michigan, black people threw rocks and bottles at cops, whose only fault was they did not like black people throwing rocks and bottles at beach goers.

In Baton Rouge, the night following the death of Alton Sterling, the saint with a long record of crime and violence who was killed resisting arrest for threatening people with a gun, hundreds of black people took to the streets to sing the new black national anthem: Fuck the Police.

police think they have the authority to kill a minority.

Ice Cube will swarm

On any muthafucka in a blue uniform

Just cuz I'm from the CPT, punk police are afraid of me

A young nigga on a warpath

And when I'm finished, it's gonna be a bloodbath

You remember Ice Cube: He’s the smiling old grandpa of TV and movie fame, still preaching violence against the police.

In Oklahoma City, a black high school teacher took to Facebook to declare that all white hillbillies should die in a tornado. The local school discovered the First Amendment, and the local TV news gang said we should forgive him because he said he was sorry.

This kind of generosity is missing, of course, in dozens and dozens of news stories of recent cases around the country where white people make an off hand remark about race and find themselves out of a career.

Like the firefighter in a suburb of Boston in June, who was part of a crew responding to a violent party of 1000 black people who said he wanted to turn the hose on them.


Read the entire article HERE at the American Thinker.


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