Thursday, July 28, 2016

MORT’s meanderings

Obama, like your pal Al Sharptongue, you must think we igament.  We ain’t igament; we jus’ know our American History, which you sure as hell don’t.

You claimed that we aren’t a Christian nation.  Wrong, m’ boy. . this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.  How can you, as a professed Constitutional scholar, disagree with it if you never bothered to read it for yourself ?  Have someone read The Constitution to you.  Seriously.
You claimed that this nation will never go to war against Islam.  You must have forgotten to tell us the part about Islam declaring war on us.  Huh?
You’ve apologized everywhere you’ve traveled, for what you perceive as the sins we’ve committed against other peoples. Can you tell me precisely who authorized you to shoot off your mouth & lie through your teeth to apologize for this exceptional nation of 330+ million exceptional people?
You claim that Islam and Muslims have contributed all manner of noble and positive things to the United States since its founding. Your claims are fiction. They can’t be found in any recorded history. What R U smoking?
Our Constitution states categorically that no official religion shall be established in this nation. Christ, Moses or Allah have no special place or privileges in the everyday function of this Government, at any level. All  legitimate citizens are free to believe and practice their religions as they wish but – in no way are they permitted to force their belief systems on anyone else.  Never, ever!  Shariah is for lunatics, not Americans.
After your final term as president, you’ll be free to bloviate and lie till the cows come home – you’ll be able to talk, talk, talk until your gums turn blue – no one will givvashit. You’ll be relieved of the burden of traveling the world in Air Force One so, you might consider using your time to educate yourself in the real history of this nation although as I just mentioned, no one will givvashit.   You’ll be history, m’boy – and I might add – good riddance.
                 MORT KUFF   © 7-4-2016   

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