Friday, August 31, 2012

Governor Nikki Haley Addresses RNC

Governor Nikki Haley Addresses RNC in 2012. The MSN will not listen to Women especially minority women

Look at how the scumbags in the MSM deny Nikki Haley and Mia Love made fantastic speeches. Obama and lowlife Liberals lie about Republicans war on women. The war on women is hatched by the Left Wing Democrats. These Left Wing liberals hate Americans and they can’t hide their racism from sane People. The Democrats have a war on babies, a war on Women and a war on White People. Deep down their true colors show their racism for Black and Hispanic People. The Democrats believe Black and Hispanic People are too lazy and stupid to get a simple ID.

We Built It!!!!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scott Walker's RNC Speech

Scott Walker is becoming Presidential Material. There is NO DOUBT that Scott Walker is ten times the man that Barry Hussein is. The cowards in the MSM will call all of this video racist but who cares. There are some ignorant people who still shove barry obama down our throats so let’s turn the tables. Any Voter who selects Barrack Hussein Obama for President is voting for the most Racist President since Woodrow Wilson.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mia Love’s Speech Is Concealed By The Racist MSM

Mia Love is running in Utah's new 4th Congressional District. Why did the Liberal Media hide her? Why won’t the Liberal media present her speech? Is the Liberal Media a bunch of Racists? YES THEY ARE!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obama is the Most Racist President since Woodrow Wilson Obama's disturbing pattern of tacitly defending black racism

Martin Luther King was a hero, and he would be absolutely disgusted by the Marxist Regime run by Barry Obama. The idea of equal rights was just that equal whereas now the Obama Regime allows Black Thugs to get a pass on crime.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Mark Levin on Obama Making Next Generations Live in Tyranny

Mark Levin on Obama being "The Greatest Political Child Abuser In Modern American History"

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

MORT’s Mirthful Meanderings

Walkin’ it back.

Who said that today’s society is sedentary? How can that be, with all the politicos and flap-mouths that get their daily exercise, just walkin’ back the irresponsible statements they’ve made within the previous 24 hours?

Of course, the loud Libs (are there any other kind?) take their lead from the biggest loudmouth of all time, the soon-to-be-deposed Flap-Mouth-in-Chief. His renowned genius for annunciating his thoughts as he reads them off his Teleprompter is what has vaulted him to the forefront as one of the world’s great orators of all time. At least, that is the line of B.S. that this administration and the soppy-surrogate members of the in-the- bag media want us to believe.

If ObamaBoy (I know, I know, I’m a racist) is such a deep thinker and is so articulate at expressing his deep thoughts, why does he and why do his surrogates find it necessary almost daily, to ‘walk back’ so many of his clearly cogent statements? Hm-m-m-m?

And then, there are the twin flap-mouths of Congress, the Dippy Dame of Inanity, Nancy Pelosi and her alternate flap-mouth vacuum-head, the fatuous and absurd Poet- Lariat that has been crazy-glued to the podium, Harried Reid. Has there ever been a more evenly matched set of looney-tunes espousing their flap-pap than these two?

The desperate Dems must be thanking their lucky stars that they have at least one stalwart flap-mouth who never walks back her stupid utterings. That would be good ‘ol Debbie Whatevuh Schultz, the one articulate Lunatic they can always count on to say something so outrageous that it would take a battalion of South Floridian Dems in their walkers to walk back.

Okay, so in addition to being racist, I am politically incorrect. Hey, with the exception of Obama the Flap-Mouth-in-Chief, who among us is perfect? One thing for sure, you won’t catch me walkin’ back this piece. I have more respect for the truth than to do that.


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Friday, August 24, 2012

Grandpa and Ashley - Wake Up America

John G. is 63 years old and owns a small business. He's a life-long Republican and sees his dream of retiring next year has all but evaporated. With the stock market crashing and new taxes coming his way, John assumes now that he will work to his dying day.

John has a granddaughter. Ashley is a recent college grad. She drives a flashy hybrid car, wears all the latest fashions, and loves to go out to nightclubs and restaurants. Ashley campaigned hard for Barack Obama. After the election she made sure her grandfather (and all other Republican family members) received a big I told-you-so earful on how the world is going to be a much better place now that her party is taking over.

Having lost both roommates, Ashley recently ran short of cash and cannot pay the rent (again) on her 3 bedroom townhouse... Like she has done many times in the past, she e-mailed her grandfather asking for some financial help.

Here is his reply:

Sweetheart, I received your request for assistance. Ashley, you know I love you dearly and I'm sympathetic to your financial plight. Unfortunately, times have changed. With the election of President Obama, your grandmother and I have had to set forth a bold new economic plan of our own...."The Ashley Economic Empowerment Plan." Let me explain.

Your grandmother and I are life-long, wage-earning tax payers. We have lived a comfortable life, as you know, but we have never had the fancier things like European vacations, luxury cars, etc... We have worked hard and were looking forward to retiring soon. But the plan has changed. Your president is raising our personal and business taxes significantly. He says it is so he can give our hard earned money to other people... Do you know what this means, Ashley? It means less for us, and we must cut back on many business and personal expenses.

You know the wonderful receptionist who worked in my office for more than 23 years? The one who always gave you candy when you came over to visit? I had to let her go last week. I can't afford to pay her salary and all of the government mandated taxes that go with having employees.... Your grandmother will now work 4 days a week to answer phones, take orders and handle the books. We will be closed on Fridays and will lose even more income.

I'm also very sorry to report that your cousin Frank will no longer be working summers in the warehouse. I called him at school this morning. He already knows about it and he's upset because he will have to give up skydiving and his yearly trip to Greenland to survey the polar bears.

That's just the business side of things. Some personal economic effects of Obama's new taxation policies include none other than you . You know very well that over the years your grandmother and I have given you thousands of dollars in cash, tuition assistance, food, housing, clothing, gifts, etc., etc. But by your vote, you have chosen to help others -- not at your expense -- but at our expense.

If you need money now sweetheart, I recommend you call 202-456-1111. That is the direct phone number for the White House.. You can also contact the White House here:

You yourself told me how foolish it is to vote Republican... You said Mr. Obama is going to be the 'People's President', and is going to help every American live a better life. Based on everything you've told me, along with all the promises we heard during the campaign, I'm sure Mr. Obama will be happy to transfer some stimulus money into your bank account. Have him call me for the account number which I memorized years ago. Perhaps you can now understand what I've been saying all my life: Those who vote for a president should consider the impact on the nation as a whole, and not be just concerned with what they can get for themselves.

What Obama supporters don't seem to realize is all of the money he is redistributing to illegal aliens and non-taxpaying Americans (the so-called "less fortunate") comes from tax-paying families. Remember how you told me, "Only the richest of the rich will be affected"? Well guess what, honey? Because we own a business, your grandmother and I are now considered to be the richest of the rich. On paper, it might look that way, but in the real world, we are far from it..

As you said while campaigning for Obama, some people will have to carry more of the burden so all of America can prosper... You understand what that means, right? It means that raising taxes on productive people results in them having less money; less money for everything, including granddaughters. I'm sorry, Ashley, but the well has run dry. The free lunches are over...

I have no money to give you now. So, congratulations on your choice for "change." For future reference, I encourage you to try and add up the total value of the gifts and cash you have received from us, just since you went off to college, and compare it to what you expect to get from Mr. Obama over the next 4 (or 8) years. I have not kept track of it, Ashley. It has all truly been the gift of our hearts. Remember, we love you dearly... but from now on you'll need to call the number mentioned above. Your "Savior" has the money we would have given to you. Just try and get it from him.

Good luck, sweetheart.



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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Romney and Ryan are The Comeback Team

Mitt Romney's selection of Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate is the strongest signal yet of what a Romney presidency would look like compared to the Marxist Regime with Barry.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ex Navy SEALS & Special Forces Attack Obama

Ex Navy SEALS & Special Forces attack Obama for Leaks coming from his White House.

This is a group of former Special Forces officers named OPSEC in a 30 Second teaser trailer for "Dishonorable Disclosure." They accuse President Obama of taking too much credit for Osama bin Laden's death.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Obama Campaign Doesn't Tell The Truth About Knowledge Of Super PAC Ad

Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, lowlife Stephanie Cutter was not honest about her knowledge of the subject of the controversial “Cancer” ad from Obama’s Super PAC. The disgustingly vile Stephanie Cutter promotes this traitor, Joe Soptic, aka Joe Septic. All the while this scumbag Stephanie Cutter and Traitor Joe Soptic stand with the Marxist Regime.

Lies and deceit from Obama’s Campaign? Can we spell A-C-O-R-N?

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Obama thinks Americans Are Too Stupid to Understand Economics

Obama thinks you are too stupid to understand that he needs to spend all of our money. He puts us deeper into debt and he says we have to worry about juts making ends meet. So let him live like a King and make America third world country. Look at MOOCH Elle telling an Olympic Gold Medal Winner that she can’t eat a measly Egg Mc Muffin. Meanwhile El Lardo MOOCH Elle has chefs flown in from all over the world to make cakes and pies for her.

Any American who votes for Obama this time around should be locked up under the Baker Act. That Obama Drone is obviously going to inflict serious harm on themselves and others as evidenced by voting for Barry Hussein Soetoro.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

MORT’s Malevolent Meanderings

To Whom It May Concern:

That would be all, y’all Sad to relate, questions surrounding the birth of this reprobate (Obama, who else?) are of little relevance, now. It is obvious that there will be no ruling from the Supreme Court that would de-legitimize his run for re-election. Given the nature of the make-up of the Supremes, briefs that might make such a case are twisted in knots and so, would never reach the docket. .

Proving the illegitimacy of this Muslim-born imposter on our soil, is a super-size waste of time and effort. Suffice it to say that the disastrous combination of his birth and heaven forefend, his re-election, could very well spell our own death as a free people. What else do we need to know?

Might I suggest that we direct all our resources, creativity and energies to the task of removing this abomination from any vestige of control or power over the affairs of our country? I am far more interested in his political demise than in any details surrounding the searing fact of his birth.

I am not a Christian however, I am possessed of the ability to forgive. So, in Obama’s case , while on the one hand I could never forgive him for who and what he is - - on the other hand, neither can I forgive him for being so fukking ugly. Do I make myself clear?

MORT KUFF © 8-4-2012


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Friday, August 17, 2012

Reasons Why Paul Ryan Was a Good VP Pick

If you have any questions on who you should vote for well take a bottle of pills and put the straightjacket on. Obviously if someone is so blind and or stupid to realize that Barry Soetoro is destroying America, than that Person is a living in the dark ages or a real sicko.

Please read this list if you have any questions on the great Paul Ryan. If anything the Paul Ryan pick for VP will energize the real patriots in America.

Paul Ryan is not Joe Biden.

Romney Ryan sounds like Ronald Reagan.

Liberals hate him.

Democrat political operative and CNN contributor (naturally) James Carville was critical of Paul Ryan because he didn’t wear a tie during the VP announcement. You know the Democrats are worried if a news segment was devoted to what Ryan was wearing. He’s making liberals go insane. Russell Simmons, who is worth $340 million and owned a 49,000-square-foot home, tweeted: “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two men who will destroy our people.”

Romney - Ryan raised $3.5 million dollars in one day after the announcement. Money is an indicator of voter enthusiasm.

More than 10,000 people attended a campaign rally In North Carolina. This wasn’t a union “rent-a-mob.”

More than 10,000 people turned out to welcome Paul Ryan back to Wisconsin. Neither Romney nor Ryan wore a tie.

A fundraiser in Chicago for Obama resulted in a half-full room.

Obama and Co. immediately went on the attack. I think they’re surprised that Romney made such a bold move with a conservative.

He knows how to debate.

He’s not a wimp.

He’ll stand up to the liberal media. Not a hard thing to do if a person decides to do it.

He drove the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and worked at McDonalds. This shows that he can relate to people who work for a living and that he had more private sector work experience than President Obama.

He’s pro-life. He co-sponsored the Sanctity of Human Life Act and Right to Life Act.[1] A National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) “press release being circulated by Democrats and women’s groups” accuses the Catholic, pro-life Ryan with “extreme” anti-abortion views.

He’s against homosexual marriage. “He has voted in favor of the Marriage protection act, twice in favor of an amendment to the Constitution to define marriage, and against the repeal of the military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy.”

Libertarians should like Ryan for this statement: “I grew up reading Ayn Rand and it taught me quite a bit about who I am and what my value systems are, and what my beliefs are. It’s inspired me so much that it’s required reading in my office for all my interns and my staff.”

Hopefully Ryan will help pull Romney more to the right.

The Tea Party is enthusiastic. “This absolutely brings excitement to the ticket,” said Debbie Dooley, co-founder of the Atlanta Tea Party, who said she her reaction was “Wow!” when she heard the news. “This gives us something to vote for rather than voting against (incumbent Democratic U.S. President Barack) Obama.”

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

General Motors

President Obama continually talks about how the government’s investment in bailing our General Motors saved the taxpayers money and helped protect jobs. Well, today’s issue of Investors Business Daily paints a far different picture.

As you may recall, the GM bailout costs taxpayers $25 billion. In return the UAW and government became the largest shareholders in GM. The Government owns 500,000,000 shares of GM stock. Yesterday the closing price of GM stock was $20.21. To break even on it’s investment the stock would have to rise to $53 a share. Only the bungler in chief would call this a victory for taxpayers.

On the jobs front the bailout tells even a worse story. First, as a result of the GM restructuring many dealers lost their dealerships. The decision as to what dealers would lose their dealership was not based on who did the best job or was the most profitable. Rather, the decision was based on gender and race: female and minority dealerships were allowed to remain open no matter how poorly they performed. In 2008 GM employed 252,000 workers. Now that figure is 207,000 – with 131,000 working in foreign plants.

GM joins the ranks of Solyndra and other alternative energy companies as horrible investments. If Obama were a financial consultant and put his clients’ money in such investments he would be sued for negligence and incompetence. Instead, the bungler in chief is asking for another four years in office.

Written by Jim Pirretti

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Glenn Beck & Bill Donohue on Obama Attacking The Catholic Church

Glenn Beck and Bill Donohue Discuss Obama Regime attack on the Catholic Church.

Contraception Debate gets stronger as the New Democrat Party (Marxists and Progressives) attack Catholics and many other Legal Americans.

William Anthony "Bill" Donohue is a sociologist, civil activist and current president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Make Nancy Pelosi Mad and Vote For Allen West

Dear Patriot,

Nancy Pelosi visited South Florida last week and declared that defeating Allen West would be "sweet" for the country. Let us give Pelosi the nightmare she deserves and Elect ALLEN WEST!

Congresswoman Pelosi and her liberal friends would like nothing more than to stop a strong conservative such as Allen West, He has the courage to speak out against their failed policies and fight for the conservative, Constitutional principles that have made our country great. That's why the Democrats have made Allen West their number one target, George Soros has committed millions to attack Allen West, an American Hero. Also the vile left-wing groups will stop at nothing to make sure Allen West is not in Congress next year.

The primary election is in less than a day and we want to help raise money online for Allen West. We can count on you to join us in fighting back so that Allen West can continue to fight for our principles in Washington.

Donate to Allen West here:

Our national debt is over $15 trillion and Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are committed to more of the same failed policies that run counter to everything that makes America great. The stakes are higher than ever and I know none of us have the intention of continuing down a path of dependency and decline.

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Paul Ryan Will Help America Avert Next Crisis

Ranking Member Paul Ryan (WI), House Budget Committee Full Committee Hearing with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke June 9, 2010 --

Welcome to you, Chairman Bernanke. It's appropriate that you are coming before our committee today to talk about the state of the economy because the health of the U.S. and global economy is increasingly intertwined with the budget and our fiscal issues we deal with here in this committee.

Over the past few months, we've watched as the sovereign debt crisis in Europe has boiled up to threaten that Continent's economic recovery and even global financial stability in general.

In some ways, we are seeing a replay of a similar dynamic which impaired global financial markets in 2008. The fear then was systemic exposure to bad mortgage-related assets, but the fear now is driven by exposure to sovereign credit and the possibility of a debt-induced economic slump.

Ominously, interbank lending rates like LIBOR are on the rise and credit spreads have widened as investors have become much more risk averse. Volatility is up and the stock market is down.

What we are watching in real time is the rough justice of the marketplace and the severe economic turmoil that can be inflicted on profligate countries mired in debt.

At the moment, the U.S. is at the periphery of the European debt crisis and has even reaped some short term benefits, like lower long-term interest rates as a result of the renewed global flight to safety.

But Americans are left to wonder: Could we one day find ourselves at the epicenter of such a crisis? Could a European-style debt crisis one day happen right here in the U.S.?

The answer is undoubtedly "yes." And the sad truth is that inaction by policymakers to change our fiscal course is hastening this day of reckoning.

A brief look at the budget numbers shows that our current fiscal situation -- and its trajectory going forward -- is very dire.

The budget deficit this year stands at $1.5 trillion, or just over 10 percent of GDP. Under the President's Budget, the CBO tells us that the level of U.S. debt will triple by the end of the decade, meaning that in a few short years, the U.S. is poised to join that group of troubled countries whose public debt absorbs a large and growing share of their economic output.

A fiscal crisis here in the U.S. is no longer an economic hypothetical, but a clear-and-present risk to our economy, to society's most vulnerable citizens, and to America's standing in the world.

As the example of Greece has shown, market forces and investor sentiment do not offer countries the luxury of time and delayed promises to get their fiscal house in order. Empty rhetoric is no substitute for results.

Foreigners now own roughly half of U.S. publicly held debt and their willingness to fund our borrowing at record-low interest rates will not continue forever. The size of our current and future funding needs makes us quite vulnerable to a shift in market sentiment and higher-than-expected interest rates.

The re-emergence of the bond vigilantes and exposure to the rough justice of the marketplace would certainly make our bad fiscal situation even worse.

The main point here is that there is a need for policymakers to re-assure credit markets that the U.S. is engaged in charting a clear course back to sustainable deficit and debt levels soon.

It's clear to me that this means reining in government spending, not simply ramping up taxes. In particular, we need to reform our entitlement programs, which threaten to grow themselves into extinction, collapse our safety net, overwhelm the entire Federal budget, and sink the economy in the process.

The budding sovereign debt problems in other parts of the world provide us with a cautionary tale that it's always best to take action to shore up budget deficits before market forces demand it.

And so what is this Congress and Administration done to respond? Two new entitlement programs and no budget.

The Majority's failure to even offer a budget and its commitment to continue spending money we don't have -- creating brand new entitlements and plunging our nation deeper into debt -- tell me, and tell the bond markets, that Washington still doesn't recognize the severity of our fiscal and economic challenges.

I look forward to your testimony today, Chairman Bernanke, and remain hopeful that policymakers will heed your warnings and chart a sustainable course to avert the next crisis.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul Ryan is an Excellent VP Choice

Mark Levin comments on Mitt Romney picking Paul Ryan as his VP on his official Facebook page:

"The Obama cheerleaders in the media are already attacking him because of the budget he proposed last year. Well, bring it on. Let's have a fight over substance. And let's expose Obama for the destructive leftist he is and Biden for the weak dufus he is."

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Mark Levin Keynote Speaker

Mark Levin Keynote at Defending the Dream Conference

Americans for Prosperity put the event together.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Destroys MSNBC Left Wing Hack

Andrew Breitbart Destroys MSNBC's Failed, 3rd-Rate Liberal Dirtbag Martin Bashir

MSNBC trying (and failing) to do what it does every day: smear conservatives and anyone who dares point out liberal media bias, the failure of Democrat policies and the incompetence and far left liberal, big-spending, debt-creating ways of Barack Obama. MSNBC is not a news channel. MSNBC is just a mouthpiece for the Democrat party and left-wing groups. No wonder MSNBC has such low viewership compared to other channels.

We really miss Andrew Breitbart. The hacks like this little puke, Martin Bashir are just Anti-American Marxists. Does this guy, Martin Bashir really take himself seriously? He is just a little Obama drone with a Fake Accent.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Barry Obama Wants Your Guns - Stop Gun Control

Obama has a history of contempt for gun ownership and he has the weasel Hillary working with the disgusting U.N. to take your guns.

Here are a few examples of the pea mind of Barry Hussein Obama:

1996: Obama endorsed a total ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of all handguns.

1998: Obama endorsed a ban on the sale or transfer of all semi-automatic firearms.

1999: Obama supported a 500 percent increase in federal taxes on ammunition.

2003: Obama voted to ban single-shot, over-under, and side-by-side shotguns.

2004: Obama said the right to carry should be banned nationwide.

Obama even said you shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun in your home for self-defense!

Obama’s nominees for the Supreme Court are the racist Sonia Sotomayor and Anti-Military Elena Kagan. Combine these two Radicals with racist Eric Holder and you have some of the most rabidly anti-gun Radicals in America or will it be ameriKa for another 4 years?

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Monday, August 6, 2012

MORT’s Mercurial Meanderings

Foreign Affairs Experts: Not so much

While no one has sought my opinion regarding how to deal with Iran and its diabolical ambitions regarding its nuclear capability and its announced intention to destroy the State of Israel, that is precisely why I tender my thoughts herewith, for all the world to evaluate. (*ahem*)

The situation with Iran and its lunatic leadership approaches closer to critical mass with each tick of the clock. Unless this trend is stopped dead in its tracks and all elements of the program plus that country’s leadership, are neutralized (crushed, killed, destroyed) within a few weeks or maybe a couple months from now, Iran will do the unthinkable. It will unleash the forces of nuclear weaponry that have been successfully suppressed since the last use over Nagasaki in 1945 but, have been continuously enhanced to the point where they are today. And let’s face it, insofar as knowing the extent of that development – we really don’t want to know.

If and when such a horrific event should occur, it would set off a series of catastrophic conflagrations such as this Earth has never before witnessed. The impact on the world economy would be by comparison, a minor inconvenience.

Quite obviously, my directly-related knowledge of the ins & outs of international intrigue much less, my having a clue as to the nature of the murky mire in which diplomats slide around, is slightly less than nil. But as I view it, this qualifies me to pontificate at least on a par with many of the so-called, ‘Foreign Affairs experts’. I refer specifically to the mutterings & utterings over recent decades by such as Spig Brzezinski, a former U.S. Security Advisor and Michael Hayden, a former Air Force General and then, Director of the CIA. Both these seasoned and wizened experts have issued warning after warning based upon their years in the field of foreign affairs, about the dire consequences of confronting Iran, for fear of exacerbating that country’s ire.

Unquestionably, the skill required to deal with the lunacy of those in charge of Iran, is tantamount to juggling chain saws while they are running, along with lighted sticks of dynamite. But, that is the reality of the situation. And so, I feel that warnings and carping from the sidelines by former professional slippers & sliders (diplomats), that are not accompanied by proposals containing suggestions for clearly-defined, viable solutions, do nothing but add to the murkiness.

I would far rather harken to the assessments and considered advice from the likes of Rep. Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and John Bolton, the esteemed former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. These are men who have a firm grasp on all the piece-parts and the players in the complex game of international chess. It is a highly dangerous game that is always in a fluxion state. These are also, men who as a consequence of their prowess at processing intelligence, have the ability and sense of timing to know how and when to cut to the chase. It is men such as these who are uniquely qualified to proffer advice to those in positions of power – those who are charged to make the final decisions.

And it follows that if those folks in positions of power are also possessed of integrity, they’ll by-pass all the political considerations that are the stock in trade of career politicians such as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton – and heed the considered assessments and advice from these true experts in the field of foreign affairs.

Along with the acute need to replace Obama with a qualified person to occupy the Oval Office in the White House, an intelligent, experienced hand is needed at the helm of the State Department. Without reservation, I nominate John Bolton for the job.


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Sunday, August 5, 2012

6-Year-Old Bashing NObama - 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Barry

Isaac Anthony counts down the 10 reasons why he thinks you should not vote for Barack Hussein Obama in a YouTube video.

His list of reasons includes the fact that, in his opinion, Obama is "taking money from people who work hard" and "keeping people on welfare and food stamps."

True- Obama and His Marxist Regime want to keep the poor on the plantation.

After Anthony delivers reason No. 4, "He wants to take guns away from good guys," he shoots his mock pistol at the camera.

Great as every day the Progressives are trying to tale the guns from legal owners. Yet they do little to keep guns from Criminals. Can any Liberals spell C H I C A G O ? In fact the Marxist Regime with Holder gave guns to criminals. But we can’t say anything or that would mean we are Racist!

Some Obama DRONES are blaming the boy's parents, saying that it's an example of indoctrination. Why not look at the Kid as being a fast learner on why we need to Shop Marxism and Barry Soetoro!

Master Isaac is smarter than half of Americans.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

MORT’s Militant Meanderings

The Popularity of Anti-Patriotism

Do you wonder as I do, at the truly disgusting phenomenon of the growing popularity of displays of unpatriotic behavior that we are seeing all across the nation? It begins with the very anti-military, anti-American President currently residing in the White House and it spreads to the incredibly irresponsible, biased mass-media and even, to an apparent majority of feckless teachers and professors in the wacky, tacky world of academia.

For those of us who donned the uniform and did our turn at serving in the United States military, it seems incredible that such disrespect for all that represents the proud traditions of our 236 year heritage as the world’s beacon of liberty, could be so prevalent, today. Given the universal availability of round-the-clock communications, we ought to be basking in a renaissance of enlightenment. However, quite the opposite seems to be the case. We seem to have retrogressed to a time of ideological division that becomes more sharply defined and more patently partisan with each new dawn.

As I see it, what is missing is precisely the kind of unifying indoctrination (not always a bad word) that we received upon entering the service, in basic training or boot camp. The military knows exactly how to homogenize (not always a bad word) the many disparate demographics into a focused group of men and women who are all on the same page. Further, they are solely focused on the singular task of protecting the USA and all legitimate citizens who reside within its borders.

Do you think this could possibly have something to do with the fact that this President and an overwhelming percentage of the people in his administration have never served in our military? And here we are today, just a few short months away from the 2012 Presidential election, with none of the announced candidates running for office in the Executive Branch ever having served in uniform. Does that matter? Yes, it does.

I do believe that it ought to be an iron-bound pre-requisite for all candidates for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to have served at a minimum, one complete hitch in one of our branches of the Armed Forces. And of course, they must have received an honorable discharge from that service. How else can we expect our nation’s leader to be fully cognizant of the serious consequences of the decisions a President must make as the Commander-in-Chief? How else can the President be possessed of the commitment to the concept of preserving and protecting the Constitution of the United States and our citizenry?

It is sadly true and I find it most disturbing, that oaths of allegiance sworn by members of the Obama Administration and far too many Members of Congress, are viewed as merely a minor part of their installation ceremony, to be uttered and then, forgotten.

It will be a hard slog to propose the idea that military service be added to the basic criteria for candidacy for the highest offices in the land. To get it passed in both houses of the Congress and signed into legislation by the President is of course, impossible until the Oval Office is occupied by a genuinely patriotic American.

What could possibly be a valid argument in opposition to this idea? That is, other than the nonsense uttered by those who refuse to pledge allegiance to the flag; or sing aloud the words of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, or refuse to display a flag pin in their lapels; or refuse to profess their allegiance to this nation in any manner, for fear of offending some group that has stated unequivocally, their dedication to the destruction of our system of government, our free-enterprise system, our Constitution and our way of life? Heaven forefend that we might offend any of our sworn enemies.

Or, have we actually become the ‘nation of cowards’ that Attorney General Eric Holder once categorized us as being? I would be shocked to see proof that this un-American, racist, lying, hate-filled, despicable traitor spoke the truth, for once.

MORT KUFF © 7-28-2012

Get more of MORT’s meanderings HERE

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Allen West on Immigration and His TV AD

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The new TV ad "Opportunity" focuses on protecting the equality of opportunity that is the birthright of every American, and ensuring a good education for every child. Having grown up in Atlanta’s inner city, I know education is truly the great equalizer.

Unfortunately, the American Dream is under assault by a President who places equality of outcomes before our individual economic freedom. The future of economic freedom in the United States truly hinges on the outcome of November 6.

Allen West on Immigration

Illegal immigration affects every aspect of our society. It impacts our unemployment and crime rates, burdens our educational and health care systems, and weakens national security.

Legal immigrants, who sought to assimilate into the American culture, helped build this country into the great nation it is today, but no nation, no matter how great, can survive with porous borders and uncontrolled immigration. As our enemies become emboldened to plan and commit acts of terrorism within our country, we must be able to identify not only who and how many are crossing our borders, but also how long they are staying.

I believe immigration policy should exist first and foremost to protect American citizens rather than accommodate foreigners and their families. We must have an immigration policy that addresses the realities we currently face, including those who are already here and those who wish to come. But our priority must be controlling our borders before any immigration policy can be seriously

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