Monday, October 31, 2011

Who Obama Threatened - Did You Notice

From now through November 2012 this should be required weekly or, at least monthly, reading; BY ALL WHO VOTE!!!

Did you notice who Obama threatened when he wasn't getting his way on raising the debt ceiling?

He threatened to not pay:
Social Security Retirees, Military Retirees, Social Security disability and Federal Retirees.

Now...Let this sink in really well -

He did not threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens.

He did not threaten to take frivolous benefits such as Internet access away from violent inmates.

He did not offer to fire some of the thousands of unnecessary federal employees that he hired .

He did not offer to cut down on his or his wife's frivolous gallivanting around the country and the world.

He did not threaten to not pay the senators and representatives or any of their staff.

He did not threaten to take benefits away from welfare recipients.

He did not threaten the food stamp programs.

He did not threaten to not pay foreign aid.

He did not threaten to cut back on anything that involves his base of voters.

The list could go on and on. He is in full political re-election mode!

Why are we allowing this person to destroy this wonderful country with his selfishness and lies?

His type of change is killing our country. He needs to be stopped and only our votes can stop him.

Do not forget about his tactics when it's election time. Vote Obama out of the Presidency in 2012.




A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves! I'M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!! Let's Take a Stand!!!
Obama: Gone!
Borders: Closed!
Language: English only
Culture: Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!
Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!
NO freebies to: Non-Citizens!

Sharia Law and Barry's Foreign Policy must be stopped!

We the people are coming!

"Democracy... is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty ... is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

Hat Tip to Mr. I


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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Liberal On The Run - Sherrod Brown

We must stop the Liberal Sherrod Brown. We have some of the Liberal Voting Records and ignorant statements for the equivalent of Liberal Barry Hussein Obama.

Sherrod Brown Wrongly Claims Hitler Opposed Unions
Voted NO on federal crime to harm fetus while committing other crimes. (Apr 2001)
Voted NO on banning partial-birth abortions. (Apr 2000)
Voted NO on barring transporting minors to get an abortion. (Jun 1999)
Rated 87% by the ACLU, indicating a pro-civil rights voting record. (Dec 2002)
Rated 94% by the NAACP, indicating a pro-affirmative-action stance. (Dec 2006)
Rated 25% by the US COC, indicating an anti-business voting record. (Dec 2003)
Voted NO on more prosecution and sentencing for juvenile crime. (Jun 1999) - Does lowlife Brown know what GANGS are?
Voted NO on military border patrols to battle drugs & terrorism. (Sep 2001)
Preserve Alaska's ANWR instead of drilling it. (Feb 2001)
Voted YES on keeping moratorium on drilling for oil offshore. (Jun 2006)
Voted YES on $2 billion more for Cash for Clunkers program. (Aug 2009)
Voted YES on increasing AMTRAK funding by adding $214M to $900M. (Jun 2006)
Voted YES on Congressional pay raise. (Jul 2009) Meanwhile Americans were being destroyed financially.
Voted NO on requiring photo ID to vote in federal elections. (Jul 2007) ACORN wins!
Voted NO on requiring photo ID for voting in federal elections. (Sep 2006)
Rated F by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun control voting record. (Dec 2003)
Collect data on birth defects and present to the public. (Apr 1998)
Make health care a right, not a privilege. (Nov 1999) Big Government Sherrod!
Voted YES on continuing federal funds for declared "sanctuary cities". (Mar 2008)
Bush and Cheney lied about Iraq. (Dec 2005)
Voted YES on providing $70 million for Section 8 Housing vouchers. (Jun 2006)
Voted YES on addressing CO2 emissions without considering India & China. (May 2008)

This portion below is from the Great Jim DeMint, United States Senator.

Most Liberal Senator On the Run

Fellow Conservatives:

I'm writing to give you a brief update on the U.S. Senate race in Ohio and the amazing progress made by our endorsed candidate, Josh Mandel (R-OH).

Liberal incumbent U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is in deep trouble. According to a recent poll conducted by a Democratic polling firm, less than half the voters in the Buckeye State want to re-elect him even though he's almost universally known.

The poll also shows growing momentum for Josh Mandel (40%) against an increasingly vulnerable Sherrod Brown (48%). Mandel has already closed this race down to a single-digit gap (-8%), which is better than where now-Ohio Senator Rob Portman and now- Ohio Governor John Kasich were at this point in their campaigns two years ago.

Also, Josh Mandel has taken the lead among independent voters. These Americans are unhappy with the direction of the country and they're tired of Sherrod Brown pretending to be a conservative at home while voting like a liberal in Washington. They're looking for someone like Josh Mandel who will do what he says he'll do.

We have many of you to thank for this progress.

Because of the financial support provided by thousands of SCF members in Ohio and across the nation, Josh Mandel outraised Sherrod Brown two quarters in a row. In total, Mandel has raised over $3.8 million and has over $3.2 million cash on hand.

This is a remarkable achievement and it's a testament to the quality of this candidate and the grassroots enthusiasm for his campaign.

I'm confident conservatives can win this race, but we still have a lot of work to do. Josh Mandel is still unknown to many voters and the liberal special interest groups will do everything they can to defeat him.

Please continue to pray for Josh and please continue to support his campaign financially through the Senate Conservatives Fund. Remember that when you donate to Josh Mandel through SCF, he gets 100% of your contribution and SCF pays for all processing and handling expenses.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We'll keep fighting.


Jim DeMint
United States Senator
Chairman, Senate Conservatives Fund

P.S. Sherrod Brown recently ducked an appearance in Ohio with President Obama. He cited "congressional business" as his excuse but that's never stopped him before. Sherrod Brown is on the run and we can defeat him if we all work together.

If you are able to, please support the campaign of Josh Mandel and Ted Cruz financially through the Senate Conservatives Fund.


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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A German's View on Islam

A man, whose family was German aristocracy prior to World War II, owned a number of large industries and estates. When asked how many German people were true Nazis, the answer he gave can guide our attitude toward fanaticism. 'Very few people were true Nazis,' he said, 'but many enjoyed the return of German pride, and many more were too busy to care. I was one of those who just thought the Nazis were a bunch of fools. So, the majority just sat back and let it all happen. Then, before we knew it, they owned us, and we had lost control, and the end of the world had come. My family lost everything. I ended up in a concentration camp and the Allies destroyed my factories.'

We are told again and again by 'experts' and 'talking heads' that Islam is the religion of peace and that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace. Although this unqualified assertion may be true, it is entirely irrelevant. It is meaningless fluff, meant to make us feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the specter of fanatics rampaging across the globe in the name of Islam.

The fact is that the fanatics rule Islam at this moment in history. It is the fanatics who march. It is the fanatics who wage any one of 50 shooting wars worldwide. It is the fanatics who systematically slaughter Christian or tribal groups throughout Africa and are gradually taking over the entire continent in an Islamic wave. It is the fanatics who bomb, behead, murder, or honor-kill. It is the fanatics who take over mosque after mosque. It is the fanatics who zealously spread the stoning and hanging of rape victims and homosexuals. It is the fanatics who teach their young to kill and to become suicide bombers.

The hard, quantifiable fact is that the peaceful Muslim majority, the 'silent majority,' is cowed and extraneous.

Communist Russia was comprised of Russians who just wanted to live in peace, yet the Russian Communists were responsible for the murder of about 20 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. China's huge population was peaceful as well, but Chinese Communists managed to kill a staggering 70 million people.

The average Japanese individual prior to World War II was not a warmongering sadist. Yet, Japan murdered and slaughtered its way across South East Asia in an orgy of killing that included the systematic murder of 12 million Chinese civilians -- most killed by sword, shovel, and bayonet.

And who can forget Rwanda , which collapsed into butchery. Could it not be said that the majority of Rwandans were 'peace loving'?

History lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt, yet for all our powers of reason, we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of points:

#1 -- Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence.

#2 -- Peace-loving Muslims will become our enemy if they don't speak up, because like my friend from Germany , they will awaken one day and find that the fanatics own them, and the end of their world will have begun.

#3 -- Peace-loving Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, Serbs, Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians, and many others have died because the peaceful majority did not speak up until it was too late. As for us who watch it all unfold, we must pay attention to the only group that counts--the fanatics who threaten our way of life.

#4 -- Lastly, anyone who doubts that the issue is serious and just deletes this email without sending it on, is contributing to the passiveness that allows the problems to expand. So, extend yourself a bit and send this on and on and on! Let us hope that thousands, world-wide, read this and think about it, and send it on - before it's too late.

We must Vote out every Democrat. They supported the election of the Biggest fraud perpetrated on America. DEMONcrats are also responsible for Pelosi representing Marxism and Socialism.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Pelosi Represents Marxism and Socialism

Check these credentials. Then read this Patriot's letter to Pelosi!
Born St.. Louis , Missouri , August 21, 1944
Bar Admissions:
North Carolina , 1969
U.S. District Court, Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina , 1969
U.S. Tax Court
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
Education: Woodford College , 1966 A.B.
Mercer University , 1969 J.D.
Phi Alpha Delta
Vice-Justice, District XIV, 1968 - 1969
Professional Associations and Memberships:
North Carolina and American Bar Associations (Member, Sections on: Administrative Law; General Practice; Litigation)
26th Judicial District and North Carolina State Bar
Mecklenburg County Bar Association
American Association of Justice
North Carolina Trial Lawyers Association
Captain, U.S. Army, 1969-1971, Vietnam
National Defense Medal, 1969
Republic of Viet Nam Service Medal, 1970
Bronze Star Medals (2), 1971
Assistant District Attorney, Mecklenburg County , 1971 - 1974
Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
Chairman, Board of Trustees Providence United Methodist Church
Board of Directors, Alexander Children's Home
Board of Directors, Charlotte Culinary Institute
Wofford Alumni Executive Council
Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America
Board of Directors, Boy Scouts of America of Mecklenburg County
Board of Directors, Girl Scout Council
Life Member, National Eagle Scout Association
Life Member, Girl Scouts of America

Dear Ms. Pelosi:
I write to you out of utter disdain! You are as despicable and un-American as the traitor Jane Fonda.

I am a soon to be 65 year-old who has voted in every state and local election since 1966. I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats alike. I have worked on campaigns for both Republicans and Democrats, white and black. I served the country that I love in Vietnam, as my son did in the Middle East. I was awarded two bronze stars. I have been involved in politics since age 6 when my father was campaign manager for a truly great American Congressman, Charles Raper Jonas, who worked for his constituents and his country, and was to be admired, unlike you.

You obviously haven't read the Constitution recently, if ever, the Federalist Papers, or even David McCulloughs book on John Adams. You ought to take the time while riding around in your government provided luxury executive jet to do just that. You represent Socialistic and even Marxist principals that our founding fathers tried to avoid when setting out the capitalistic republican form of government represented by our Constitution.

I find it interesting that you and your husband are multi-millionaires with much of your fortune being made as a result of your public service. You have controlled legislation that has enhanced your husbands investments both on and off shore. At the same time you redistributed the wealth of others. Our system of a free market economy is being destroyed by the likes of you, Harry Reid, and now our President. You ride around in a Gulfstream airplane at the tax payers expense while criticizing the presidents of companies who produced something for the economy. You add nothing to the economy of the United States; you only subtract therefrom.

I would like to suggest that you return to the city of fruitcakes and nuts and eat your husbands canned tuna and pineapple produced by illegal immigrants and by workers who have been excluded from the protection that 90% of the legal workers in the United States have.

I await your defeat in the next election with glee.

Don't ever use the term un-American again for protesters who love this country and are exercising their rights upon which this country was founded. By the way, while I served in the Army, I was spit on by the same type of lunatics who support you and who you probably supported in the 60s and 70s. You are an embarrassment to all of us who served so that you would have the protected right of free speech to call us un-American. But at the same time, I have the right to write you to notify you that I consider you to be un-American, as do the majority of the people of this formerly great country. You are a true disgrace to most of the people who served this country by offering themselves for public service in the United States Congress.

I feel certain your aides will not share this letter with you, but I intend to share it with many.

Let's help this man fulfill his "commitment" to Nazi Pelosi. Please show this to everyone in you know!

Hat Tip to Mr. I

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Worm Brains in Washington

Government does not earn money; Government takes money.
Government creates jobs; jobs in the public sector. Government
hires employees for these jobs with no money to pay them,
because the Government does not create income so they have to
borrow money to pay them. In order to repay the loan they take
money from those who create income and if it isn't enough, they
print more money.

If public services are needed and requested by the private sector,
the money is provided by them with no arm twisting. Public service
unions have over blown compensation where it is now not capable
for the earners to continue to support them.

Printing new money without backing reduces its value. Obama's
worm brains
advising him on economics, are creating a double
whammy malady where the price of goods costs more and the
money you have to buy it with is worth less; soon to become
one word, "worthless!"

The above statement I offer is made without benefit of an MBA,
or degree in economics from an ivy league institute. It comes from
the school of common sense.

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saul Alinsky's Useful Idiots Protest Against Capitalism

Today we Chuck On The Right Side responding to that Bad Penney, the Main Stream Media. Yes the MSM has become the Media Supporting Marxists. It is horrifying that the MSM has such Power and they prop up the Lowlifes at the Occupy Wall Street Toilets Riots. Once again, let us say No Tyrants in the White House ever again! How could so many people fall for the lies of the Media Supporting?

Dear Professor Robert Watson:

C'mon Professor Watson, are you serious in stating that the Tea Partiers took to the streets protesting Pres. Obama's effort to provide children with health care? I've attended a few Tea Party rallies and never once did I see or hear anyone specifically say or use that canard that you alluded to. They protested ObamaCare in general and not specific items within the bill (because they didn't know what was in the bill including Obama, Pelosi, and Reid). You are so blatantly partisan and disingenuous that you sully the profession of being an "educator".

How come no mention of the people behind the scenes of the "Occupy" protest that are fanning the flames of protest against Capitalism? You know, history Professor Watson, that this "spontaneous" protest is funded by by George Soros and his financed group, MoveOn.Org, and the left-wing unions S.E.I.U., CWA, and the UFT and the NEA. In addition, radical professional protesters and left-wing rabble-rousers such as Bev Rice, of the War Resisters League; Code Pink; Van Jones, former Obama "Green Czar" and admitted Communist; the National Socialist Party (Nazi sympathizers); the Communist Party U.S.A.; Frances Fox Piven, Marxist sociologist and Saul Alinsky acolyte; and other "useful idiots" like Al Sharpton, Sean Penn, Russell Simmons, Rap music mogul;, and Pres. Obama himself with assent from Nancy Pelosi. Also, what's with the anti-Israel undertone with some of the protesters?

How long before we see these "peace activist" protesters starting to becoming violent? I guess only naive history professors can see this as a necessary political movement that is "grassroots" in nature, and not radically backed up by far-left anti-Capitalist loons who want to see the Marxist/Socialist principle of "redistribution of wealth" taking its place.


Chuck On The Right Side
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings

Belafonte: a spoiled fruit

Harry Belafonte’s latest tirade against sanity took the form of hurling invectives at Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain. The once handsome but now, over-the-hill Caribbean crooner, availed himself of the opportunity to wax ineloquent on a recent Joy Behar show. I’m guessing that the booking agency for The View presumed that Banana Belafonte was long gone from the scene and so, has busied itself negotiating for another appearance with Bill O’Reilly.

And - - I’m guessing again, that’s how hoary Harry wound up at the Behar bordello. But au contraire, Harry is still alive and kicking – at least sufficiently alive to call Candidate Cain, a ‘bad apple’. Now, why would he do that? Just the latest in a unbroken litany of nasty remarks about true Americans, interspersed with an even longer litany of glowing descriptions and laudatory commentary about the likes of his heroes and pals, Che, Castro, Chavez and any number of Communists, Socialists and Marxist strong-men.

His ‘bad apple’ comment reminds me of a personal experience. Many of you reading this might have had a similar experience. Did you ever put an absolutely perfect apple into the refrigerator to cool, intending to enjoy it later? And then, forgot about it until weeks afterward when you looked behind the ketchup and saw a lump of shriveled brown mess?

That’s old Harry Belafonte - - an antique piece of fruit that is no longer vibrant, much less, attractive. He is as useless and inconsequential as Jane Fonda, Mel Gibson, Susan Sarandan, Barbra Streisand and the rest of that screw-loose ilk.

‘Bad apple’, indeed. Look into the mirror, Harry - - and get ready - - it ain’t pretty.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Friday, October 21, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings

Citizens: Step forward and ring the Liberty Bell

The Revolutionary War was won against all odds, by Citizen Soldiers.
Today’s battle against this current president and his administration of Marxist ideology, will be won by such as Congressman Allen West, a Soldier Citizen Legislator. We need to re-elect this American and many more like him, to confront and defeat the encroachment of Socialist groups that want to replace our Constitution. Plus, we must confront and defeat the radical, bloodthirsty operatives of Islam’s CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood that are trying to spread the horrors of Shariah compliance.

Every citizen who cherishes his citizenship must stay on the alert for the signs of anti-Americanism, anti-Capitalism and anti-free-enterprise that are becoming more visible and more audible every day.
And, when we do recognize these signs, we must STAND UP and SHOUT OUT about it. Such attempts to destroy our freedoms that are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, must be crushed.

It is our job – each and every one of us – to step forward and ring the Liberty Bell.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cheerleaders for Occupy Wall Street

It is becoming readily apparent that the St. Petersburg Times and the main stream media have forgotten their obligation to report news and not be a cheer leader for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

When the Tea Party was having their weekend demonstrations, the main stream media manufactured racist comments that were allegedly made by some of the demonstrators and painted the entire movement as racist. Of course, no proof was necessary that these statements were ever made or that the founders or leaders of the Tea Party made, approved, or adopted them.

Now, however, the Occupy Wall Street movement begins and since its agenda is more in line with what Democrats appear to believe, the main stream media seems to have adopted a policy of not reporting statements, endorsements, or actions taken by its supporters.

Here a just a few of the no news items that failed to be reported:

· On Sunday the American Nazi Party endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement. The statement urged all Nazis to “take part and join in…Produce some flyers EXPLAINING the ‘JEW BANKER’ influence.”

· On that same day the American Communist Party endorsed the same movement saying the objectives of both are to end capitalism in the U.S.

· In Los Angeles, protester Patricia McAllister, who identified herself as an employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District, said on TV “I think that the Zionist Jews, who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government, need to be run out of the country.”

· In Portland OR marchers sang a song “F__k the USA.”

· In NYC one protester defecated on a police car.

· In many protests the U.S. flag was desecrated and stomped on.

· In NYC protesters carried signs that said “Google for Wall Street Jews, Jewish Billionaires.”

· The conduct of the demonstrators is never discussed. In NYC the owner of Panini & Co Breads said, “I’ve had a lot of damage from the protesters. I’ve had to put a $200 lock on my bathroom because they come in here and try to bathe. The sink fell down to the ground, cracked open, pulled the plumbing out of the wall and caused a flood..”

It is a sad day when newspapers and the main stream media become cheerleaders and no longer report all of the news.

Conservative Commentary by James J. Pirretti

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Vulgar Miscreants

The current feverish media coverage of the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd proves forever the divide that they have constructed in telling Americans about “news”.First, the crowd has chosen a nondescript park well removed from what is Wall Street to conduct their squatting, but the media has said nothing of this. It might as well be Cleveland.

Second, the media has done all it can to draw favorable comparisons to The Tea Party, which is a pathetic mischaracterization of the comparable purposes and behaviors of the two groups; The Tea Party cause has opposed mindless and wasteful government spending and excessive taxation, while the OWS crowd is against Wall Street bailouts, banks, profiteering, millionaires and billionaires, and “social injustice”, whatever that means.

Third, The Tea Party gatherings showed cleanly dressed, well behaved, mostly employed adults with hand-made signs, while OWS is populated by unclean, vulgar, hippy-type miscreants sporting shop-made signs, creating filth but being paid an hourly stipend by “interested parties”, such as the leftist George Soros. One questions the earnest spontaneity of the cause when there is compensation involved, even if the media wont.

The media has spared Americans of the truth about issues, or their favored personalities, like the current president, for the past fifty years. It was during this era that “journalism” died, replaced by reportage whose political leanings super-cede veracity. Trusted outlets of information muddied reality with opinions too often and too well for devotees to notice. Or care. Only the advent of the internet has saved what was once an honored trade.

The media’s refusal to tell Americans that OWS is a mélange of irreverent groupies seeking face-time on TV and handouts begs the question of their message; at least the anti-Vietnam War mobs had one. The comparison with a genuinely focused Tea Party is simply noise.

CBS, earlier this year, vowed to return to journalism. I wish them luck. We all need more truth and less dogma.

Conservative Commentary by Richard Klitzberg

Hat Tip to Chuck On The Right Side

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Record of Obama Changing his Name?

Record of Obama Changing his Name in Canada?

Terrorists had payed huge sums of Money for his education. Most of this money was bribe money to the lowlifes at the University he attended. Barry Soetoro spent time in Russia and Pakistan. He often sang the Muslim call of prayer. Hussein even sang this his Muslim prayer to a reporter a few years back. What about the Proof of Birth Certificate for Hussein?

Hussein Obama has numerous Alias and the Democrat party is trash for allowing this. Soetoro lied about not using Aliases when he got his law license. This Law license he voluntarily surrendered around 19923 to stave of disciplinary or criminal action against him and the Food NAZI Michelle obama.


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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pelosi Democrats and Crony Socialism

Once again our Friends from Chuck On The Right Side responds to the Lunatic Fringe also known as the Main Stream Media. These Florida Main Stream Media types just carry water for the Hypocrites like Nazi Pelosi and cower in the corner when Barrack Hussein Obama enters the State.

Dear Professor Watson:

Cheap shot columnist, Professor Robert Watson, you are at it again. Your topic was "tax rebellion", but you had to inject your partisan political bias into your screed by claiming that Republicans are self-proclaimed "patriots" (is that cynicism, or what?) who don't want to close loopholes for millionaires and billionaires. In addition, as a pinnacle of "objective" historical thought, you had to take a few shots at the Republican candidates by not agreeing with you and your fellow lefty liberal Democrats regarding ObamaCare, immigration, or rebuilding infrastructure. What has that got to do with "tax rebellion"?

You ask what is happening that Republicans are anti-tax and anti-government, as opposed, I presume, to the Democrat mantra of tax increases, during a recession, and borrowing more money, which we can't afford, for their "crony Socialism"?

Professor Watson, why don't you go to the library to brush up on your partisan historical ignorance. It is pervasive throughout all your writings.


Chuck On The Right Side

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Just a Shotgun - Save Our Guns


Let’s hope The USA does not follow this madness that is in England. What are they thinking? Theft, assault, rape and all crimes will run rampant if gun control becomes law.

Just a Shotgun

You're sound asleep when you hear a thump outside your bedroom door.
Half-awake, and nearly paralyzed with fear, you hear muffled whispers.
At least two people have broken into your house and are moving your way.
With your heart pumping, you reach down beside your bed and pick up your shotgun.

You rack a shell into the chamber, then inch toward the door and open it.

In the darkness, you make out two shadows.

One holds something that looks like a crowbar.

When the intruder brandishes it as if to strike, you raise the shotgun and fire.

The blast knocks both thugs to the floor.

One writhes and screams while the second man crawls to the front door and lurches outside.

As you pick up the telephone to call police, you know you're in trouble.

In your country, most guns were outlawed years before, and the few that are privately owned
are so stringently regulated as to make them useless..

Yours was never registered.

Police arrive and inform you that the second burglar has died.

They arrest you for First Degree Murder and Illegal Possession of a Firearm.

When you talk to your attorney, he tells you not to worry: authorities will probably
plea the case down to manslaughter.

"What kind of sentence will I get?" you ask.

"Only ten-to-twelve years," he replies, as if that's nothing.

"Behave yourself, and you'll be out in seven."

The next day, the shooting is the lead story in the local newspaper.

Somehow, you're portrayed as an eccentric vigilante while the two men you shot
are represented as choirboys.

Their friends and relatives can't find an unkind word to say about them..

Buried deep down in the article, authorities acknowledge that both "victims" have been arrested numerous times.

But the next day's headline says it all:
"Lovable Rogue Son Didn't Deserve to Die."

The thieves have been transformed from career criminals into Robin Hood-type pranksters..

As the days wear on, the story takes wings.

The national media picks it up, then the international media.

The surviving burglar has become a folk hero.

Your attorney says the thief is preparing to sue you, and he'll probably win.

The media publishes reports that your home has been burglarized several times in the past and that you've been critical of local police for their lack of effort in apprehending the suspects.

After the last break-in, you told your neighbor that you would be prepared next time.

The District Attorney uses this to allege that you were lying in wait for the burglars.

A few months later, you go to trial.

The charges haven't been reduced, as your lawyer had so confidently predicted.

When you take the stand, your anger at the injustice of it all works against you..

Prosecutors paint a picture of you as a mean, vengeful man.

It doesn't take long for the jury to convict you of all charges.

The judge sentences you to life in prison.

This case really happened.

On August 22, 1999, Tony Martin of Emneth, Norfolk, England, killed one burglar and wounded a second.

In April, 2000, he was convicted and is now serving a life term...

How did it become a crime to defend one's own life in the once great British Empire ?

It started with the Pistols Act of 1903.

This seemingly reasonable law forbade selling pistols to minors or felons and established that handgun sales were to be made only to those who had a license.
The Firearms Act of 1920 expanded licensing to include not only handguns but all firearms except shotguns..

Later laws passed in 1953 and 1967 outlawed the carrying of any weapon by private citizens and mandated the registration of all shotguns.

Momentum for total handgun confiscation began in earnest after the Hungerford mass shooting in 1987.

Michael Ryan, a mentally disturbed man with a Kalashnikov rifle, walked down the streets shooting everyone he saw. When the smoke cleared, 17 people were dead.
The British public, already de-sensitized by eighty years of "gun control", demanded even tougher restrictions. (The seizure of all privately owned handguns was the objective even though Ryan used a rifle.)

Nine years later, at Dunblane, Scotland, Thomas Hamilton used a semi-automatic weapon to murder 16 children and a teacher at a public school. For many years, the media had portrayed all gun owners as mentally unstable, or worse, criminals.

Now the press had a real kook with which to beat up law-abiding gun owners.
Day after day, week after week, the media gave up all pretense of objectivity and demanded a total ban on all handguns.

The Dunblane Inquiry, a few months later, sealed the fate of the few sidearms still owned by private citizens.

During the years in which the British government incrementally took away most gun rights, the notion that a citizen had the right to armed self-defense came to be seen as vigilantism.

Authorities refused to grant gun licenses to people who were threatened, claiming that self-defense was no longer considered a reason to own a gun. Citizens who shot burglars or robbers or rapists were charged while the real criminals were released.

Indeed, after the Martin shooting, a police spokesman was quoted as saying,
"We cannot have people take the law into their own hands."
All of Martin's neighbors had been robbed numerous times,
and several elderly people were severely injured in beatings by young thugs
who had no fear of the consequences.

Martin himself, a collector of antiques, had seen most of his collection trashed or stolen by burglars. When the Dunblane Inquiry ended, citizens who owned handguns were given three months to turn them over to local authorities. Being good British subjects, most people obeyed the law.

The few who didn't were visited by police and threatened with ten-year prison sentences if they didn't comply.

Police later bragged that they'd taken nearly 200,000 handguns from private citizens.
How did the authorities know who had handguns? The guns had been registered and licensed.

Kind of like cars. Sound familiar?


"...It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.."
--Samuel Adams

If you think this is important, please send this to everyone you know.

You had better wake up, because Barry Hussein Obama (Fast and Furious would have expidted this had he and Holder not been caught) is doing this very same thing,
over here, if he can get it done.

And there are plenty of stupid people in the Governement and on the street that will go right along with him.

A Little Gun History

will frighten all Legal Americans!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Liberals are Racists Not The Tea Party

There could be a connection as to why Liberals are against the Tea Party. Their Leader, Barry Soetoro wants to punish White People. He and his Mentors such as Rev. Wright have the most atrocious rhetoric against Whites. The Liberals are so ignorant that they don't realize many Tea Party Favorites are Women and so-called Minorities. It appears that all Conservatives, no matter ethnic background they come from are Minorities. That needs to CHANGE now or America folds. This Soetoro is Not Fit To Be Commander In Chief.

Why Liberals Don't Get the Tea Party Movement

Our universities haven't taught much political history for decades. No wonder so many progressives have disdain for the principles that animated the Federalist debates.

Highly educated people say the darndest things, these days particularly about the tea party movement. Vast numbers of other highly educated people read and hear these dubious pronouncements, smile knowingly, and nod their heads in agreement. University educations and advanced degrees notwithstanding, they lack a basic understanding of the contours of American constitutional government.
New York Times columnist Paul Krugman got the ball rolling in April 2009, just ahead of the first major tea party rallies on April 15, by falsely asserting that "the tea parties don't represent a spontaneous outpouring of public sentiment. They're AstroTurf (fake grass-roots) events."

Having learned next to nothing in the intervening 16 months about one of the most spectacular grass-roots political movements in American history, fellow Times columnist Frank Rich denied in August of this year that the tea party movement is "spontaneous and leaderless," insisting instead that it is the instrument of billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch.

Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne criticized the tea party as unrepresentative in two ways. It "constitutes a sliver of opinion on the extreme end of politics receiving attention out of all proportion with its numbers," he asserted last month. This was a step back from his rash prediction five months before that since it "represents a relatively small minority of Americans on the right end of politics," the tea party movement "will not determine the outcome of the 2010 elections."

In February, Mr. Dionne argued that the tea party was also unrepresentative because it reflected a political principle that lost out at America's founding and deserves to be permanently retired: "Anti-statism, a profound mistrust of power in Washington goes all the way back to the Anti-Federalists who opposed the Constitution itself because they saw it concentrating too much authority in the central government."

Mr. Dionne follows in the footsteps of progressive historian Richard Hofstadter, whose influential 1964 book "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" argued that Barry Goldwater and his supporters displayed a "style of mind" characterized by "heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy." Similarly, the "suspicion of government" that the tea party movement shares with the Anti-Federalists, Mr. Dionne maintained, "is not amenable to 'facts'" because "opposing government is a matter of principle."

To be sure, the tea party sports its share of clowns, kooks and creeps. And some of its favored candidates and loudest voices have made embarrassing statements and embraced reckless policies. This, however, does not distinguish the tea party movement from the competition.

Born in response to President Obama's self-declared desire to fundamentally change America, the tea party movement has made its central goals abundantly clear. Activists and the sizeable swath of voters who sympathize with them want to reduce the massively ballooning national debt, cut runaway federal spending, keep taxes in check, reinvigorate the economy, and block the expansion of the state into citizens' lives.

In other words, the tea party movement is inspired above all by a commitment to limited government. And that does distinguish it from the competition.

But far from reflecting a recurring pathology in our politics or the losing side in the debate over the Constitution, the devotion to limited government lies at the heart of the American experiment in liberal democracy. The Federalists who won ratification of the Constitution—most notably Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay—shared with their Anti-Federalist opponents the view that centralized power presented a formidable and abiding threat to the individual liberty that it was government's primary task to secure. They differed over how to deal with the threat.

The Anti-Federalists—including Patrick Henry, Samuel Bryan and Robert Yates—adopted the traditional view that liberty depended on state power exercised in close proximity to the people. The Federalists replied in Federalist 9 that the "science of politics," which had "received great improvement," showed that in an extended and properly structured republic liberty could be achieved and with greater security and stability.

This improved science of politics was based not on abstract theory or complex calculations but on what is referred to in Federalist 51 as "inventions of prudence" grounded in the reading of classic and modern authors, broad experience of self-government in the colonies, and acute observations about the imperfections and finer points of human nature.

It taught that constitutionally enumerated powers; a separation, balance, and blending of these powers among branches of the federal government; and a distribution of powers between the federal and state governments would operate to leave substantial authority to the states while both preventing abuses by the federal government and providing it with the energy needed to defend liberty.

Whether members have read much or little of The Federalist, the tea party movement's focus on keeping government within bounds and answerable to the people reflects the devotion to limited government embodied in the Constitution. One reason this is poorly understood among our best educated citizens is that American politics is poorly taught at the universities that credentialed them. Indeed, even as the tea party calls for the return to constitutional basics, our universities neglect The Federalist and its classic exposition of constitutional principles.

For the better part of two generations, the best political science departments have concentrated on equipping students with skills for performing empirical research and teaching mathematical models that purport to describe political affairs. Meanwhile, leading history departments have emphasized social history and issues of race, class and gender at the expense of constitutional history, diplomatic history and military history.

Neither professors of political science nor of history have made a priority of instructing students in the founding principles of American constitutional government. Nor have they taught about the contest between the progressive vision and the conservative vision that has characterized American politics since Woodrow Wilson (then a political scientist at Princeton) helped launch the progressive movement in the late 19th century by arguing that the Constitution had become obsolete and hindered democratic reform.

Then there are the proliferating classes in practical ethics and moral reasoning. These expose students to hypothetical conundrums involving individuals in surreal circumstances suddenly facing life and death decisions, or present contentious public policy questions and explore the range of respectable progressive opinions for resolving them. Such exercises may sharpen students' ability to argue. They do little to teach about self-government.

They certainly do not teach about the virtues, or qualities of mind and character, that enable citizens to shoulder their political responsibilities and prosper amidst the opportunities and uncertainties that freedom brings. Nor do they teach the beliefs, practices and associations that foster such virtues and those that endanger them.

Those who doubt that the failings of higher education in America have political consequences need only reflect on the quality of progressive commentary on the tea party movement. Our universities have produced two generations of highly educated people who seem unable to recognize the spirited defense of fundamental American principles, even when it takes place for more than a year and a half right in front of their noses.

Mr. Berkowitz is a senior fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution.
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hezbollah Occupied Territory in America

All those supporters of Barry and his Libya and Egypt interventions will be happy. Yes the Muslim Brotherhood is getting stronger in those areas with help from Barry Soetoro. These Terrorists hate us yet the Rev. Wright protegee is not helping the USA. I always ask "What will the Liberal Women do when Sharia Law has them riding in the trunk of cars and covering their bodies with Tents"?

The article below is from the great writer Debbie Schlussel.

Hat tip to Mr. I

Angola Gets Rid of Its Hezbollah Muslims; When Will We?

By Debbie Schlussel
As you know from reading this site, entire Michigan cities, including Dearbornistan and Dearbornistan Heights, are Hezbollah-occupied territory. The large populations of Hezbollah-supporting Shi’ite Muslims are engaged in money-laundering, phony charities, and other financial and moral support to Hezbollah, the terrorist group that murdered over 300 U.S. Marines and civilians in barracks and Embassy bombings in Beirut and worked with Al-Qaeda to murder many more Americans. But the country of Angola knows how to deal with them.

Contrast Angola’s actions with those of our own officials who are in bed with Hezbollah’s Shi’ites, here in America.

Angola on Tuesday expelled 140 foreign nationals, including 16 Lebanese, on suspicions of terrorism and money laundering, a government official said.

“These foreigners were expelled from Angola because of their illegal status and for money laundering and for terrorism,” said Fretas Neto, who heads Angola’s foreign migration office.The action was taken, he explained, “to safeguard the national interest and guarantee the internal security of the Angolan state.”

Police also probed four other Lebanese nationals and plans to expel them shortly, Neto said.

“They will be banned from the country for a period of more than 20 years,” he added.
Since a protracted civil war ended in 2002, Angola has attracted a substantial number of foreigners looking to capitalise on an economic boom fuelled by the flourishing oil industry and the diamond trade.

There are several Lebanese-owned businesses in the capital Luanda, mainly in the import-export sector.

And those businesses are all funding Hezbollah. Bet on it.

That’s how you deal with them. You deport them. Sadly, the way America deals with ‘em is to hold Ramadan Iftar dinners and monthly “dialogue” for them and to give them millions of dollars in government financing for their welfare agencies, which attracts more and more of them to this country to milk the system and suck us dry. And they are laughing at us all the way to the bank . . . and the terrorist-financing hawala.

Alhamdillullah [praise allah].

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why do the Left Wingers Hate Babies

Dear Rachel Patron:

Wrong again Rachel. That's quite a stretch to equate the fictitious figure of 15 million starving children with abortion. What has one got to do with another except as just a figment of your imagination?

Why is it that so many women past the child-bearing years, like yourself, are the most staunch supporters of abortion, like that is the most important issue in our lives? Most polls show that abortion availability is way down the list of important issues facing us a nation.

It seems like the venom regarding abortion, is coming mainly from the loony liberal left and not the anti-abortionists, as they and you claim. Maybe secularists, like yourself Rachel, should tone down your condescending rhetoric, especially in condemning people who have religious values, which you don't seem to have. Where is you tolerance for people with opposite opinions? Shame on you for your intolerance.


Chuck on the Right Side


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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Message to Obama

In case you missed it, Black Entertainment Network founder, Robert Johnson, had some excellent comments on Fox News Sunday. His comments were directed to President Obama. His most poignant comments:

· “You know I grew up in a family of 10 kids. I was the first one to go to college, and I’ve earned my success. I’ve earned my right to fly private if I choose to do so.

· “…by attacking me is not going to convince me that I should take a bigger hit because I happen to be wealthy.”

· “I’ve tried poor and I tried rich and I like rich better. It doesn’t mean that I am a bad guy.”

· “I didn’t go in to business to create a public policy success for either party, Republican or Democrat. I went in to business to create jobs and opportunity…to create value for myself and my investors. And that’s what the President should be praising, not demagoguing us…”

· And my favorite line of all: “…Warren Buffett says he pays more (taxes) than his secretary. He should pay the secretary more and she will pay more (taxes).”

After a week of listening to the publicity given to such Hollywood morons such as Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, and Rose Ann Barr, it was great to hear such poignant comments delivered by Mr. Johnson.

Conservative Commentary by Jim Pirretti


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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marco Rubio Verbally Beats Down Democrats

Sen. Rubio: "Save the Whole House or It Will All Burn Down"

Many People are asking if we can clone this Guy, Senator Marco Rubio. Finally we get someone with common sense, to ask Where Heck is That Damn Budget!!! Two and one half years and Barry Hussein does not produce a Budget. Why is this guy in Office??? Listen to this Lurch Phony, John Kerry try and step up to the plate. He is a sack of garbage who trashes our Veterans and then says WE need to pay more taxes. All the while the solution for sicko Kerry is dodging any taxes that he can.

The Democrats and anyone (Semi Colon Powell) who supported this Guy should be taxed to no end! These Obama supporters have to know by now the damage being done and they are to blame.

Hat Tip to Neil


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Saturday, October 1, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings

Guantanamo: Now and Forever

Since no one has asked me – but, I feel that everyone has a right to my opinion, I’ll tell you how I feel about our ‘Gitmo’ Naval Base - - ‘Guantanamo’.


In the first place, it is U. S. territory and we should not ever give that up. While it is but a tiny area surrounded by Castro’s Cuba, it is nevertheless considered and is in fact, soil of the sovereign entity, the United States of America. It should remain so, in perpetuity.

There will always be bad guys to be kept in the slammer. And it appears as if the terrorism threat posed by the evil followers and thugs of evil Islam that has been a presence in this world since the seventh century, is still with us and is likely to be around for a while longer. What better facility to house these rag-headed information sources while extracting their data, than Guantanamo?

There are some frivolous amenities afforded the present group of occupants – Quorans, prayer rugs, clean clothes, good food, free health care and other unprecedented freedoms and privileges for prisoners, etc. - but, when the politically-correct lunacy has been expunged by a more enlightened administration, the environment at Gitmo will be once again return to precisely what it was designed to be – a no-frills prison for incarcerating the worst of the worst.

My second reason for keeping Guantanamo open is to assure that there will be a suitable facility for placement of Obama following his conviction and sentencing for treason and for crimes against the Constitution and the people of the United States of America. If there is any justice to be had in this country, his sentence will be a long one, of solitary confinement in a Federal Penal Institution.

Gitmo fits like a glove.

And furthermore, even if Barack Hussein Obama were to be the sole prisoner in that facility, it should be kept open and maintained. If there is a need to justify all the cell capacity, the list of possible candidates is long. Just run down the entire roster of appointees and advisors by this president including the lengthy laundry list of Czars, the current Democrat leadership in both the Senate and the House plus, all the other Democrats in the Congress.

Attention haters of Liberty : Listen for the slam.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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